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TigerDirect.com Retail Store in Miami and AMD to host an Overclocking event using the newly launched AMD FX 8 core Processor

On Friday, November 4, 2011 from 6 pm to 9 pm TigerDirect.com Retail Store in Miami along with AMD will overclock the latest systems with the new AMD 8 Core CPU at 7795 West Flagler Street (off of the Palmetto Expressway).

This event is free and open to the public with prize giveaways from AMD including 6 AMD A8-Series AD3850WNGXBOX Quad-Core A8-3850 APU’s, and 3 AMD FD8120FRGUBOX FX-8120 Processors. There will be cheerleaders and free snacks from Gamer Grub and Monster Energy Drink. TigerDirect TV will also be at this event streaming live!

This is the biggest tech event happening in South Florida, you don’t want to miss it! Its every geeks ultimate event.

Check out the latest from AMD on www.tigerdirect.com. Just type in the following SKU numbers in the search box: A79-8120 & A79-3850.

Be sure to tune in to TigerDirect TV via our facebook page at facebook.com/tigerdirect.com.

Bioshock Infinite Set to Wow Players

Bioshock Infinite SS - Gameplay (credit: Irrational Games)Blockbuster video games are an increasingly challenging item to make – the complexity is insane to achieve what is coming out today – just like Bioshock Infinite – ready to get gamers wound up and into some of the most realistic gameplay, ongoing dialog and graphics anyone has ever seen.

The game is set in a distant time of America when things are a lot different. While there have been many challenges in getting the game together, it continues to progress although there is lots more work to do, according to the Wired article.

Levine, Draper and Baker are still deep in the recording process for BioShock Infinite, which 2K Games plans to release sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

“The bar has been raised,” Baker says. “Gamers expect a higher performance. You’ve got games now … that are bringing in writers [and] actual talent directors and they know they have to deliver a dramatic and cinematic performance.”

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Spore : A Special Review

SporeAs you might have heard, Spore is here! After countless delays and backtracks one of the most anticipated games of the year has finally arrived. So what is there to do in Spore? Everything. You start by naming the planet that you are on, and choosing your creatures diet.

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HP LaserJet P1006 Printer, HP 35a LaserJet Black Print Cartridge (Bundle)

HP LaserJet P1006 Printer, HP 35a LaserJet Black Smart Print Cartridge (Bundle)If you are a budget-conscious student or a professional looking for an affordable printer, HP has your back. To give you an even better offer, a printer-and-cartridge bundle is available for your purchase.

Ever reliable, the HP LaserJet P1006 Printer and HP 35a LaserJet Black Smart Print Cartridge Bundle is guaranteed to give outstanding prints at such a reasonable price.

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Show off your Super Powers with “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance”

Marvel Ultimate AllianceIf you’ve been a Marvel fanatic since childhood, then you’ll love playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. This action role-playing game provides the doorway to the whole Marvel universe.

In this action-packed game, Dr. Doom is planning to dominate the world again. This time, however, he’s combined forces with Ultron, Loki, Scorpion, Mephisto, Mandarin, Baron Mordo, and Galactus. Their stellar group known as Masters of Evil are out for—surprise, surprise—world domination and that alone calls for help from above. Thank heavens the world (of Marvel) has Spider-Man, Thor, Ghost Rider, Blade, The Thing, Wolverine, and Captain America, among others, as its protectors.

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HP LaserJet M1522nf All-In-One Printer Does it all

HP LaserJet M1522nf All-In-One PrinterDo you need a work group printer suitable for printing and copying black-and-white documents? Get the fitting printer for your small to medium business and reduce the amount of your monthly expenses.

While other multi-function printers (MFPs) available are color ink-jet machines or bulky workgroup lasers, the HP LaserJet M1522nf All-In-One Printer is a relatively small device. It can do black-and-white printing, and black-and-white copying, as well as black-and-white faxing, and black-and-white and color scanning.

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Take on Authority in “Bully: Scholarship Edition”

Scholarship EditionExperience adolescent frustrations and conquer angst with Bully: Scholarship Edition on your Xbox 360. Everyone will surely be able to relate to this highly rated game. This is somehow reminiscent of the popular novel Catcher in the Rye.

You take on the character of 15-year-old delinquent Jimmy Hopkins who is sent to a New England boarding school while his mom and new dad go to their honeymoon. Bullworth Academy, like any other school, can tend to be indifferent or daunting for the new kids. New student Jimmy is, of course, no exception.

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Soul Calibur IV out now!… and receiving rave reviews!

Soul Calibur IV has an average score of 92, and for the first time ever Namco received a 100 score.   

[Also known as "Soul Calibur IV"]

Swords will be honed and weapons optimized as the world renowned weapon-based fighting series Soulcalibur unveils a fourth installment. Delivering new gameplay modes, characters and enhanced features with unprecedented 3D modeling and animation, Soulcalibur IV strives to be the definitive fighting game experience. The unrelenting pursuit of two legendary swords continues as Soulcalibur IV re-introduces classic warriors from the series as well as debuting new characters bringing new conflict and intrigue. Soulcalibur IV propels the fighting genre into the next-gen era with visually realistic environments, interactive stages, enhanced AI, and a new battle system.

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Mind-control Gaming coming soon…

At 2008 Game Developers Conference, Julian Wixson and a small panel of associates described and demonstrated the Emotiv headset and SDK, suggesting how a developer might incorporate the technology into a new or even quite finished production.

The svelte Emotiv headset uses an array of sixteen EEG sensors to detect electrical impulses in the scalp. These signals are then interpreted by a suite of tools, each with its own range of applications. 

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Novint Technologies and Valve Software Announce Partnership

Major new support for the 3D-haptic Falcon controller exclusively revealed.

June 24, 2008 – The Falcon 3D-haptic force feedback controller has been one of IGN Gear’s favorite peripherals for a while now, as there’s no denying that it’s one of the most unique and powerful controllers there’s ever been. Of course, controllers aren’t much fun unless there are great games to play, and as we discussed in our Falcon review, AAA-title support for the Falcon is what we believe to be the key to the product’s success.

Such is exactly what Novint is working hard to broker with major game designers, and apparently not without success. Today, IGN Gear can exclusively reveal that Novint Technologies and Valve Software will imminently announce a strategic agreement that will see support for the Falcon controller integrated in a number of the major developer’s top titles. 

In a patch soon to be distributed via Valve’s Steam Network, software support for the Falcon will arrive for Valve’s best-selling titles, including the entire Orange Box collection and ancillary games, including Counter-Strike: Source, the full Half-Life 2 Series (HL2, HL2:Ep1, HL2:Ep2), Team Fortress 2, Portal, and the upcoming Left 4 Dead. Such support will allow players to enjoy the games with the Falcon’s highly unique haptic feedback that transmits realistic effects like weapon recoil, in-game object weight, and vehicle g-forces.

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