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Help: USB Madness

Help!TigerDirect – Help!

I have a dual 7 slot USB Port and 4 slots on the board and a USB/Firewire card. You can see my configuration in the image here.

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Which CPU: Intel or AMD

Help!Which CPU processor is better INTEL or AMD?

I am planning on getting Vista premium when it comes out and if AMD is better, will that interfere with my Windows XP software?

Video Card help!?!

Help!I have a Presario 6000 computer. I was using onboard graphics. I bought a ATI Radeon 9600 pro 128. After installing it, it is noticably faster but I have lines and Patches that appear randomly.

Can someone help me? I ‘m not very good with computers.

Which Video Card do I need?

Help!Not sure which Video Card to buy? You aren’t alone! We have received several questions regarding how to tell one from the other and present this guide to choosing the right video card for your system.

I have a dell computer with an Intel processor, which is currently running the video off of the build-in video card. I want to upgrade for better graphics, but don’t know if it is PCI or AGP. How do I tell the difference? Thanks.


There are three basic types of video cards: PCI, AGP and PCIe. Let’s explore them:

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Tricky Double Voltage – Beware!

Beware of double voltage i.e. 220 vac instead of 120vac input ,when connecting separate computer components with USB, Firewire, TV -S connector or sound cables such as a printer, monitor, external hard drive or home theater system. This is especially noteworthy when the remote components are in separate room of the house or across the room and plugged into a separate outlet.

Electrical power is supplied to your house from the utility company with three cables; two power and one common. The power cables are identified as line one and line two. The voltage between line one and common is 120VAC . The same is true for line two at 120VAC. The voltage between line one and line two is 220VAC. The three cables are routed into the circuit breaker box and connected to separate buss bars. The breakers are plugged into the box and make connection to the buss bars for line one and line two. The arraignment of the breakers are alternating between line one and line two.

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Which is better a home theater component system or a Windows Media Center PC?

What is the pro’s and con’s of building a home entertainment system with discreate components and building a Windows Media Center PC? Which would be less expensive? Which would be more versatile?

Apple users can speed up their external drive (even USB-flash drives!)

I just found this out, and was so excited, I wanted to share it with everyone. If you have an apple/mac, and you want to transfer files between your USB-flash drive and your computer with top speeds, here’s how you do it (backup your files before doing this – it will erase everything on there):
1. Plug in your USB-flash.
2. Go to ‘Disk Utilities’ (in the Applications/Utilities folder)
3. Select the orange icon for your disk on the left.
4. Click on the ‘Partition’ tab (this may take a while to load).
5. The format will be ‘MS-DOS File System (FAT-16)’. Change it to Mac OS Extended.
6. Partition!

Note that if you use the flash drive with both windows and macs, you won’t be able to do it exactly like this. But, you can partition the drive into two parts, and let one part be Mac OS Extended, and the other part left as MS-DOS…

Help: LAN based VOIP?

Asterisk - The Open Source PBXToday, I received an inquiry from Paul, asking:

I’m looking for a VOIP device that allows point-to-point communication on a LAN; no outside service provider wanted or required. It seems it would be a simple enough device to build, yet I don’t see any.

Any Ideas?

Well, the answer to your question in short is yes, but it is probably overkill for what you need. The basic reason for lack of turnkey “VOIP over LAN” devices that you just plug in and work is that you still, like the telephone company, need a ‘central office’ which knows what is where.

Assuming you have internet connectivity, utilizing AOL’s “VoiceTalk” on their IM client, or comparable services from Yahoo and others, allow you to do this, PC to PC while there are also USB telephones that are compatible with these services, allowing you to plug them into a PC and utilize them.

But, for what you really want – you can turn to the Open Source PBX called “Asterisk.”

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Help: Digital Camera for VA Shopper

Today’s Call for help comes from Virginia Shopper, who asks:

My daughter wants a digital camera for Christmas. She tends to lose things, so I don’t want to buy anything high end, but I still want to get her something that will take decent pictures. We’ve never used one before. What features should I look for?

Virginia Shopper

Well, today’s choices for digital cameras are truly overwhelming, with prices that start well under $100 and go into the thousands. But let’s look at some of the basic things that I personally would take into consideration, then I will count on the visitors of TigerDirectBlog to assist our Virginia Shopper with her quest for the best camera for her needs. You use these products everyday and know whether you love them or hate them, so share your experiences with us!

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Help: Multi Monitors

I decided to use three monitors for various reasons.
Monitors X 3
Here is my problem.
I had one computer (Dell) and a 17″ LCD monitor.
Purchased another computer, who else TD. Its an AMD 64 3500+. T6524

I use a KVM switch to work both puters but, added two other monitors, acer 17″ LCD.
There was a $70.00 rebate on one but couldn’t get it on the other.

I didn’t cry too much, but I need another one. My Dell isn’t up to par with the acer models.

I really don’t want to pay $170.00 for another 17″.
Any suggestions?

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