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Dancing off the Weight

DDR PadNo, it’s not another Richard Simmons video. The West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency sponsored a research project involving overweight and obese children of the state and Konami’s Corp’s “Dance Dance Revolution” video game.

The study was performed with 50 overweight or obese children that ranged in age from 7 to 12 years. The study lasted for 24-weeks and resulted in the children that played the game for at least 30 minutes five days a week maintained their weight and saw a reduction in heart disease and diabetes risk. For the first 12 weeks of the study,

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Enter The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

GPU itselfNot All Graphics Processors Are Created Equal.
You expect the next entry in high-end graphics cards to be spectacular.  In this respect, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX does not disappoint.  This graphics processor delivers a major boost over previous GPUs.  That should be enough to get most serious gamers to upgrade their hardware, but there’s more to it than that!

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Microsoft Extends Warranty on XBox 360

New One Year Policy Is Good News for Console OwnersMicrosoft Xbox 360 Platinum System, 2 Wireless Controllers and Faceplate Bundle

Microsoft is extending its Xbox 360 game console warranty. The previous limit, which was 90 days, has been extended to one year. The switch applies to both current and future owners.

Minor Damage Reported in some Consoles

Last fall, a glitch in the Xbox’s online updating system caused damage to a small number of consoles before the problem could be fixed. At least one customer has sued.

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A New Meaning to the Expression Wii!

wii-5.jpgThe Nintendo Wii is in a fierce competition with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the recently released Sony Playstation 3. So far, the Nintendo Wii has sold over 600,000 consoles in the U.S. alone. This is truly a fun gaming console that actually promotes physical activity.

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Tech Update: Retro-Gaming from the Netherlands with Woomb.net

hydlide.bmpNews from the Netherlands on the new retro-gaming service woomb.net that is offering classic Japanese games – in English. Many early Japanese games either were translated poorly or never made it to US soil – now, they are all properly translated and available to you!

Listen to the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update!

Tech Update Podcast for 12-14-06

Into Tomorrow LogoPodcasts

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Brought to you by Into Tomorrow and the Advanced Radio Network.

TigerDirect News Update for December 11, 2006

SpamThis is the TigerDirect news update for Monday, December 11, 2006.

Today’s podcast includes:

  • Spam on the Rise
  • Bogus Spyware has Korea up in Arms
  • The Wii outsells PS3 in it’s first month of sales
  • WiMax the new ‘copper’ network


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Watch Where You’re Swinging That Thing!

Nintendo WiiJapanese game console manufacturer Nintendo said Thursday that they are investigating reports of problems with the strap that attaches Wii’s controller to the player wrist. The controller is held and maneuvered in the fashion of a tennis racquet, golf club or sword in many of Nintendo’s games.

A couple of websites have been set up collecting photos and information of damaged TVs and broken glass. This resulting from the Wii’s controller detaching from the players wrist and flying out of the players hand while being swung in game play.

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Over 50 Percent of Those Polled Choose Xbox 360 Graphics over the PS3!

The results are (tentatively) in!  While Sonys newest release, the PlayStation 3, is making huge waves (and lines) at the electronics boutiques this holiday season, a few brave souls decided to actually play, rank, and generally give their take on the two competing systems. 

The PS3 has the decided disadvantage of being the new kid on the market, but that shouldn’t stop you from weighing in with your own two cents!  A little over 1200 people have cast their vote, so stop watching American Idol and do something really worthwhile with your time!

Actual Results (So Far, that is) 

  • Xbox 360 51%
  • PlayStation 3 26%
  • PC 23%


 Get out there and shift the balance!  Get your vote in Today!

2007 International CES – Best of Innovations Honorees

2007 International CES Best of Innovations Honorees2007 promises to be a great year for technology innovation from the world’s largest technology manufacturers and the newest companies to the industry. There are literally thousands of products that will be shown at the 2007 international CES and TigerDirect will be right there to bring you the inside scoop.

We’ll have product reviews, interviews with industry leaders and all types of information so you will know exactly what’s in store for the upcoming year in technology.

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Tech Gifts for the Entire Family!

You’ve been searching around for the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that makes you that special husband or wife – you shouldn’t have. Well here’s a list of gifts that will put you on the winning team!

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