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Compaq Presario SR5250NX Intel Desktop PC

Compaq Presario SR5250NX Refurbished Intel Desktop PCThose who are looking for a desktop PC that delivers the most bang for the buck need not look further anymore. The Compaq Presario SR5250NX Intel Desktop PC is the desktop of choice for the demanding user on a budget. With cherry-picked components and Compaq’s guarantee of customer satisfaction, you are sure to be pleased with the performance this PC delivers. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable dual-core computers around. That’s why in terms of cost-per-performance alone, this desktop is indeed a premier choice.

The Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC possesses an industrial design that means only one thing: it means business. It doesn’t boast of any gaudy design schemes, and it doesn’t need to; the main purpose of this desktop PC is to provide you with the power that modern applications demand. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is not pleasing to the eye. Compaq Presario SR5250NX Refurbished Intel Desktop PCIn fact, its clean and simple lines and two-tone color scheme are still more elegant and striking than your average everyday PC. This kind of simple elegance allows it to fit in perfectly in your home or in a more formal, business setting. The construction is very durable as well, and it excellently provides protection to all the components inside.

Inside, you’ll find the very reasons why the Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC is considered a power performer. Just take a peek at what’s inside: a dual-core Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.6GHz 64-bit processor, 1 gigabyte of DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a DVD/CD and DVD-RAM burner with Lightscribe. The power that the Intel processor and the RAM deliver lets you run basic productivity applications, Internet browsers, media software and games smoothly.

Compaq Presario SR5250NX Refurbished Intel Desktop PC Flash Card REaderMulti-tasking is effortless for this PC as well since the processor it is equipped with is dual-core. With this amount of power, you increase productivity and enjoy digital media all the more. Speaking of digital media, the 320 gigabyte hard drive allows you to store thousands of photos, music files, videos and of course, all other sorts of documents. The hard drive has a 7200 RPM spindle speed, which means you get to open files or run programs quickly. Lastly, the DVD burner not only opens up the opportunity to watch DVD movies; it also allows you to quickly back your files up without any problems.

Compaq Presario SR5250NX Refurbished Intel Desktop PCApart from those, what makes this PC such a joy to use is the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. Featuring a new graphical user interface called Aero and dozens of security and stability improvements over its predecessors, your view on desktop computing will be changed. Quite simply, it can be said that this is the OS of the future, and one that makes your desktop computing experience so much better.

To finish it all off, the Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC has an internal flash media reader that supports a great variety of memory card formats including USB Flash, MemoryStick, and SD cards among others. Now you won’t need to buy extra adapters for different kinds of cards since this integrated multi-card reader is versatile and wholly capable.

The high-performance Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC is truly a bargain. For under $450, you get a fully-functional PC that is equipped with all the tools you need to fulfill your computer-related tasks. Those on the lookout for a value-packed PC can’t go wrong with this one.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales

Lenovo 3000 N200 Laptop: Performance and Economy

With its Spartan design and its numerous external ports of access, the Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop promises style, function and connectivity. While it may lack the same luster as its higher-priced competitors and may not be the flashiest product to come from Lenovo’s highly-touted 3000 line, it proves to be a solid doorstop for both the no-nonsense business person nurturing a budding business and the user at home.

Seeking The Middle Ground in Portable Computers

The Lenovo 3000 N200’s designers must have had a specific target market in mind (the aforementioned small entrepreneurs and ordinary users) during the pre-production phase, because they made it a point to load the model with Lenovo Care, a suite of utilities designed for ordinary users in need of immediate technical support, ranging from backup to maintenance to security. The threat of viruses and crashes wouldn’t seem as severe with the prospect of system recovery, thanks to its support suite.

Lenovo decided to keep the color scheme for this model cool and classy: the black and silver chassis appeal even to the most conservative executive. Tipping the scales at 6.2 pounds, the Lenovo 3000 N200 straddles that middle ground between the thin-and-light and the mainstream. It is packed with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2330 1.6GHz processor, a 120GB hard drive, a 1GB of DDR2 memory, and a DVD burner, which should mean that it can handle most if not all tasks thrown at it. It is also worth noting that the Lenovo 3000 N200’s battery and its capacity for 3D gaming give it its edge over other laptops in its range. Another sidelight: opening the laptop with a scan of the owner’s fingerprint is a blessing to those cursed with the curious inability to remember their passwords.

Plenty of Features for Less

The Lenovo 3000 N200’s tactile appeal centers on its keyboard. It is comfortable enough to accommodate the stretch of one’s fingers and quiet enough to muffle the barrage made by busy fingers. Multimedia controls (play, forward, pause and rewind) are also available. The sensory attributes of the model don’t end with the touch. Its 15.4-inch display would be the apple of anyone’s eye, from the office worker plowing through spreadsheets to the home user running a DVD: with a 1680×1050 native resolution, moving pictures are vivid. The N series’ trademark VibrantView or antiglare LCD panels let the light pass through the display with minimal diffusion, enriching the viewing experience: rich colors and sharp contrasts are preserved even in poorly lit environments. Even eye strain and peripheral glare from surrounding light sources are reduced.

Lenovo 3000 N200 Laptop Ports and Connections

The assortment of ports includes an on-and-off switch for the N200′s built-in Bluetooth and 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity. Three USB 2.0 ports, microphone and headphone jacks, a DVd burner and a VGA out line the right side of the laptop. A fourth USB 2.0 port, a mini-FireWire port, an Ethernet jack, an ExpressCard slot, and a flash-memory-card reader have their corresponding places on the left side. The back has the standard power connection, a modem jack and an S-Video out. All three sides are well used for connectivity purposes.

The Lenovo 3000 N200 comes with a one-year warranty. This latest offshoot from the 3000 line is best suited for those seeking the middle ground: not too light and not too heavy; not exclusively for the people running big business and not for the ones devoted exclusively to casual playing and browsing.

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Contributed by Arne Galang

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop ComputerIn accordance to the growing desire to continually develop energy-saving computers, HP has actively released a variety of desktop computers that businesses will find very beneficial. Taking on green computing has recently been the goal of companies primarily because newer, more efficient models are designed to lessen power consumption which in turn means significant profit in the long run. If you own a small to medium business and you’d like to have the perfect budget PC that will help save our planet, you should get the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer running on the AMD Athlon 64 Processor.

Affordable Green Computing

Suited for basic computing tasks like word processing, e-mail, and web browsing, this particular HP dx2250 Desktop Computer runs on an AMD Athlon 64 processor that help enable electricity cost savings through significantly lower power consumption. This outstanding 64-bit processor also provides a seamless upgrade path to next-generation software and hardware, as well as proper support for both Microsoft Windows® XP™ and Vista™ operating systems. Working with two technologies for optimum performance, this state-of-the-art processor helps enable electricity cost savings, while generating less heat and less noise. Thanks to AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet technology, you’ll definitely experience not only a reduced overall power consumption, but also lower heat generation that allows for slower and quieter cooling fan operation.

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer

Meanwhile, dedicated HyperTransport technology provides more bandwidth compared with other current technologies. It is high-speed, and of low latency, so you get to run faster and smoother applications on your computer, and therefore become more productive. The AMD Athlon 64’s 2000MHz processor speed is certainly more than enough for your business computing needs. And because the powerhouse processor is run by a Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset that offers higher graphics performance and additional features such as component video, you get the best solution for your business. Meeting requirements for Windows Vista™ Premium and providing support for the high resolution 3D Aero™ user interface, you get to enjoy stunning graphics on your monitor or LCD display.

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer with side openMain selling point aside, the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer is still feature-rich and definitely upgradeable. For greater terminal flexibility, this business workstation offers convenient audio, and USB 2.0, ports. In terms of hard drive storage capacity, it can hold up to 80GB. That is more than enough for your basic business computing and daily work. For further mind-blowing graphics, a PCI express x16 is included in this energy-efficient computing wonder.

If you are looking for the energy-efficient solution available at low cost, get the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer. With this business computer, you will experience a reduction in operating costs, enhanced productivity, and a definitely happier planet. With high-performance DDR-2 SDRAM memory, USB 2.0 connectivity for significantly increased data transfer speed, and support for SATA hard drives, this is a great value especially considering the reliable HP brand it carries.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

HP dc5800 Business Desktop PC

HP dc5800 KA428UT Intel Desktop ComputerCompanies all over the world mainly use their computers for business-specific purposes, such as internal and external communications with dealers, suppliers, and clients, inventory monitoring, research and development, statistics, documentation, and presentations. However, in this day and age where we have the environment to think of, we need to choose the right computer that not only has the ability to run multiple applications quickly, but also the ability to do so with the least amount of power required. If your business demands you to reduce operating costs and motivate productivity in employees, but at the same time limit the impact on the environment, then the most effective way to meet all your business requirements is to get the HP dc5800 Business Desktop PC.

Perfect Solution for Business and Environment Protection

The HP Compaq dc5800 Business Desktop PC, now available in a smart, space-saving design, not only delivers reliable, energy-efficient technology, but also productivity tools and security features designed especially for businesses. Let’s first start with the energy-efficient technology, though. This environment-friendly desktop computer has Energy Star compliant components, notable of which is the Intel® Q33 chipset running its Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core E2180 processor. This chipset can deliver support for upcoming 45nm processors, thereby allowing you to upgrade your computer with the latest technology available, such as a Core 2 Quad processor, for instance. Nonetheless, the E2180 processor is already impressive in itself because its 800 MHz front side bus speed and 1MB L2 cache are more than enough power for your basic office applications.

HP dc5800 KA428UT Intel Desktop Computer

However, the 80% efficient power supply is a more notable major innovation and an Energy Star compliant component of the HP Compaq dc5800 Business Desktop PC. This is because, in an energy efficient computer, you’d have to look for the idle wattage, not just the one on standby mode. As of right now, power supplies for desktop computers range from around 65% to 75% efficiency, so 80% is indeed a lot. With an energy-efficient power supply, you get to enjoy increased system performance and reliability, as well as decreased system maintenance.

The HP Compaq dc5800 Business PC also comes equipped with additional manageability and security features. Available features range from access to a suite of client management tools from a single integrated console and minimum 12-month product lifecycle, to a single software image designed for use across the entire platform, and worldwide configurations for global corporations. Security-wise, options available are embedded TPM 1.2 that helps in enhancing data protection and limiting system access through hardware-based encryption. HP ProtectTools, an optional security software, further improves protection.

Possessing enhanced security protection, and easily upgradeable and energy-efficient components, the HP Compaq dc5800 Business PC is certainly the perfect desktop computer for environmentally-aware businesses today. Get this reasonably-priced, breakthrough workstation now and help care for our planet, even at just one desktop at a time.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

Asus M2N-MX SE: A Dependable Barebone to Build On

Asus Barebone kitSince the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Socket AM2 Barebone Kit is a platform already half-assembled with quality components that has the power to run an excellent dual-core system, it will definitely be so much easier for anyone to just add a few slight modifications to have what they’ve always wanted in a computer system.

Simply take a gander at what the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Socket AM2 Barebone Kit has under the hood and be impressed. Aside from having a great motherboard, a speedy processor, and a competent RAM, it also houses a spacious hard drive and a compatible power supply unit. If you consider the fact that this kit is a steal due to its top-notch components, you’ll be able to pour more money on the other add-ons and peripherals you’ll need for the customization of a killer computer.

Amd Athlon 64 X2 3600+ ProcessorLet’s first take a look inside. The place where artificial intelligence happens is in the dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU which is a 64-bit processor designed to deliver high levels of performance. With it, you’ll be able to work or play with multiple programs without any stalling or waiting, because dual-core technology is similar to having two processors, and, obviously, two working together is better and faster than one working alone.

Working along with this outstanding processor is 2GB of high-speed PC4200 DDR2 memory from Ultra. You just cannot settle for anything less because high-performance computing requires high-performance memory. With this type of memory you can expect faster access times and maximum system operation from the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Socket AM2 Barebone Kit. Whatever they are, you’ll definitely get the most from your applications.

Asus Barebone MotherboardAnd, of course, with those wonderful components mentioned above, the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Socket AM2 Barebone Kit will definitely need an equally competent motherboard with dual-channel memory architecture. Rising to the call is the Asus M2N-MX SE Plus GeForce 6100 motherboard. It’s good to note that this motherboard has a PCI-e x16 expansion slot, so you can upgrade to a more powerful video solution if you want.

Now if a good storage space is what you also want from this barebone, the included Hitachi Deskstar 7K160 will not disappoint. It has a storage capacity of 160GB, which is more than enough for today’s applications, and runs a good 8MB buffer for super-fast access to data.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit

Thermaltake Liquid-Cooling ready caseIf you’re the type who will only settle for the best hand-picked components when building a computer system, but feels that buying an already pre-configured computer system is just to limiting, then it seems that you should get a barebone kit which is intended for the power user. Once you have an XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit, all you would have to do is equip it with additional input/output devices to suit your needs. Since this half-assembled platform already comes with a power supply, motherboard, RAM, a cooling system, and a DVD burner, completing the system should no longer be a daunting task.

Motherboard for BareboneThe XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit conveniently has the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI motherboard that features Quad core support, 800mhz DDR2, and PCI slots for SLI configurations, all of which means full support for the latest CPUs, RAM, and graphics solutions. If you want to use dual video cards and get the most out of them, you’ll find two PCI-express slots available, too.

Specifically designed to take a beating, the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit is housed in a Thermaltake Kandalf full-tower case that features a Liquid Cooling System to consistently deliver the cooling power your gaming computer needs. To address the needs of a demanding gaming system, this barebone kit comes with Ultra’s X-Pro 600 Watt “EE” PSU, which is primarily designed to maintain 80% efficiency under typical loads.

motherboard back panel

EE stands for energy efficient, and with this particular power supply unit from Ultra, you can expect to have enough power to get you through the next CPU or GPU upgrade. Conveniently enough, this PSU can is SLI ready and powers the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit which comes with an Intel® Core™2 Quad processor and an OCZ SLI-Ready 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 memory to match.

2GB of DDR2 PC6400 MemoryThe OCZ PC2-6400 memory is SLI-Ready and comes already equipped with NVIDIA Enhanced Performance Profiles to optimize the module’s performance on the nForce® SLI-based motherboard of the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit. This well-designed, high-performance module is capable of increasing the performance potential of the entire platform, and has also been programmed to boot at 800MHz DDR2 and at a fast rate. Another noteworthy quality of this memory module is that its unique honeycomb design promotes greater airflow to avoid heat build-up. Imagine this kind of memory bundled up with the Intel processor and you can definitely expect high performance.

Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad ProcessorThe Intel Core 2 Quad 2.40GHz processor that comes with the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit is already more than enough to provide the power to run any application you wish. Designed to deliver more energy-efficient performance, this processor is capable of delivering more instructions per clock cycle to improve execution time.

With all these wonderful components, the XFX nForce 680i LT SLI Socket 775 Barebone Kit will surely be able to take you to a different level of gaming entertainment. Build up your system using this barebone kit now and expect better performance and high-quality graphics.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation

Leda Executive GPC77 WorkstationWhether you’re doing tons of work in the office or surfing the Internet at home, wouldn’t it be better if you could do all your computer-related tasks in style? While there are no reliable studies that confirm if a beautiful work area actually increases a person’s productivity, making your workspace more pleasing to the eye actually doesn’t hurt. Personal computers, laptops, cellular phones, and even GPS devices have all undergone major aesthetic makeovers, so you’d have to wonder why your desk couldn’t be just as attractive. Well now, you have that grand opportunity. Meet the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation—arguably one of the most beautiful computer desks of today.

The Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation is engineered to provide you an elegant working surface that reflects the modern sensibilities of professionals and executives today. Impress everyone with this computer desk’s devilish good looks and high-class façade. It exudes a kind of elegance that says you’re the kind of person who doesn’t settle for the average when it comes to work all the way down to the little things that may seem insignificant but in actuality, speaks volume about your character. Indeed, working in style has never been this stylish until the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation came along.

Leda Executive GPC77 WorkstationJust imagine it. Sporting a dazzling blue tempered glass surface, the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation makes you feel like the successful professional that you are. And not only is the glass beautiful, it is very durable and tough as well. Unlike other cheap desktops with weak and poorly-made glass surfaces, the high-quality nature of this desktop’s glass surface endures abuses such as accidental falls. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see shattered glass scattered in your room just because you accidentally dropped something on it.

Just as polished looking and as tough as the glass surface is its tough steel frame, every inch of which is designed to handle a substantial amount of load. With its frame, there’s no denying the high level of stability that the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation delivers. In comparison, cheap computer desks shake with every single move you make. Always be wary when a computer desk does this as—more than just a minor annoyance—it could mean that the computer desk has some issues on structural integrity. The last thing you’ll ever want to see is your PC lying in pieces on the floor just because the desk simply gave in. With the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation, you won’t have to worry about that; its steel frames and four rigid legs are as tough as the toughest nails. Additionally, every edge is smooth as well, thus protecting you from nasty cuts and the like.

Apart from those, the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation is also quite the functional computer desk. It features multiple shelves for storing your DVDs, CDs, books, documents and all sorts of other items. Everything is within arm’s reach while you’re on the chair, thereby helping you increase work efficiency.

All in all, it could be said that the Leda Executive GPC77 Workstation is simply not your average computer desk. Combining elegance, functionality and durability is not an easy task but this one does with flying colors. It beautifies your work area while at the same time provides you comfort at an attractive price.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales

HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC

hp-xw4600-workstation-desktop-pc.jpgA Capable Work Companion

Every business professional needs a reliable workstation that not only delivers superior performance but can also cope with the workload it is subjected to year after year. We’ve seen workstations fail during mission critical tasks causing downtimes that eventually result in losses for the company. If you think your current computer in the office lacks the power to keep up with the growing demand of your workload, try switching to one from a leading manufacturer of reliable office equipment. Get great value for your money with the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC.

The professional looking black-and-silver finish of the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC clearly means business. Its convertible mini-tower design features a good amount of expansion bays and slots to offer you the freedom to configure it to your most demanding requirements. It already comes with the Microsoft Windows Vista Business, but can be downgraded to Windows XP Professional if needed to provide 100% compatibility with your current office system.

The HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC is equipped with the Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 processor which speeds along at 2.0GHz. This workstation also comes with 1GB of DDR2 667 (PC2-5300) RAM which is more than enough to let you breeze through you work, handling your office applications and all of your computing needs with ease.

But aside from being your capable, silent partner in the office, the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC is also environment-friendly. It has an 80 PLUS efficiency power supply standard and ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations, and is therefore cleverly designed to reduce power consumption and energy use.

Another note-worthy feature is its tool-free design that allows for easy access and removal of key components. Adding an extra hard disk becomes easier than a walk in the park because all you’d have to is insert one in the cage and it simply snaps in. PCI cards can be secured in a similar way, and since the motherboard is mounted on a quick-release plate, the time required for expansion or replacement of important parts of the computer is significantly reduced.

Apart from the expansion slots and bays, other features that additionally help you with office work include an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 PCI-express video card for top quality graphics that supports two display devices and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive.

To further assure you that the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC will provide you with excellent, dependable performance, it is covered by an amazing three-year warranty. On top of that, you get the benefits of HP engineers working closely with software and hardware vendors to test and certify applications, OS and hardware configurations to help ensure that applications run smoother, faster, and with greater reliability

So if you are looking for a powerful, energy-efficient workstation that has an unbeatable three-year warranty, get the HP xw4600 Intel Workstation PC today. It is a workstation that will definitely let you do more in less time.

Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer

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The Master Chassis – The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S

c283-1180-main.jpgIf you’re the gamer type or just a simple computer enthusiast looking for a chassis that offers enough room for expansion and at the same time keeps the components inside constantly cool, then you should definitely check out and try the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case!

The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case is the redesigned version of the original Cosmos 1000. It has the similar overall size and look of its predecessor, but with far better and more enhanced features. For starters, this brand new offering from Cooler Master is noticeably the lighter more efficient version and comes in black with gunmetal grey trimmings. It boasts of having seven exposed 5.25” drive bays, and four hidden 3.5”drive bays. It also has seven expansion slots as well.

Apart from the numerous drive bays and expansion slots, other impressive selling features of the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case are its outstanding, well-thought-out cooling system and its tool-free design.

The top, front, and side mesh panels are obviously designed for superior ventilation. The Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case has a 120mm cooling fan mounted on each of the rear, front and top panels, and a massive 200mm fan on the side mesh panel. And if you feel that those fans are not enough, the top panel allows you to mount up to three fans for an even better airflow.

The patented lock-button design for installation of the hard drives is arguably one of the most innovative time-savers yet. With the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case, all you’d have to do to lock a hard drive in place is to push the blue button. Push the blue button again, and you can easily and quickly remove the hard drive during maintenance. To further convince you that this wonderful chassis eliminates the need for tools are the easily removable thumb screws for add-on cards, a front side that offers quick access for installation of drive bays, and an easy, tool-free mechanism for side panel installation.

And if those features are not enough to get you to try out a Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case today, here are more. Its front side has a concealable I/O panel which has connectors for USB, Firewire, eSATA and audio, and also has a built-in touch sensor for power on/off.

To further stand out from the conventional chassis available today, the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case has its power supply section located at the bottom side of the chassis. This is designed to allow easy access to your power supply as well as easy cable configuration at any time.

With the sleek, sporty look, exceptional cooling system, and tool-free design, the Cooler Master RC-1100 Cosmos S ATX Full-Tower Case definitely has to be the best gaming chassis yet.

Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer

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TigerDirect Sponsors Dream PC

Dream PC 2008Want the best PC available? A PC worth $30,000? It’s not a stretch, and TigerDirect is proud to announce their sponsorship of the PC World 2008 Dream PC. And you can win it too!

“If money were no object, you’d probably build the biggest, baddest, best PC. Well, that’s what we’re doing–only we’re giving it away when we’re done! PC World’s editors are picking their favorite components to custom-build the ultimate desktop computer, and you could win it!1

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