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Anagrams: Rice Dirt Get

Anagrams are always an amazing thing. If you aren’t aware of what they are, they are words which are comprised of the same letters as another. For example, TigerDirect has a ton of anagrams, including ‘Rice Dirt Get’. Okay, well, bad example, but Clint Eastwood is an anagram for Old West Action, Elvis equals Lives, and Dormitory equals Dirty Room (no lies! check them out!!)

Often you will see the Anagrams syndicated column in your local newspaper with jumbled up letters and the like – but it’s fun to see what your name converts to. Mine, for example, doesn’t convert to much exciting except ‘A Null Pony,’ however appropriate that may or may not be.

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Tropical Resort bans Electronic Gear

Tropical Resort bans Electronic GearNext vacation – plan carefully. According to a UK report and rippling throughout the blogosphere, Casarina Beach (On the Caribbean ‘Palm Island,’ a private resort nestled in the Grenadines) has banned electronic gadgets you and I all love – cellular phones, PDAs, and laptops within a half mile radius.

According to the chief executive of Elite Resort Islands, Rob Barrett, “There is nothing worse than lying back in your double hammock, sipping on your strawberry daiquiri and hearing the Motorola jingle in the background.

“We would love to encourage guests to adopt Caribbean time during their stay with us, switch off their mobiles and enjoy the sound of the lapping waves.”

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Be Careful – Getting Shocked Isn’t Fun

Each of us know that electricity is our friend – it brings us cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, powers all our favorite devices and without it – life would be much different. But, you must also respect electricity. There are some pretty common sense rules which apply. And according to a Switched report, this man just wasn’t thinking, and died.

Wu took the case off the outside of his PC to prevent it from overheating. For some unexplained reason, he was not running the air conditioner in his home, so he wasn’t wearing that much clothing. At some point, his sweaty leg came in contact with his PC’s innards and Wu was dealt the deadly jolt — 380 volts right from his PC’s power supply.

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Easy Cable Clutter Solution

Tired of that cable clutter behind your desk? There is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution that I found while surfing over at MetaCafe tonight – and this is a great easy way to keep that mess together.

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The 99¢ Muscle

Since the inception of Apple’s iTunes, pricing pressure has started to effect the way the record companies are operating. If you look around you will see that a number of CD’s are being priced closer and closer to the $10 mark. In some cases even lower than $10. Why is this?

The traditional brick and mortar retailers don’t like iTunes being able to sell an album/CD for $9.99 (assuming ten tracks, as an example the new Norah Jones album/CD is selling for $11.99 with 14 tracks on it at iTunes.) Traditional retailers are still forced to maintain an inventory and sell above the iTunes pricemark. The pressure is on the record companies and or labels. If you add in the subscription services then you can really see the sweat on the brows of record exec’s. The record industry is standing firm in upholding the current pricing structure. Even in the wake of competition from various other sources of entertainment such as Satellite radio, multiplayer games, DVD’s, the internet itself and the whole tech expansion.

What will this mean? Large retailers will pressure record companies and the industry in general to lower CD prices in order for them to be competitive. They may even threaten to remove CD’s all together from their floor space if they cannot lower the price to the consumer and use the newly recovered space for more profitable merchandise.

The other issue for the music industry is the lack of product quality. Number of tracks on a single CD is on the rise while the fan opinion of overall quality of those tracks or songs is down. If a typical CD has 12 tracks odds are very few are of a broadcast quality or fan likeability.

iTunes and all the other online music download sites allow some sort of a short playable preview of a song while some even allow a whole song preview. Allowing a little discriminating shopping while conventional CD purchasing does not.

What does this all mean to you? It is only a matter of time before market-forces begin to apply pressure on the major labels who will in turn have to buckle and release the pricing forces. It also means that it won’t matter what player you own or buy the market pressures are going to force everyone to share cross platform as downloading and instore prices become cheaper and the competition for sales heats up.

When will this start to take effect? I predict when you hear the first retailer announce they will no longer sell CD’s in stores.

Meetings & Conferences oh My!

In the upcoming year many of the banking, insurance, and financial institutions will be gearing up for yet another year of Meetings & Conferencing.  Now don’t get me wrong I attend the ones that have a lasting affect on world trade and commerce, like the World Bank’s or the Super Bowl; but as for the rest they are well, less than interesting.  Matter of fact they are a down right a waste of time and resources.

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Function Creep: The weeds of the Great Tech Revolution!!!

Just the other day as I was driving to work I got a phone call from cell phone provider. The girl on the other end was cheery and polite and full of well whatever cheery and polite telephone sales girls are full of and she proceede to question me about my service and my product satisfaction. To which I told her that I was generally happy with my service then the phone went dead. A dropped call. So I figured she’d move on and that would be that, but to my amazement she called back.

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Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 22, 2007

Let There Be Wi-Fi for Everyone

BuffetInternet Service Provider Earthlink said this week that they are in the process of negotiating a contract with the City of Atlanta to build, own and operate a municipal wireless network. Atlanta, home of Earthlink for many years, is also making efforts to provide qualified residents with discounted Internet access. Earthlink will offer upload and download speeds of 1Mbps.

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Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 15, 2007 (Part 2)

With so much news in one week, it’s nearly impossible to get it all in one article. TigerDirectNews Feature Editor John G. brings us more. Ed.

ENV Hydrogen fuel cell powered motorcycle from HondaThe World’s First Purpose Built Fuel Cell Motorcycle
With fuel prices on the rise, maybe it’s time for a change. We’ve seen hybrid cars from manufactures like Honda, Toyota and Lexus – but how about something even better. Introducing the world’s first purpose built fuel cell motorcycle – the ENV. The ENV is nearly emission free because it runs on Hydrogen. A single tank can last up to 100 miles in urban use. The ENV only has one gear, so it’s easy to ride for the novice and fun to ride for the advanced. The frame of the ENV is created out of hollow-cast aircraft grade aluminum and the rear mono-shock suspension is hidden in the swing-arm itself.

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Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

No Cell PhoneHave you ever been seated in a theatre and the villain is about to be uncovered and someone’s cell phone rings – and he or she answers it. How annoying! How Rude! They just ruined the movie for you. How about when you’re about to enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant and the person sitting at the table next to you decides to have a conversation on their cell phone about their recent surgery. What if it’s your cell phone that rings while you’re at the museum. Do you answer it? Do you let it continue to ring? We’ll help you learn the proper etiquette of using a cell phone in public.

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