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True Quad-Core Performance at its Most Affordable

amd-phenom-9500-cp2-am2-950.jpgSince the early days of the critically-acclaimed Athlon processors, AMD has been providing us with world-class processors at prices accessible to the mainstream user. Now, with the introduction of their first quad-core processor, the Phenom, AMD seeks to continue its tradition of bringing cutting-edge technology to everyone—from the casual gamer to the demanding office user and everyone in between. If you have always wanted to acquire a true quad-core processor but have always been turned off by the meteoric prices, then give the AMD Phenom 9500 some significant consideration. It is one of the most affordable quad-core processors in the market today.

While very affordable, the AMD Phenom 9500 isn’t one to sacrifice performance at all. It boasts a revolutionary quad-core processor architecture that features all four cores sitting on a single die. AMD calls this a true and “native” quad-core solution. Instead of having to transfer data from core to core across the FSB, this industry-leading “native” quad-core design features an integrated memory controller and a shared L3 cache providing the rapid flow of information between the cores, the main memory and the graphics accelerator. In essence, the Phenom 9500 is able to reach higher levels of computing performance—most especially when faced with the demanding loads in a multi-tasking environment. Indeed, this processor will let you run multiple instances of both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications effortlessly, thereby allowing you to potentially gain a tenfold increase in productivity. Just imagine being able to run resource-hungry applications such as visual design suites, basic office productivity, and Internet browsers all at once without skipping a beat.

Delving deeper into the numbers, the AMD Phenom 9500 clocks in at 2.2 GHz and comes with a 2 MB L3 cache. All the four cores are also equipped with 512 KB of L2 cache memory each. Admittedly, those may not seem like the most mind-blowing set of numbers you’ve seen in a processor. However, as mentioned above, this processor makes use of those numbers in a very efficient and productive manner. This allows the AMD Phenom 9500 to almost breeze through the most challenging loads without having the fastest clock speed or the largest amount of L2 cache. The AMD Phenom is manufactured using the tried-and-tested 65 nm process and as such, it is very dependable and definitely, well-built.

Aside from that, the AMD Phenom 9500 also features the same set of performance-enhancing technologies found in the other Phenom models. The HyperTransport 3.0 Technology highlights that list with its ability to scale performance per the workload of each core. This allows the processor to adjust smoothly to the gamut of computing situations it might come across. The Cool ‘N’ Quiet 2.0 Technology and the AMD CoolCore Technology work in tandem with each other to conserve power during low-stress conditions, allowing for greater energy-efficiency. Last but not the least, the AMD Virtualization Technology aids virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently. All of these technologies make the AMD Phenom 9500 a processor to reckon with.

Enter the next-generation of processors with the quad-core AMD Phenom 9500. It gives you what you ask and seek from quad-core processors without the exorbitant price tag. With its complete set of features and brand-new processor architecture, the AMD Phenom 9500 is definitely worth the money.

Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer

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High Quality Speedy Graphics HIS Radeon 7000 Video Card

his-radeon-7000-h231-7258-2.jpgHave you ever had to endure watching movies with muted colors on your computer, or wasted hours waiting for images to render while working on your slide presentations? Why don’t you check out the HIS Radeon 7000 video card today? The HIS Radeon 7000 video card certainly is a reliable performer from one of the top video card manufacturers.

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The Smallest Bluetooth Adapter in the World – The Mogo Dapter

mogo-dapter-mg103-0102-n105.jpgPeople have always had a fascination with tiny, little technological devices. Whether it be cellular phones, PDAs, laptops, portable gaming devices or what have you, the same rule applies: the smaller it is, the more we want to buy it. While it could simply be because of the fact that tiny gadgets are cute, the benefits of a truly compact gadget extend beyond mere looks in that it should be just as functional as it is portable. For this reason, we can safely say that the smallest Bluetooth adapter in the world, the Mogo Dapter, is a truly compact device.

The thing that screams at you right from the beginning is that the Mogo Dapter is indeed tiny, roughly about the size of a quarter. It is so compact that it is nearly impossible to believe, if it can indeed perform its duties. But don’t let its petite profile fool you even for a single bit. You would be surprised at how well the Mogo Dapter performs its functions.

Described as a “plug and forget” device by its makers, Newton Peripherals, this quarter-sized Bluetooth adapter enables any Windows or Mac laptop to gain connectivity to other Bluetooth-capable devices. With the Mogo Dapter, you will be able to communicate with cellular phones, PDAs, headsets, printers, speakers, cameras and other devices quickly and best of all, without the messy wires. This device uses the Bluetooth standard v2.0+EDR, which boasts connection speeds that are three times faster than the older v1.2 standard. As such, communicating with Bluetooth devices is definitely fast and easy.

What makes the Mogo Dapter even better is that it doesn’t require any complex installation. Simply plug it into an open USB 2.0 port, and presto, you are ready to roll. Since the Mogo Dapter is very compact, you will be able to bring it wherever you go. Unlike other bulkier Bluetooth adapters, this adapter’s well-designed profile hugs the contours of your laptop, so you won’t even notice that it is there.

In addition, USB 2.0 connection is a very stable interface, so interruptions are very rare and far and few in between. This means communicating with other devices is uninterruptible as it is quick. Thus, with the Mogo Dapter, you will spend more time transferring data between devices and using VoIP with a Bluetooth headset rather than wasting time trying to make the Bluetooth adapter work on your laptop. With the Mogo Dapter, it’s really as easy as one, two, three.

All in all, the Mogo Dapter is the epitome of a perfect compact device. It is small as it is capable. Simply put, it is perfect for users who need a reliable and personal network of Bluetooth devices while on the go. It is durable as well, and once you’ve connected it to your laptop, you don’t even have to think about it anymore. It does the job, and it does it excellently. Without a doubt, the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter sure looks like it’s destined for big things.

Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer

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Get Them Red with Envy With The Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer

s168-14004-out1-dw.jpgIf you want something that can radiate your individuality and personal style, get flashy with the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer. It has everything you need in a competent personal computer and more. And it’s not just because it comes in a shiny red exterior.

Don’t let its appearance deceive you for this glam gadget is not just a fashion accessory. Despite having a gorgeous, glossy finish, the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer is still a competent product that offers stunning performance for all your basic computing needs. Its powerful Pentium Dual-Core T2330 processor provides you with enough power to efficiently run basic software and media applications. With its 160GB hard disk, storage space shouldn’t be a problem. There should be enough space for your favorite music or video files with pretty much more to spare.

Lean and light at only 5.45 lbs, the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer proves that it is a portable product you can easily take anywhere. Now you can conveniently carry your fabulous notebook to all the trendy places to show it off.

As you go through the day from serious to fun, the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer offers other cool features as well. Just imagine the things that you can do with a Bluetooth® capable, Wi-Fi ready, DVD burning gizmo that has a built-in Motion Eye camera and SD card slot. You will be able to share files with other Bluetooth® capable devices, burn images and videos on DVDs, enjoy video conferencing with your family and friends, and even go hang out at Wi-Fi hotspots to chat, email, or update your blog.

And for you to enjoy all these wonderful features even further, the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer boasts of a 14.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800 resolution) LCD screen with XBRITE-ECO Technology. Enjoy watching your DVDs like never before on this sharp vibrant screen.

The VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer not only lets you display your personality and become anyone you choose to be, it lets you do it with style. Now with this diva device, you can become the envy of your friends as you saunter through website after website, use it to listen your huge music collection, or watch your favorite videos and art films. And thanks to the 2-4 hours of battery life you get to enjoy being in the spotlight even longer.

For the perfect combination of efficiency and style, get the Sony VAIO CR390EER Notebook Computer. Turn heads and catch eyes with the ultimate item in technology and design.

Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer


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Power A Plenty With NZXT PP-600 600-Watt Power Supply

a406-1086-main.jpgIf you want to have the best solution for powering mainstream gaming desktops, but unfortunately lack the funds for it, do not lose hope. In this day and age of high-performance components and ground-breaking technology, finding the fitting solution to your power supply problems is just a walk in the park. Take a look at the NZXT PP-600 600-Watt Power Supply which sports a serious looking matte-black, box design. It is cleverly constructed to efficiently power the latest peripherals and video cards available in the market today while still being sensibly affordable. Having 78% efficiency at full load and dual +12V rails, the NZXT PP600 Power Supply is the perfect solution for powering mainstream gaming systems.

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Hiro H50176 Perfecting Presentations

hiro-h50176-e261-1056.jpgHow many times has it happened to you that in the middle of an important business presentation or a critical school report, you find yourself losing focus just because you constantly have to juggle between articulating your speech and meddling with the PC to control your PowerPoint presentation? I know some of you have experienced this, and the results can be somewhat frustrating. After all, you only get one chance to present your thoughts and ideas, so you had better make the most out of it. You simply can’t afford to deliver a less-than-perfect presentation. For that reason alone, you need something that will help you control your presentation easier and let you focus on actually presenting your ideas. You need the Hiro H50176 wireless mouse.

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EVGA GeForce 8800 GS Superclocked – Simply Superb

evga-geforce-8800-gs-e145-8.jpgGame technology doesn’t wait for anything or anyone—like a railgun or a sorceror’s fireball, it simply blazes through everything. Regardless if our PCs are ready for the latest games, game technology remains ever-advancing to higher levels of graphical detail and pizzazz. It’s just too bad that the most advanced graphics solutions are a just a wee bit too pricey for mainstream users. So when a graphics card such as the EVGA GeForce 8800 GS Superclocked comes along, it almost always brings a tear to many a gamer’s eye. The EVGA GeForce 8800 GS Superclocked is a powerful yet wholly affordable graphics solution for the rest of us who don’t have thick pocketbooks.

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The Master Chassis – The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S

c283-1180-main.jpgIf you’re the gamer type or just a simple computer enthusiast looking for a chassis that offers enough room for expansion and at the same time keeps the components inside constantly cool, then you should definitely check out and try the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case!

The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case is the redesigned version of the original Cosmos 1000. It has the similar overall size and look of its predecessor, but with far better and more enhanced features. For starters, this brand new offering from Cooler Master is noticeably the lighter more efficient version and comes in black with gunmetal grey trimmings. It boasts of having seven exposed 5.25” drive bays, and four hidden 3.5”drive bays. It also has seven expansion slots as well.

Apart from the numerous drive bays and expansion slots, other impressive selling features of the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case are its outstanding, well-thought-out cooling system and its tool-free design.

The top, front, and side mesh panels are obviously designed for superior ventilation. The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case has a 120mm cooling fan mounted on each of the rear, front and top panels, and a massive 200mm fan on the side mesh panel. And if you feel that those fans are not enough, the top panel allows you to mount up to three fans for an even better airflow.

The patented lock-button design for installation of the hard drives is arguably one of the most innovative time-savers yet. With the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case, all you’d have to do to lock a hard drive in place is to push the blue button. Push the blue button again, and you can easily and quickly remove the hard drive during maintenance. To further convince you that this wonderful chassis eliminates the need for tools are the easily removable thumb screws for add-on cards, a front side that offers quick access for installation of drive bays, and an easy, tool-free mechanism for side panel installation.

And if those features are not enough to get you to try out a Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case today, here are more. Its front side has a concealable I/O panel which has connectors for USB, Firewire, eSATA and audio, and also has a built-in touch sensor for power on/off.

To further stand out from the conventional chassis available today, the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case has its power supply section located at the bottom side of the chassis. This is designed to allow easy access to your power supply as well as easy cable configuration at any time.

With the sleek, sporty look, exceptional cooling system, and tool-free design, the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case definitely has to be the best gaming chassis yet.

Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer

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HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP The Ultimate Multi Function Printer

hp-cm4730f-printer.jpgAre you tired of having to wait in line at the office to get your paperwork photocopied? Does your printer cause you to lag behind your deadlines? If you want a fast, multi-purpose machine in the office that is a printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax machine all rolled into one, then the HP Color Laserjet CM4730 MFP is perfect for your office! One of the most practical innovations from the company that made its mark as one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world is this affordable 4-in-one office machine.

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Making the Switch to a Better Network

n100-2132-main.jpgBuilding a network of personal computers is one of the most important things that today’s budding companies simply cannot take for granted. More than ever, it is critical for businesses to establish a network in order to facilitate with the transfer of important and time-critical information from department to department or from employee to employee in a secure manner and without any delay. Simply put, communicating and exchanging data is made much quicker and efficient with a dependable network that uses the new Netgear 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch.

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