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XFX 8800 GTS Fatal1ty: Perhaps the Fastest Graphics Card Ever for Under $350

I arrived Monday morning and there was Fata1ty staring at me… I though, “John Wendel, don’t you even knock anymore.”

I’m glad he doesn’t. This is the most insane 8800 GTS ever released. I can’t imagine anyone trying to compete with it. It challenges the likes of its big brother, the 8800 GTX and even beats it in a couple of the benchmarks.

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The Unreal Tournament 3 Demo is here!

I’ll keep this short… The game play is incredibly smooth. I tested it with my Diamond Radeon HD 2900 XT with 1GB GDDR4. I get an even 60 fps at 1680×1050 (everything at max).

I am having a blast with the demo. I will post some more videos and scores after I install my physx card from Ageia. Here’s some footage of the two deathmatch levels:

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Halo 3 Limited Edition Packaging Causes Aesthetic Damage to Discs

Halo Game Series Star Master Chief Spartan-117 Doesn't scratch discs, the packaging does.Halo 3 is out and the blog reports are in: The game is fantastic, the packaging…not so much. This is because the Special limited Edition box sets designed for die-hard fans are scratching the game discs. Though this doesn’t appear to stop people from playing the game, it’s a snafu that Microsoft could have lived without.

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Tiger In Box: The Cure For the Common Question.

TigerTV Host Logan will answer all your questions...here on TigerTV In Box.We here at TigerTV (and the whole hard-working rest of TigerDirect, as well) care about your questions and comments. While there’s no way we can get to them all, we appreciate your input and we definitely spend an untold amount of time each day trying to respond.

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Microsoft XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Partial Recall Issued

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing WheelMicrosoft will have to send out replacement parts for Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel after 50 or so cases where the video game controller overheated and released smoke when plugged in. The steering wheel-like controller mimics the real world sensations associated with driving—wheel tension while taking turns, vibrations from road bumps and terrain inconstancies, etc.

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XBox Wireless Racing Wheel Recalled

XBox Wireless Racing WheelThat driving action on your XBOX 360 may get a little interruptus while you ensure to swap out your AC Adapter for a new one, courtesy of Microsoft. Until that time, owners are warned to not use the AC adapter but instead use only the batteries, which at this time is deemed safe.

The report states that this has been announced following a very small number of incidents of a malfunction in the device, in which a component in the wheel chassis may overheat and release smoke when the AC/DC power supply is used to charge the wheel.

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AMD Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition Teaser

When ever I see a Fed-Ex truck I instinctively run outside. The rules are simple: If there’s nothing for me, there’s going to be trouble.

There was no need for trouble this time. He handed me a package containing the Black Edition CPU from AMD.

It’s a beast. Here are the specs:

  • AMD X2 (Dual Core) 6400+ @ 3.2 GHz
  • 2 MB L2 Cache (1 MB per core)
  • 28 KB of L2 cache (64k per core)
  • Maximum temperature: 55 – 63 degrees C
  • HyperTransport speed is up to 2 GHz
  • Socket AM2
  • Unlocked Multiplier

It’s fast. That could have been the end of the article but I’ll give you a little more.

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BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC Water Cooled Edition 640MB Video Card

Redefine your gaming reality with the BFG NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTS OC™ Water Cooled Edition 640MB PCI Express® graphics card featuring the world’s first DirectX® 10 GPU and 8800 series water block.

With PC enthusiasts in mind, BFG and Danger Den co-developed this custom copper water block to feature exceptional thermal performance in a single slot design that frees up valuable space for other add-in cards. This replaces the standard double slot 8800 GTS fan for those who currently own or are purchasing a PC water cooling system. Each card is hand-built by a trained BFG technician with Arctic Silver® thermal compound and includes 1/2”, 3/8” and 1/4” fittings (barbs) allowing you to custom tailor it to your water cooling needs.

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HELP: Building 1st PC! Need Help with 680i PLEASE :)

I’m going to build my own computer with the 680i motherboard, but I’m not yet sure which one to go with :).

I’ve seen some of the Tiger Direct videos and during the review of the 680I SE, it was mentioned that the SE version was “optimized” for the core 2 duo. I would be using the E6700. It was also mentioned that the SE has a 1066 FSB, whereas the LT (cheaper as well) is using the 1333 FSB. Of course the LT does not include the extra pci e slot and extra gigabit (what else?)

EVGA is notorious for its overclocking capabilities, but is it simple? Seeing as its an NVIDIA motherboard, will I be able to use Ntune or should I get into the BIOS way of doing it?

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Video Cards for the Weekend (And Full Time) Warrior

fatal-graphics.jpgSo you like video games. Who doesn’t. But if you are into PC games, then you know that you need significantly more everything than your storebought PC comes with (We’ll ignore those out there with unlimited wads of cash to spend on pre-built gaming rigs) if you want to compete. So we’ve put together a blog post with two video reviews about some really swell graphics cards. Whether you’re an AMD acolyte or an Intel zealot, we’ve got the DirectX 10 capable good stuff for you. Read on!

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