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Miami Heat Birdman Appearance at TigerDirect

Miami Heat was “White Hot” winning the 2013 NBA Championship, and Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen was one of the fan favorites. On Saturday, August 24, 2013, Birdman made an appearance at the Mall of the Americas’ TigerDirect.com Retail Store as part of the LG 84″ UHD TV event.

The fans had a great time getting their autographed items and picture with Birdman. Check out some of the pics:

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TigerDirect holds Spring 2013 Training Symposium

TigerDirect is always looking to keep their sales agents on the top of their game with the latest information from our vendor partners about all their new products.

Spring 2013 Training Symposium

This weekend, the Spring 2013 Training Symposium was held at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami with over 35 vendors in attendance. Intel, AMD, C2G and many others provided the details on the latest products available to over 100 sales agents.

To conclude the event, TigerDirect held a vendor dinner which was quite elegant and amazing. What is better than talking tech while eating filet mignon, Florida Lobster tails and many other delectable treats. We’d like to thank each of our vendor partners for attending and look forward to our Summer 2013 event in May.

Used MP3s – Legal or New Business Model?

ReDigi Pre-Owned Digital Music Store Website (Screenshot: Lonny Paul)MP3s being resold online by ReDigi has not happened without any scuffle. According to a Wired report, a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Capitol Records is trying to stop them dead “in their tracks.” Instead, the judge did not grant any injunction and set a trial date for August.

The key issue in this story is the right of an owner of copyrighted materials to offer them for sale. It’s sometimes called the “First Sale” doctrine. This precedent, set by the Supreme Court of the United States, basically says if you bought a copyrighted work, once you own it, you do not need further permission to sell it to someone else.

Audio Cassette - Uploaded/Taken by User:GRAHAMUK via WikiCommons

Image by GRAHAMUK via WikiCommons

So, ReDigi has taken it upon themselves to allow people to upload music files to their cloud, offer them for sale and ReDigi makes up to a 15% commission.

Sure, the prices of songs aren’t pennies on the dollar like used cassettes, they are around 75-85¢ each, which saves you a few pennies – especially if you are buying a bunch of tracks. Sure, we have all come to accept 99¢ as a decent price for an audio track – I click on “buy now” all the time to download songs I hear on satellite radio on my phone, but I remember when the same price got you not one, but TWO songs on a “cassette single” or even when it was $1.49 for a vinyl single (45 not 12″). Considering the second song you got was usually not too compelling, perhaps we devalue it to only 25¢ of the 99¢ for the cassette. Now, let’s remove the cost of the physical media, packaging, shipment and distrubution. We are probably down to mere pennies. And yet, we are okay with paying 99¢. Okay, it’s 2012, not 1982, so I’ll take the price hike.

The record labels seem to believe that you cannot resell their copyrighted works. While ReDigi provides testimony that their system does not allow the original owner to use the file again, and it’s pretty much “stuck” with the purchaser, everyone’s feathers are still ruffled.

Personally, I can see where there is a very grey line about digital media. I mean, if I have a 24 hour viewing of a downloaded movie, can I sell it to someone else once I’ve watched it? Sounds like a lucrative business model for popular titles, right?

The Court has set an August trial for this case, which will likely be well attended and reported on by the news. Due to the Courts lack of interest in imposing any immediate sanctions against ReDigi, you are free to upload your music, listen to it from the cloud or offer it for sale to someone else until August – at least.

Do you think people should be allowed to sell digital works which they purchased and no longer want? Will this extend to ebooks and other digital media including video content? As technology continues to progress – the evolving legal position on such matters is bound to continue to change. I would personally not be surprised if this case ended up in the Supreme Court to decide.

Source: Wired.com

TigerDirect.com Retail Store in Miami and AMD to host an Overclocking event using the newly launched AMD FX 8 core Processor

On Friday, November 4, 2011 from 6 pm to 9 pm TigerDirect.com Retail Store in Miami along with AMD will overclock the latest systems with the new AMD 8 Core CPU at 7795 West Flagler Street (off of the Palmetto Expressway).

This event is free and open to the public with prize giveaways from AMD including 6 AMD A8-Series AD3850WNGXBOX Quad-Core A8-3850 APU’s, and 3 AMD FD8120FRGUBOX FX-8120 Processors. There will be cheerleaders and free snacks from Gamer Grub and Monster Energy Drink. TigerDirect TV will also be at this event streaming live!

This is the biggest tech event happening in South Florida, you don’t want to miss it! Its every geeks ultimate event.

Check out the latest from AMD on www.tigerdirect.com. Just type in the following SKU numbers in the search box: A79-8120 & A79-3850.

Be sure to tune in to TigerDirect TV via our facebook page at facebook.com/tigerdirect.com.

Bioshock Infinite Set to Wow Players

Bioshock Infinite SS - Gameplay (credit: Irrational Games)Blockbuster video games are an increasingly challenging item to make – the complexity is insane to achieve what is coming out today – just like Bioshock Infinite – ready to get gamers wound up and into some of the most realistic gameplay, ongoing dialog and graphics anyone has ever seen.

The game is set in a distant time of America when things are a lot different. While there have been many challenges in getting the game together, it continues to progress although there is lots more work to do, according to the Wired article.

Levine, Draper and Baker are still deep in the recording process for BioShock Infinite, which 2K Games plans to release sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

“The bar has been raised,” Baker says. “Gamers expect a higher performance. You’ve got games now … that are bringing in writers [and] actual talent directors and they know they have to deliver a dramatic and cinematic performance.”

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Duct tape and Paper Laptop only $250?

Logan:  Campus Deal Pusher [TV Commercial 2011]People are sometimes just too gullible. Today on Gizmodo, a story discusses how a woman was approached by a man in a parking lot saying he had laptops, tablets and other products for incredibly low prices – they are in Fedex boxes. Only $250 for a laptop? Suuuuuuuuure! Well, the woman gets home and finds it’s only a ream of paper and some duct tape inside the FedEx box. So she calls the police. I mean did she think she was getting a deal that good without it being any type of stolen or ‘misplaced’ merchandise?

Well, here at TigerDirect you always know that the deals we have are what they say they are – even if you were to be on a college campus and Logan strolled up and offered you a great deal… trenchcoat and all – you can be sure it’d be a great deal and 100% legitimate. In fact, watch this commercial which has been running nationwide over the last month.

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AMD and Tiger Direct Bringing the Home Research Experience to a Store Near You!

The back-to-school season is upon us and for many it’s time to make some important technology purchases including new PCs and printers.  Over the years, the retail options available for new technology purchases has  grown significantly and now include both in-store and online buying experiences, both with their pros and cons.

Buying something in-store means taking the time to research in advance, familiarizing with the products before arriving at the store, taking the time to visit the store, but also getting to see and test the products in person.  Online shopping is often considered more convenient, allowing consumers to not only do comparison shopping with the click of a mouse but also have instant access to a multitude of product information instantly without relying on a sales associate.

What if there was a way to have the best of both worlds? Including access to crucial product information available online while shopping in-store and walking out of the store with the new purchase in hand?

Here at AMD, we are excited to work with Tiger Direct to introduce the merging of the two worlds with the VISION Experience Center (VEC) and Retail 2.0 – giving consumers access to the product and review information they’re used to receiving online, but with the convenience of taking home the purchase that very same day.  The new VEC is designed to simplify the PC purchasing experience by allowing customers to determine their computing needs by how they want to use their computer and not by technical specs.

The six-foot tall visual merchandising display features a touch-screen ATI Eyefinity interface and cloud-based services that give shoppers access to valuable online information to select the best desktops, notebooks or platforms with VISION Technology by AMD based on their needs.  Whether looking to purchase a new laptop for back-to-school or building the ultimate gaming rig, the VEC by AMD gives customers the benefits of both Internet and retail shopping to easily identify the AMD processors, graphics, chipsets and platforms that match their exact needs

Now you really can have the right information to select a new PC in-store and take it home to play with too!

Take advantage of select in-store promotions during the VISION Experience Center by AMD launch event on Saturday, August 28 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST at the following TigerDirect retail stores, or view the simulcast and take advantage of online promotions here: www.retail20.com/amd.

Participating TigerDirect retail store locations:

  • Aventura (Miami), Florida
  • Deerfield, Florida
  • Dadeland (Miami), Florida
  • Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • Plantation, Florida

Source:  AMD

The opinions expressed in this post are those of Brent Barry, Senior Manager, N. America Channel Marketing at AMD and may not represent TigerDirect’s opinions. TigerDirect is not responsible for the contents of third party links provided in the post.

TigerDirect Retail Store now open in Chicago!

DSCI0017 Yep, you heard it right folks,  there is an all new TigerDirect.com Retail and Outlet Store located at 2500 North Elston Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Right downtown for your convenience.  Best news, this store is unlike any other before:  there will be a huge array of liquidation and clearance items at this store all the time plus all of the great products you have come to count on TigerDirect for – at the same prices you will find online at TigerDirect.com.

The store is currently in ‘soft open’ mode and will be having a grand opening celebration shortly, once the store is 100% together and ready for prime time.  We are still stocking some shelves and getting used to things, but we didn’t want to make you wait – and simply opened the doors while we get settled in.  Plus, the store is fully outfitted with ‘Retail 2.0’ a all-new concept in retailing that brings the convenience of the Internet right to you inside the retail store. 

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New 100GB BluRay Disc announced

BDXL_SHARP The Blu-Ray Disc Association released new specifications back in April for storage of up to 128GB of write-once capability for Blu-Ray discs and 100GB in RW format.  Now it seems that the media is actually coming out – thanks to Sharp. 

Touted to be able to handle up to 12 hours of SDTV or 9 hours of HDTV, the price may be an issue which are being estimated somewhere around $60 at the time of launch.  A stand alone player is forthcoming, later this month in Japan and who only knows when in the US.

Personally, I’m not sure how long physical media will stick around – especially when the lifespan of non-climate controlled archives may not be the ‘hundreds of years’ we expect.  Till then, I’ll keep buying hard drives.

Source:  PCWorld

PC World needs a Spell-Checker

pc_world_emersonPC World posted an article tonight entitled, “Full Emersion in the Cyberworld is coming” [sic].  Look at the image, yep, untouched. 

It’s 2010 folks.  Spell-check exists. 


Traditional print media, such as PC World and local newspapers, continue to tout their superiority in editorial skills, investigative reporting, vetting sources and grammar.  So what the heck is this?  Someone was totally immersed in their work.

For some reason, I have a feeling that using Windows Live Writer, just like me, Fred O’Connor is able to post instantly to his column on PC World.  Viola!  Instant.

Source:  PC World

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