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Win a Playstation 3 from TigerDirectBlog!

Win a Playstation 3 from TigerDirectBlogReady to win a Sony Playstation 3? You can and save yourself at least $600 – if not the thousands they are selling for on eBay!

It’s simple and easy to win! Just post a product review about any technology product here on TigerDirectBlog before December 14, 2006. Check it out:


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Fedora Linux Running on PlayStation 3

Speculation is the PS/3, XBox 360 and WII will fight for the ‘desktop’ of the living room. Klippoth has posted this video of a full install of Fedora Linux running on the new Sony PS/3. Dual boots on the PS/3? It’s a reality!

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An Extreme Gaming Machine! Systemax Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700

Talk about an extreme machine? The heart of this system is Intel’s new Systemax Intel Quad-Core QX6700Quad-Core QX6700 Extreme processor. By far, one of the best processors on the market today. Intel prides itself on the quad-core technology mainly due to significant improvements in system responsiveness that made certain tasks to be off-loaded to specific cores. In laypersons terms, the processor selects jobs to be handled by specific cores. Thus it breaks up the workload and makes the PC run more efficiently and faster.

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Can We Say ButtKicker?

ButtKicker GamerOur Senior Editor insisted that we write something about the new Buttkicker Gamer — he says it’s too cool not to mention. “Can we say Buttkicker on our blog?” I asked.

“The manufacturer’s name IS Buttkicker, you idiot!” I guess since we’re not on radio, the government censors won’t come down on us for saying that the Buttkicker Gamer is just about the most kickin gaming accessory we’ve ever seen.

And you WILL kick butt when you use it! That’s because the Buttkicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center-post chairs. You’ll feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and you’ll still feel all the bass you want. Experience powerful bass even while using your headphones. The Buttkicker is perfect for apartments or dormitories. With the ButtKicker, you’ll live the game and FEEL the music.

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Battlefield 2142: Video Review

Battlefield 2142 is a great new game for the PC and it’s the ultimate in flexibility, customizability and futuristic…. watch…

I highly recommend this game for all PC gamers. The more you unlock, the more interesting it gets.

Lord Sardonic

Ed: This lad is one of the more popular on “YouTube” and hails us from the lovely country of New Zealand. Look forward to more from Lord Sardonic on TigerDirectBlog!

Gaming Update including PS/3 preview from Japan, GeForce 8800 and more!

Gamespot weekly features the best in the latest games including the Sony PS/3 preview from Japan, the GeForce 8800 and much more!

Motor Kombat!

Yes you read correctly folks, Mortal Kombat: Armaggedon has an extra game that is like Mario Kart on crack. It’s one of my favorite features of the game, it allows kids to play without a “lot” of gore. There is still some gore in this mini-game but it is done in a humorous way… someone splats into a wall you see 2 seconds of blood and a big “Fatality” comes up in red letters.

The rest of the game is MK at it’s finest, of course it will still upset the anti-violence crowd but that is a given… The Mortal Kombat series started the anti-violence groups! The game itself though is rock solid. Online play for the bawl drinking multi-players and great single player experience in “Konquest” adventure mode for you Single passionate gamers. Let’s not forget create a fighter which lets you take a fighter and design it from the ground up. You unlock more options as you play Konquest mode by either finding new objects or getting enough MK cash to buy new stuff. I made a hot ninja chick because I’d rather spend all day looking at a hot girl than looking at some scary guy!

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When are you a gamer?

People who play games aren’t really “gamers” until they meet the following requirements,

1). You must know every stat of your PC, console, or handheld playing device.
2). You must rutinely play multiplayer games in hopes of being one of the best
3). You must use “Voice over IP” programs when playing multiplayer
4). You must know all the modern taunts like calling people “N00Bs” after a headshot
5). You must know the best players in the game, so you can challenge them, even if you lose you learn!

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Nintendo WII…. Ready?

Ready for the WII? Check out this video from E3 and more is coming…

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Excited over DirectX 10 yet?

Direct X 10 from MicrosoftWell maybe you should be! DirectX10 is supposed to create a faster, more lifelike gaming experience and from the games I’ve seen you’ve got to fall in love with DX10 and the loving moments it will bring! Like mass slaughtering monsters in HELLGATE London or flying the friendly skies in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X. I’ve played Simulator X on a DirectX 9 platform and the game looks stunning… On a DirectX 10 platform I will likely soil myself and the person sitting directly next to me!

The only bad thing is DirectX 10 is only available to Vista owners… Needless to say I’m not surprised, companies have been using the “upgrade/buy new for the latest enhancements”, I’ve written about it before but will keep doing so because I find it upsetting that Sony’s PS3 will cost my whole leg when it could have merely cost me a foot… By this I mean Blu-Ray, promoting this new technology is a HUGE gamble for Sony, hell they could lose out on it in the end if dedicated PlayStation owners seek cheaper more available platforms. I for one won’t pay $600 for a PS3, the editor (I wonder if it’s the former editor now :p) of the OFFICIAL PlayStation magazine; Dana Jongewaard said she isn’t buying a PS3 either so you KNOW it’s a mistake…

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