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On-The-Go: Iqua 603 SUN Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

Iqua 603 SUN Solar Powered Bluetooth HeadsetPretty much all Bluetooth headsets work to fulfill one goal: to offer more convenient access to wireless communication. People who usually talk on the phone while driving will feel a lot safer with a wireless headset. Not only is a wireless headset easier to take along with you, it is also less messy.

Wire clutter problems become a thing of the past. Wireless and compact, the Iqua 603 SUN Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset is one of the most innovative headsets available today.

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Talk Freely with Motorola H375 Universal Bluetooth Headset

Motorola H375 Universal Bluetooth HeadsetAre you looking for a way to talk to someone on your cell phone while your hands are free to do another task? If that’s the case, then the Motorola H375 Black Universal Bluetooth Headset is perfect for you.

Here we have a communication device that lets you keep talking while you keep working. The convenience it brings is one that the busy professional just can’t take for granted.

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iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak: Jeez- It Took a Week?

Having the ability to load the applications you choose – that’s what “jailbreaking” your phone does. And hackers have been furiously attempting to circumvent the Apple lock and key surrounding the iPhone 2.0, the 3G all-grown-up version – and after a week, they did it (or at least they say).

While the tool allows third-party applications not available at Apple’s App Store to be installed on the iPhone 3G, it apparently does not unlock the new phone to allow it to be used on unauthorized cell networks.

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Cellular Coverage Explained

Wireless telephones work by communicating via radio waves using a system of base stations (sometimes known as “cell sites”) that send and receive calls and relay them to other networks, like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Because wireless phones communicate using radio waves, their reliability is influenced by many factors, such as the proximity of the phone to the base station with which it is communicating, physical obstacles, and interference or noise.

Noise refers to unwanted electronic signals introduced by circuit components or natural disturbances that tend to distort communications. For example, like other radio transmissions, wireless phone calls can be affected by severe weather, large buildings, or other objects between your phone and the nearest base station or antenna that your wireless service provider uses.

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Motorola V1100 is a Lot of Phone for Very Little Money

Motorola V1100In the cellular phone arena, the competition between companies is as stiff as ever. It is as if no minute passes for companies to announce a new model that either combines new technologies or introduces a new feature altogether. Of course, this has benefited no one but us, the consumers.

What can’t be denied is that it is getting harder to choose one that is perfect for us. After all, we all have different needs and tastes. But for the stylish user, there remains one clear choice: the Motorola V1100. Bold and beautiful doesn’t begin to describe this sexy-looking cellular phone.

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HTC Touch Dual – Sample Images and Video

Sample HTC Touch Dual Unlocked Cellphone Image by CompUSAThe HTC Touch Dual is one hot unlocked GSM phone – and available from the All-New CompUSA. As part of our ongoing effort, CompUSA wants to ensure you have a good experience with every product we offer. As such, we are now taking sample photographs with a number of the new products which pass through our photo studio so you can see first hand the kind of images (and video) you can expect!

Here’s the samples from the HTC Touch Dual Unlocked GSM Phone:
Sample HTC Touch Dual Photo of Downtown Miami

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Pixel Perfect: The Sony Ericsson K850i Blue CameraPhone

Sony Ericsson K850i While it is true that cellular phones equipped with cameras are nothing new to this generation of cellular phone users, the actual quality of the built-in cameras can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. What good is it to have a snazzy-looking cellular phone replete with a camera and whatnot, if the camera takes awful-looking photos anyway?

If you really want a camera phone that can take pictures as beautifully as your dedicated stand-alone digital camera, then give some strong consideration to the Sony Ericcson K850i phone—a top-of-the-line cellular phone with a camera that is perfect down to the last pixel.

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Find Your Way in the Workplace Wilderness: Blackberry 8820 Smartphone

Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM SmartphoneBlackBerry is currently one of the industry leaders in the wireless communications world. They offer mobile users terrific access to email, phone, instant messaging, web, SMS and MMS messaging , schedules and more. New to the 8800 line of its continious innovation is the Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone.

The BlackBerry 8820 smartphone is packed with great features for the savvy professional today. It is a quad-band GSM phone that uses EDGE technology. EDGE, or Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution, is a radio signalling technology for 3G mobile networks. EDGE works by improving the signalling interface used to communicate over the radio waves, boosting data transfer rates and volumes on existing GSM/GPRS networks and therefore significantly increasing data transfer speeds.

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Projector Phone makes Asian Debut

Your cellphone seems to be the center of your universe these days – so, if you are already living the iLife on the iPhone – what you are missing is a (are you ready?) – projector.

Fresh from the web, this is the first CKing projector-phone with an LED projector capable of a 30 inch VGA resolution (640×480) image. Not to shabby for an iPhone knock off with a bunch of extra internal components (and it looks like there is a fan in it too – check the back).

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Microsoft takes the driver’s seat with Microsoft Auto 3.0

Ford Sync (Photo Credit: tootechie.com)Windows everywhere – that seems to be the message with the recent expansion of Microsoft’s new place next to the driver’s seat in your car. That’s right, while we have all seen the Sync commercials on television, there is more. The next generation is coming from Microsoft for your car – bringing a true media center type experience in your auto – plus more!

According to the tootechie.com report, “In the past, telematics was for high-end, luxury cars only. But Last week Microsoft and Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group announced that the companies will “co-develop” the “next generation” of “infotainment systems.” In other words, you’ll be able to get ‘Microsoft Auto’ (name of the operating system) in Hyundai’s cheap cars by 2010.

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