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Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD Gaming Computer

Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD Gaming Computer Because of increasing demands in computer gaming, gaming computers should be far more advanced that regular computers. The Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD gaming computer is specifically designed for this purpose.

Online gamers hate it when the fun is spoiled by slow computers. With the Visionman GMA-1A7800, you get the AMD64 X2 4200+ CPU that has twice the efficiency of regular processors with two physical cores. Choppy frame rates and lag are things of the past.

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iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer

iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerHardcore gamers rejoice! The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer is here, and it’s all set to take you to gaming heaven. Frankly, there’s only one thing that gamers have in mind when looking for a gaming computer: Power.

If you’re looking for an instant solution to your gaming needs, then this is it! Featuring the combination of lethal looks and even deadlier components, this set-top gaming computer will give you the advantage you need to conquer all your games.

Get the Gaming Advantage

Of course, all the benefits of having a great chassis would be rendered null if the components inside are cheap and useless. Inside it you’ll find an AMD Athlon 6400+ dual core processor, an NVIDIA 8800GT graphics card, and 3 gigabytes of DDR 2 RAM. iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerThese components add up to extreme gaming performance! Likewise, Windows Vista Home Premium works great for gaming since it supports DirectX 10—the next-generation PC gaming architecture. Through the combination of hardware and software, this PC manages to play the latest games with ease. With it, games run with a fast frame rate and fully-detailed graphics—exactly what the doctor ordered.

The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer looks mean and intimidating, thanks to the NZXT LEXA Blackline Chassis featuring a red and jet-black color theme. This is not your average everyday casing. The front and back panels extend a little beyond the top portion to give it an eye-catching look. These panels also sport a contoured surface, which contributes to the edgy vibe. iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerThe clear side panel glows an eerie red, thanks to the pre-installed neon lights inside. Two silent 120 mm fans and one 80 mm top fan provide excellent cooling for your components. Built with a one millimeter-thick steel, the PC is protected even if you take frequent trips to LAN gaming parties. Likewise, dust filters prevent the PC from accumulating harmful dust and debris, and three temperature display meters allow you to gauge if the PC is running optimally. With its screwless installation mechanism and large interior, it is quite effortless to install new components.

iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerMaking the iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer even more worthy is its 500-gigabyte hard disk: games take up a lot of space, and without a hard disk as large as this; you won’t be able to install very many. What’s more, this gaming PC is equipped with a versatile motherboard, the Asus M2N-SLI. With support for the latest PCI Express standards and processors, you’ll be able to easily upgrade the PC if needed. Along with this, a 600-watt PSU also ensures that you’ll be able to use the most powerful (not to mention the most power-hungry) components.

The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer is an ideal choice if you play games a lot. This will allow you to experience PC gaming the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

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PC in the Palm of your Hand: Systemax Impact BTO Mini

Systemax Impact BTO Mini PCWhen building a small form factor computer, overall portability and technical specifications (read:the performance components you can’t live without) The Built-to-order Systemax Impact2 BTO Mini PC gives you the power to have both.

Not only is this mini PC just 2 inches tall and 6 ½ inches square, it also gives you full control of its specifications. Don’t have fret about long hours spent scouring the web for the right setup: With the Systemax Impact2 BTO Mini PC – you get to define your own reality!

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Get the Game, Keep the Money: iBuypower Gamer 512-GF PC

iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming ComputerIt’s a common notion among computer enthusiasts that systems branded as ‘gaming computers’ represent the higher-end of the performance spectrum, as games are some of the most demanding applications around. They require a lot of processing power and as such, nothing but ultra-powerful components can accomplish the tasks associated with gaming.

This means serious gaming can be expensive! If you’re a budget-conscious gamer, here’s an especially affordable gaming computer: the iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming Computer. It’s your gateway to a superb gaming experience!

Get Gaming Power. Keep your Pennies.

Right from the get-go, you’ll notice that the iBuypower Gamer 512-GF is built for games. Fitted with a steel NZXT Alpha Chassis, it not only looks menacing and intimidating but also has several features that make it a worthy gaming platform. iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming ComputerIt’s capable of supporting up to three 120mm fans (once the optional side panel is attached). Gaming computers produce a lot of heat, and rely on above-average cooling system to keep the temperature in check. Roomy on the inside, this Chassis has no trouble fitting larger graphics cards, whether in single or dual-card (SLI or Crossfire) configuration. Likewise, it has support for up to five hard drives. And screwless installation makes tinkering easy!

Some serious gamers don’t care that much when it comes to a gaming computer’s looks. While the iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming Computer is certainly pretty, the real secret is the performance it offers. Equipped with an AMD Athlon 6400+ dual core processor, an Nvidia 8600 GT 512 MB graphics card, 2 gigabytes of high-speed DDR2-800 RAM, this gaming computer successfully marries value and performance. In terms of cost-per-performance, they get the two thumbs up, no question! An Asus M2A-VM AMD Motherboard ties all of the components together and features built-in support for HD movie playback, 8 gigabytes of max RAM and gigabit LAN. Running the show is the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. Aside from its host of newer stability and security features, this OS features DirectX 10, the advanced gaming architecture of the future.

AMD Athlon 64x2 6400+ ProcessorWhile those components make the iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming Computer a powerful choice for gamers, its other components prove that it can also serve other purposes. With its fast-spinning 500 gigabyte hard disk drive, not only will you be able to install lots of games but you’ll also be able to store huge amounts of other data as well. And with a Dual-layer DVD±RW optical drive, you can entertain yourself with DVD movies. It works great for burning discs too, since it writes data at a very quick pace.

The iBuypower Gamer 512-GF AMD Gaming Computer is perfect for gaming enthusiasts—especially those who are on a budget. For under a grand, you get a powerful system that runs games beautifully. ‘Nuff Said!

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

iBuypower Gamer 522-GX: Affordable Gaming PC

iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming ComputerPowerful games need powerful PCs, and are going to cost you a powerful lot, right? Wrong! If you’re a gaming enthusiast looking for an affordable gaming machine, then try the iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming Computer on for size.

This gaming has been outfitted with great components that can deliver true graphics and processing power. The really good part: Those performance enhancements don’t add up to a sky-high price tag!

Go Big, Not Broke!

This gaming desktop has a 690G chipset powered motherboard. This chipset has the multimedia capabilities necessary to bring you an attractive alternative to the NVIDIA 6100 family. iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming ComputerThe Asus M2A-VM motherboard houses this very capable chipset in order to support HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback. It has PCI express slots, so you can further improve its capabilities as a gaming platform.

An AMD Athlon 64×2 6400+ Processor provides a powerful solution to your gaming obstacles. With clock and FSB speeds running up to 3.2GHz and 1GHz, respectively, you’ll breeze through action-packed levels of your favorite games. This dual-core processor has a2MB L2 cache and is capable of 64-bit processing.

The secret to the iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming Computer’s top gaming performance is the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB graphics card. This video card boasts the ever-popular G92 core that provides higher clock speeds while consuming less power. It’s created under the 65nm manufacturing process, and its core clocks in at 600MHz. This will indeed impress you with excellent graphics rendering technology. With 112 stream processors and 256-bit memory interface, you can expect smooth graphics in games and hardly any lag.

AMD Athlon 64x2 6400+ ProcessorTo accommodate the demands of the most graphics-intensive games, this gaming rig is equipped with 2GB of High-Speed DDR2-800 memory. The motherboard can take up to 8GB of memory, so you can easily upgrade your system for a more memorable gaming experience. And of course, you’ve got to have enough storage space for all your games: the iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming Computer has a 500GB SATA Hard Drive! Just imagine how many hours of non-stop gaming you can do with a huge storage space and a powerful computer system like this!

2GB DDR2-800 MemoryThe Alpha Gaming Tower from NZXT houses all the components, providing a good cooling solution to your most precious gaming hardware. This steel chassis can support up to three 120mm fans when the optional side panel is included, although it already comes available with a single 120mm fan. It has an E-SATA port, and allows you to install multiple expansion cards for SLI and Crossfire applications. Other features of the Alpha include space for up to 5 hard disk drives, 2 USB 2.0 ports, an Intel HD Audio port, and a headphone jack. It features screw-less installation as well; just open and rig up your system, without the use of tools!

 500GB Serial-ATA-II Hard DriveAs an added bonus, a 12-in-1 card reader/writer, a 20x DL DVD+/-RW drive, and a 16x DVD-ROM drive completes the package. You can burn DVDs, watch movies, listen to music, and play your favorite games in the iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming Computer. You have full access to any gaming software, JPEG file, or word document. An amazing 580-watt PSU is included to power the whole gaming system.

With all these components, you’ll have a great time enjoying your games. Get the iBuypower Gamer 522-GX AMD Gaming Computer now, and get immersed in the best possible gaming experience already!

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It’s a Digital Life: HP Pavilion m8200n Desktop PC

HP Pavilion m8200n Refurbished AMD Desktop PC There are some PCs that are specially built for business applications. Then there are others designed to handle content creation and animation.

But right now, we’re going to take a look at Desktops specifically designed to organize your digital life. If you have any idea what digital life means, you’ll love the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC:an affordable refurbished PC that is ideal for taking care of all your digital media!

The Power to Organize your Digital Life

Take a peek at the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC’s innards and you’ll know why this is called a Media Center desktop. HP Pavilion m8200n Refurbished AMD Desktop PC It carries the dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0GHz processor with 2MB cache, an NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics card, 3 GB of DDR2 memory and a 500GB SATA II hard drive. It is true that resources needed for digital media take a bite out of the most powerful PCs; but the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop is specifically designed to be equal to the task. Take this machine for a spin, and you’ll quickly realize that the Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor, the powerful graphics card and the 3 gigabytes of RAM make short work of digital movies and the like!

At first glance, the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC appears more like stereo or media equipment than the average PC. The styling and trimmings of the case fit right in in your TV or entertainment room. The glossy jet black surface and lines match well with other media devices like satellite or cable receivers and DVD players. It’s functional too: plenty of video inputs, the audio input and outputs, and USB ports are all neatly front-mounted on the case. With this design feature, connecting digital cameras, headphones or other media peripherals is effortless. HP Pavilion m8200n Refurbished AMD Desktop PC The remote control (included) is just as cool and very ergonomically designed. It gives you full control of the PC’s multimedia functions.

With a hard drive as large as this one, you can store hundreds, if not thousands of photos, movies, and music. When you fill up the hard drive, it is easy to back up your files through dual-layer DVD±RW optical drive with Lightscribe Technology. Not only that, with the 15-in-1 internal flash media reader that supports everything from SD to Microdrive, you enjoy maximum media format versatility. Completing the hardware side of things, the PC also has an Analog NTSC AND Digital ATSC PCI TV tuner card, which allows you to watch TV directly from your PC. With this component, you get to record all the TV shows that the hard drive can handle—a feature that all media fans will appreciate.

HP Pavilion m8200n Refurbished AMD Desktop PC At the heart of this media PC is the perfect OS for multimedia applications, Windows Vista Home Premium. The latest from Microsoft, it boasts added stability and performance efficiency. Besides, this OS features Windows Media Center software–allowing you to consolidate and integrate all your media files through a vibrant and functional graphical interface. With this software, you get to organize your digital media life effortlessly.

Let the Refurbished HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC to handle your digital media. It is a truly capable media center desktop with an extremely accessible price tag!

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XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit

 XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone KitTruth be told, building a PC from the ground up is not the easiest thing to do in the world to do. There are a lot of parts and models to think about! It’s bad enough that many, many brands simply add to the confusion.

Once you realize this, the headaches of building a PC from scratch may overwhelm you. Don’t give up yet! There’s a simple solution to the problem: The XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit, a powerful barebones PC that has a ton of upgrade potential!

Austere Beginnings with Massive Potential

Let’s start on the surface: The XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit comes with the Ultra E-Torque ATX Mid-Tower Case. A great PC case by any standard, it’s both stylish and functional. The smooth, jet-black surface’s simple lines are particularly clean to look at.  XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone KitThe left and right sides are made with clear glass, which looks exceptionally stunning when completed. The rest of the casing features 1 mm-thick high grade steel, which protects the PC’s components. It has four tool-free 5.25-inch drive bays, one external 3.5-inch bay and five internal 3.5-inch bays, as well.

Looking at this kit’s parts, you’ll realize this barebone kit is designed to create a PC powerhouse! Its nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 motherboard is extremely capable and works like a charm when paired with the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz processor.  XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone KitWithout a motherboard as powerful as this, the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 and its 6MB cache and 1333 MHz front side bus wouldn’t be able to reach its full potential. As great as this processor is, some of the credit actually goes to the motherboard when it comes to multitasking. This is because the nForce 680i LT efficiently integrates the processor with the rest of your components: 2 gigabytes of DDR 2 800 MHz memory, to start with. In addition to this, the motherboard supports PCI-Express 2.0 graphics cards, comes with built-in LAN, sound, and USB ports–the expandability options are almost endless!

 XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone KitThe XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit also comes with a robust Maxtor 300GB hard drive and a brutish PowerUp 800-watt power supply, complete with two 80mm fans. The hard drive is perfect for storing a lot of multimedia files (or other important documents). With a spindle speed of 7200 RPM it runs fast, and comes with 16MB of buffer memory. The power supply unit allows you the most demanding of peripherals, from the latest graphics cards to multiple optical drives–you won’t have to worry about it being underpowered!

The XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit will allow you to build a power PC that will chew through anything from games to massive graphics rendering jobs. With support for the newest components, peripherals and upgrades, tuning it to perfectly fit your needs is entirely possible. Don’t settle for a store-bought-and-built machine…create your own Dual-Core, Dual SLI Monster!

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Quad Core, Hefty Memory, and HDMI Connection…in an Acer Desktop PC!

Acer Aspire M5100 AM5100-U5313A AMD Desktop PCQuad-core computing may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the Acer Aspire M5100 Desktop PC, any multimedia aficionado will be able to enjoy top-notch graphics performance, and be able to save some money in the process.

This low-priced PC has an AMD Phenom 9500 quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. Pay attention to your PC: your photo- and video-editing suites are salivating!

A Gifted Entertainment Desktop

Before we dive into the guts of this budget-friendly PC, let’s take a look at it from the outside. The microtower’s glossy front panel has two 3.5-inch drive bays and a 9-in-1 media card reader located behind a transparent door. Four USB ports are placed on the top of the computer casing for easy access (as they should be) along with the microphone and headphone jacks. There’s also four other USB ports on the back of the case. Another BIG advantage: An HDMI port, VGA-out, and a FireWire port are also located on the back of the PC. Four more 3.5-inch internal drive bays can be found inside the unit. This means that if you need more drives, they can still be accommodated.

Acer Aspire M5100 Front Mounted Flash Media Reader with FireWire

Running on the Windows® Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium operating system, the Acer Aspire M5100 Desktop PC has all the prerequisites for 64-bit processing. Acer Aspire M5100 AM5100-U5313A AMD Desktop PCThanks to the AMD Phenom 9500, the Acer Aspire M5100 Desktop PC can easily run several simultaneous multi-threaded applications, pushing through the most demanding processing loads. If you’re looking for a computer specifically designed for advanced multitasking, intricate visual design, and visually stunning digital media and entertainment, this PC is for you.

One of the first to use four cores all sharing a Level 3 cache, the AMD Phenom 9500 processor works by pumping out one large chunk of data to a single core, or sending smaller chunks in its four processors. It also boasts of having “true” quad-core design that handles data efficiently. All four cores are laid out on a single die, and all of them use 2MB of L3 cache. The unified L3 cache contributes to an amazingly rapid system response and phenomenal system performance.

Acer Aspire M5100 Back panel with HDMI and FireWireThis powerhouse quad-core has Cool‘n’Quiet™ 2.0 technology to reduce heat and noise during demanding operation. Working along with this technology are HyperTransport, which works by increasing the communication speed between components for a computer performance that’s fast and reliable, and Enhanced Virus Protection which provides security against viruses, worms, and Trojan horses that abound even online.

Additionally, the Acer Aspire M5100 Desktop PC comes with a DVD±RW/-RAM Dual Layer drive. An ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD2400 takes care of graphics, video, and direct digital video connectivity (Read: That uber-handy HDMI Port we mentioned earlier) that makes high quality entertainment available on your PC. It comes with a multimedia keyboard for easy one-touch access to your Internet shortcuts, playback control, volume control (and a sleep button. Hey, we’ve all got to rest). This package also includes an optical mouse and speakers. If you’re looking to make your hard-earned cash go as far as possible, you’ve found the PC you’ve been looking for: The Acer Aspire M5100 AMD Desktop PC.

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Got Small PC? The Lenovo A61e 6418-13U Desktop

Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC As the rworld gets more energy-conscious each day, most businesses look for ways to reduce power consumption and operating costs. If you want to actively contribute to a greener world, then you need the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC.

With the Windows XP Professional operating system, AMD Sempron LE-1150 processor, 1 GB of DDR2 667 memory, and 80GB SATAII hard drive, this affordable, space-saving, and environment-friendly desktop computer is completely designed for business use.

Ultra Small Wonder

The Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC‘s ultra small form factor just makes it perfect for offices with limited space. With its size, you can get full use of any room by taking as many units as you see fit, and you can also just put one anywhere without having to worry about potentially cluttering up an already messy workspace. Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC What’s more is that while productivity is increased, power consumption is reduced thanks to the environment-friendly design that starts with an extremely compact, yet solidly built, tool-free case which can be easily separated into two different pieces for quick memory and hard drive upgrades.

While its exterior is made of recycled resins to save the environment, its AMD Sempron LE-1150 processor help in reducing the computer’s energy consumption. It only expends 45W of power, but has a good 2GHz processor speed, and AMD64, Hypertransport and Cool’n'Quiet technologies that all work for an energy-saving, heat- and noise-reducing computer system.

AMD64 technology enables your computer to handle both 32- and 64-bit applications, while Hypertransport enables high speed I/O communication, and Cool’n'Quiet that works so you can enjoy high performance, overall power savings, energy efficiency, and seamless multitasking, minus the distracting heat and noise. Now you know why it has been awarded with an EPEAT gold rating, and tagged as Energy Star 4 compliant. If your work demands more than 1GB of RAM, you can up the desktop PC’s ante with up to 4GB of memory. The integrated ATI Radeon X1200 graphics card provides a mainstream solution for general desktop use such as sending and receiving email, word processing, and going online.

Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC

Aside from being good to the environment and also good at handling basic office applications, the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC has a DVD-ROM / CD-RW Combo optical drive, 6 USB slots, Gigabit Ethernet, several audio jacks, and a VGA port, so you can easily use this versatile mini computer as a media center PC if you have an HDTV with VGA input or HDMI.

Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC Inexpensive yet efficient, the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC can definitely be proud of its low wattage, cool-running processor, space-saving design, and 64-bit desktop computing that is future-proof and forward-thinking. Companies that are interested in saving space and cutting down on power costs will surely love using such an environment-friendly computer system in their business.

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Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC

Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PCIf you need a high-performance desktop computer that is rigged with all the components you need for your computing needs, the smartest move is to get one that is already pre-configured. By purchasing a pre-configured computer system, you not only get what you want, you also get it at a cheaper price. However, it can get really frustrating when you don’t get the performance you need out of what you ordered. The best way to get the performance you are expecting is by choosing the computer system from one of the most reliable companies around. Get the desktop computer that is already pimped out and ready for use. Get the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC.

Best Pre-configured Computer System

Specializing in constructing high-end servers and workstation, Visionman Computers has been working for a decade producing reliable pre-configured computer systems. They build the most competent computer systems by using only the best, name-brand components available in the market. Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PCEven though they use the best components available, they are still able to provide systems with cutting-edge technology at the lowest cost.

One of their best offers today is the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC. Think of it as one of the most affordable combination of top electronic brands Seagate, Logitech, and Intel.

Containing one of the most reliable components, the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC has Intel’s Dual Core desktop processor E2180 to provide efficient computing at lower clock speeds, less power, and less noise. Intel’s Extended Memory 64 technology is also included to achieve enhanced performance in running various applications. 2GB High Speed DDR2-667 Memory enhances the power and speed of this already compelling combo. Add that powerhouse processor and great memory with the amazing Seagate 500GB 7200RPM SATA-II 16MB Hard Drive that features innovative perpendicular recording technology for maximum drive capacity, reliability, and whisper-quiet operation and you get astounding performance in a PC.2GB High Speed DDR2-667 Memory

With those components alone, you’d think that the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC is already giving you good value for your money. But wait, there’s more. This wonderful computer system comes with Logitech’s desktop keyboard, optical wheel mouse, and two-piece computer speakers that have the design and reliability for years of use in your home or office.

As if those are not enough, the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC also features a 20X Dual-Layer DVDRW with SATA Interface that can support an impressive amount of disc formats. The unbelievable computer system also allows for easier connectivity through gigabit networking that greatly speeds up file transfers and downloads.

Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180If you’re going to buy these brand-name components individually, it’s obvious that you’re going to have to pay for much more than a Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC. To enjoy the efficiency of Seagate, the versatility of Intel, and the reliability of Logitech, you should take advantage of the Visionman DEP-VO100 Intel Desktop PC today.

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