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A Mini DV Camcorder for the Rest of Us: the JVC GR-DA30 US

JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV CamcorderThere was once a time when digital video cameras looked like big heaping hunks of plastic. No matter how well these earlier incarnations did their job, they weren’t easy to carry around. And even the lowest performing models cost you an arm and a leg.

The times have changed! If you’re after a great deal on a powerful video camcorder, consider the refurbished JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder. Modern in any sense of the word, this high performance camcorder is very easy to use and wield. Most importantly, it comes with a very attractive (read:low) price tag!

The Convenient and Clever Way to Capture Memories

But it’s the JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder’s integrated technology that really let’s you capture the perfect moment. The Super High-Band Processor and CCD sensor allows it to capture vivid, color-rich images. It uses the mini-DV recording medium, which is also one of the more compact recording formats today. With 30x optical zoom and 800x digital zoom, you can get in close to the action. JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder3D noise reduction technology provides 30% video noise reduction in low light that makes for generally sharper images. You’ll love this camcorder if you like capturing a lot of video: its battery is very durable and lasts up to 115 minutes on one charge. One push of the data button shows how much power is left in the battery, so you’ll know just how much time you have left to shoot!

The JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder weighs under a pound (0.85 lbs.) without its battery. That’s light! And it won’t get in your way during your travels. Even with the battery attached, the camera only weighs in at a single pound. For that reason alone, this camcorder is a wonderful choice for your vacations or your weekend picnic.

JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV CamcorderAside from being lightweight, this camcorder is also well-designed. With great ergonomics and well laid-out buttons, you’ll feel like you are always in control. Making use of its functions is incredibly easy, and as a result, you get great shots all the time. The 2.4-inch V-slide vertical sliding LCD is a very innovative feature as well! Since the display is very vivid, composing images is a cinch. There are still more controls mounted at the bottom portion of the LCD, which lets you adjust image settings as you like.

All in all, the refurbished JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder is a great choice geared towards the casual user. under 200 bucks nets you a camcorder that possesses all the right features which ultimately translates into a better video recording experience!

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales

Olympus Delivers a Serious SLR: the E-3 Digital Camera

Olympus E-3 SLR Digital CameraProfessional photographers don’t settle for anything but the best. And neither should you! After all, how are you going to take professional, beautiful photographs working with an inferior camera?

The best decision lies in choosing equipment on par with the task, and the task is to capture your precious memories in a way that will wow your audience, no matter how large (or small)! So go ahead; make the Olympus E-3 your professional choice.

The Professional Choice

The E-3 is the flagship Olympus D-SLR model from this point forward.
Considering it took Olympus four years to finally supersede their E-1 model, you can expect that the E-3 is more than capable of exceeding all expectations. Olympus E-3 SLR Digital CameraJudging by the looks of it, the Olympus E-3 means business and will undoubtedly be a truly viable option for the uncompromising photographer.

The Olympus E-3 offers several advancements in the areas of speed, image quality, reliability and live view technology. Thanks to its 10-megapixel image sensor, images come out so lifelike that even the most hardened photographers will be impressed. With the Olympus-exclusive 11-point biaxial auto focus system and Supersonic Wave Drive lenses, you experience extreme auto-focus precision at unparalleled speeds. The Olympus E-3 is also capable of continuously shooting up to five frames per second, which will capture dynamic (read:moving) subjects with precise focus and clarity. You’ll be able to shoot lots of pics as well, since the camera is made of a rugged magnesium-alloy material and has a shutter mechanism tested to last 150,000 cycles. The camera’s compatibility with UDMA CompactFlash means that you can store your images quickly.

With a wide range of shutter speeds, you control what the resulting image looks like. The 1/8000-second shutter speed setting works like magic for freezing-framing fast-moving subjects. Conversely, you can set the shutter speed to a maximum of 60 seconds, if it tickles your fancy. The possibilities are endless with this great camera!

It’s also easier to compose images with the Olympus E-3: Live View shooting mode lets you compose images through the vivid 2.5-inch dual-axis, free-angle swiveling Live View monitor. You don’t even have to use the viewfinder for accurate images! The Live View monitor does an excellent job of representing the shooting scene with 1-to-1 accuracy. Olympus E-3 SLR Digital CameraLive Simulation technology lets you achieve the perfect image: check exposure, white balance and composition in real-time! Of course, that’s not to say that the E-3’s viewfinder is weak. It’s just that now you’ve got two choices for 100% accuracy.

A common problem with SLRs is dust accumulating on the image sensor while changing lenses. But thanks to Olympus’ Dust Reduction System and Supersonic Wave Filter self-cleaning sensor unit, the camera is fully protected. The sensor unit vibrates 30,000 times per second, thus ensuring spot-free images all the time.

Olympus promised a high-end digital-SLR; and they delivered with the E-3. Rugged, robust, and competitively-priced—the Olympus is clearly the professionals choice.

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Mustek PF-A702BM Digital Photo Frame

Mustek PF-A722BM 6.2" Digital Picture FrameWho would have thought that even picture frames would get digital versions? In the past, the only purpose these age-old devices served was to give a photo a rigid structure to mount itself onto. The coming of digital photo frames go beyond that, with several added benefits. Aside from the fact that they’re not made of wood anymore, some like the remarkable Mustek PF-A702BM Digital Photo Frame is a digital display for your digital pictures and an MP3 player at the same time!

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Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit 4

Canon Digital ELPH Accessory KitWith the Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit you can get the most out of your Canon digital camera when traveling. Designed for use with PowerShot SD1000, PowerShot SD400, PowerShot SD430, PowerShot SD450, PowerShot SD600, and PowerShot SD630, you gain the extra protection and functionality you need for your much-loved Canon cameras—at minus the price. Especially when you’re taking your camera to outdoor trips wherein you don’t have control of the elements, you need something that will protect your camera. Likewise, if you could provide them with accessories that boost their basic functionality, then that would be great; you’d be able to enhance your picture-taking experience all the more.

Trustworthy Accomplices

The Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit is your Canon Digital ELPH’s perfect accomplice. The package Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kitcontains an NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack, a deluxe leather case, and lastly, a metal neck strap. All of these items add to the usability of your camera especially in the great outdoors.

First of all, let’s talk about the NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack. The NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack is a high-capacity, rechargeable battery that features advanced lithium technology, and you’ll be able to use your camera well after you’ve taken hundreds of shots. Durable as it is, you can charge it even when it’s just partially drained, without any risk of reduced performance. Bring an extra pack of these batteries wherever you’ll be taking photos to make sure the fun doesn’t stop.

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Camera Next, we have the PSC-55 Deluxe leather case. This elegant-looking leather case is perfect for taking your camera on the go. More than its striking appearance and smoothly polished exterior, this case will protect your camera when not in use. As mentioned above, protecting your camera is of prime importance if you want it to last a long time. It is very convenient to use. Just flip it open and slide the camera in. It’s simple yet effective. So, next time you’re taking photos out in the park or in the beach, bring the PSC-55 Deluxe leather case; your camera will thank you for it.

Last but certainly not the least; we have the metal neck strap. With this simple accessory that you can hook to your camera, your camera stays with you wherever you go. Don’t put your camera in your pockets, that’s not very safe. It could get bumped and knocked around in there with all the other things in your pocket. Instead, use the neck strap. It looks sleek, and more importantly, it makes the camera easier to protect, as well as use, since the camera stays within immediate reach.

Consider the Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit the perfect set of accomplices for your Canon Powershot Digital ELPH. Providing protection and added usability for your camera has never been this easy and affordable.

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Sigma 55-200mm F4-5.6 DC Telephoto lens – Sony Mount

Sigma 55-200mm F4-5.6 DC - Sony MountSince a telephoto lens makes a subject appear larger on film than does a normal lens at the same camera-to-subject distance, its ability to isolate far subjects with its longer reach greatly benefits people engage in sports and wildlife photography. Even taking a picture of a mountain range becomes easier with a telephoto lens, because of its long focal length. Looking for a great-value telephoto lens can be hard, especially now that a number of top quality manufacturers have released a variety of products to choose from. In the end, though, what people essentially need is one that is affordable and reliable. The perfect choice will then be a Sigma 55-200mm F4-5.6 DC which complements your camera’s kit lens.

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Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera If you’re looking for a compact camera that is reliable and affordable, then you should definitely try out the Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera. A proud member of Nikon’s Style Series line of compact digital cameras, this super-slim point-and-shoot is cleverly designed inside and out. It comes available in plum, graphite black, cool blue, and brushed bronze colors, and can definitely fit in anyone’s pocket.

Capture Pictures in Style

You’ll adore the .71-inch thick, quality-crafted aluminum body, and its 2.5 inch, LCD screen, because the bright, high resolution LCD monitor has a wide 170-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle to make capturing digital photos easy as pie. Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera The anti-reflective coating on the screen helps to easily take pictures even in direct sunlight, while the acrylic panel prevents scratches and fingerprints. Another great thing about this screen is that it has an incredibly fast refresh rate and presents a smooth image regardless of how fast you shift between subjects.

And while its trim body is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand for great mobility, the Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera is capable of delivering high performance and ease of operation at the same time. Offering an impressive resolution of 8.1 megapixels, a 3x Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens, and Electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) Image Stabilization technology, this stylish camera can definitely take stunning photos in almost any situation.

The Electronic VR Image Stabilization technology actually goes hand in hand with the 38-114mm Nikkor optics to provide exceptional precision in delivering colorful and sharp pictures even in low-light conditions. It also does so when the subject is moving, thus eliminating shaky or dim pictures. Plus, there’s plenty of other goodies packing into this tiny digital camera. Dubbed the Nikon In-Camera Innovations, these include In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically removes red eyes in photographs where a flash has been used; D-Lighting, which compensates for excessive backlighting or insufficient flash; and Face Priority Autofocus, which instantly finds and focuses on up to twelve people’s faces in one frame.

Aside from these technologies, the Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera also features extended light sensitivity settings and an automatic sensitivity control which greatly helps in reducing photograph blurs.

And like some of the other Nikon compacts available in the market, the Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera has a simple and intuitive interface. Basic settings like focus mode, color adjustment, ISO, and white balance, are all included in the user-friendly menu. Nikon’s standard best shot selector, an innovation which allows users to capture picture in multiple setting configurations and offers to pick the one that looks best, is also included along with 15 scene modes for novice users.

With a slim, irresistible metallic design, 8.1 megapixel resolution, electronic vibration reduction, user-friendly imaging innovations, and a reasonable price tag, the Nikon COOLPIX S210 Digital Camera is perfect for anyone looking for an eye-catching camera that takes equally eye-catching photographs. Take the leap and try this camera from one of the world’s most reliable, leading camera manufacturers.

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Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera

Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital CameraNo matter how sophisticated technologies and gadgets become, our needs more or less stay essentially the same. For instance, when we—mainstream users—plan to get a camera, we have requirements that are very simple. We want a camera that will last us a long time, one that will let us take picture in high quality, and one that is easy to use. Fortunately, we have the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera. Here we have a digital camera that meets the requirements mentioned above and then some. If you want an easy to use camera, choose this one to capture memories that last a lifetime.

Lasting Memories

Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera LCD from the backThe first thing you’ll notice about the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera is that it speaks to everyone who simply wants a camera that can capture everyday memories. Its appearance exudes a very lighthearted vibe; you get to choose from a variety of cool-to-the-eye colors that appeal to a wide range of personalities. Among others, there’s one that swathed in smooth black for the young professional, a rosy pink one, perfect for your teenage daughter, and one that’s painted daring red for those who prefer a little spice.

Moreover, the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera is very easy to handle as the controls and the form factor are very ergonomic. It is also very lightweight, thus it is easy to carry around wherever you need to go. With this camera, you get to capture memories wherever and whenever they happen. Lastly, taking photos is such a breeze with the large 2.7-inch LCD screen that is beautifully composed of 230,000 pixels.

Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera

What makes capturing memories with the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera so delightful is that the camera is very powerful and versatile. It boasts of an 8.2 megapixel image sensor, which allows the camera to take images with resolutions of up to 3280 X 2460 pixels. That means you get images that exhibit superb amounts of detail and clarity. Even if you enlarge them when you finally get them printed, there won’t be significant amounts of pixelation. The camera can also capture videos at a resolution of 640 X 480. What’s more, you’ll be able to capture a lot of videos and images thanks to its compatibility with SD and the more recent SDHC memory cards.

The Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera also lets you adjust to a number of situations. To begin with, it has 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. Both types are ideal for closing in on subjects from afar. In addition, the camera has a wide adaptable focusing range, from landscape to macro range. It has an aperture range from F 2.8 – F 5.1, and a shutter speed that ranges from 4 to 1/400 of a second. Adjusting to situations quickly is also made possible through the camera’s various auto focus modes including Auto, Macro, Landscape and Normal. All of these features truly make the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera a powerful point-and-shoot.

There’s practically no reason why not to fall in love with the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera. It is simply a great point-and-shoot that offers durability, high performance, and ease-of-use. Best of all, it is very attractively priced as well.

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Canon WP-DC22 Underwater Case for SD1100 Camera

Waterproof cover for the Canon SD1100 Digital CameraIf you own a Canon SD1100 IS and you are the type of person who hangs out at the beach, likes water sports, or would love to try canoeing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, or underwater photography, here is a product made just for you. By using the Canon WP-DC22 Underwater Case to house and protect your Canon SD1100 IS Digital camera, you not only get to save the perfect shiny finish of your digital camera, but you also instantly get to enjoy underwater photography in an affordable manner.

The clear, durable casing will withstand abuse from sand and water, so you get to enjoy taking priceless moments of plant and animal life in the undersea kingdom. Featuring a cool, transparent design, the Canon WP-DC22 Underwater Case allows the vivid exterior of the Canon SD1100 IS to shine through its covering. This way, the classy SD1100 IS colors blue, silver, pink, brown, and gold, enhanced by the little blue and yellow accents, will make your underwater photography experience much more exciting. Additionally, the casing is designed to let users easily access all camera functions.

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Cenomax Powered by Lite-On IT 7″ Digital Photo Frame

Cenomax Powered by Lite-On IT 7″ Digital Photo FrameTechnology is wonderful simply because it innovates and gives us better ways to cope with the rising demands of contemporary life. While you have to admit that not all innovations are equal in scale, you also can’t argue the fact that no matter how little or how simple an innovation is, the bottom line here is that it presents us with alternative avenues for accomplishing things. Take the coming of digital photo frames for example. Two decades ago or less, we had no other choice but to store our photos in albums that decay over time. Now, with an excellent picture display medium such as the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame, we get to store and display our pictures arguably in a more convenient way. It is a prime example of how a seemingly simple innovation can make a big difference.

The Cenomax Digital Photo Frame makes your photos look good and looks good on its own as well. It comes in a variety of frame designs so you could choose one that fits your room and your style. It is very compact in the modern sense of the word as it is very easy to place on just about any stable surface. The 7-inch LCD screen, which displays images at a resolution of 480 x 234, is brilliant as it is capable. All in all, its design speaks of durability and beauty in simplicity.

Cenomax 7-inch Digital Photo FrameWith the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame, you won’t have to get your dusty and bulky photo albums in the attic in case you want to show your pictures. Digitize your photos and then display them through this innovative little photo frame instead of showing them off on the PC. Without a doubt, this digital photo frame makes displaying your JPEG images more convenient than the old way of having to turn on your PC just to show a photo to your friend. Like a PC however, this digital frame allows you to rotate and zoom on images. You can even do exciting slideshows with this great device.

Whereas old photo frames can only display one picture at the time, with this digital frame, you can display as many images as your memory cards can hold. This frame is compatible with a variety of memory card formats including SD, MMC, Memory Stick, xD, and CF memory cards. And even without a memory card, you’ll still be able to display images thanks to its built-in memory. Simply connect the frame to a PC’s USB port, transfer up to 15 images, and then display them beautifully.

More than that however, the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame is also capable of playing MP3 files. Now, you can add some spice to your slideshows by adding music to them. It is a great feature that further enhances the total picture-viewing experience. Finally, the speakers may look small, but don’t underestimate them because they actually do their job pretty well.

Undeniably, the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame is a simple yet remarkable solution for displaying pictures. It once again proves that simple innovations do make big differences. Quite simply, it is a worthy addition to our contemporary lives.

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Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital CameraIn need of a camera that isn’t as complicated to use as SLRs but nonetheless takes pictures that look just as good? Here is one point-and-shoot that does just that. Direct your attention to the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH, and see how it lets you shoot like a pro. This will definitely dispel any ideas that point-and-shoots can’t take impressive looking pictures when in fact, these cameras are now more than capable of capturing images in amazingly high resolutions.

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital CameraThe Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH is a high-quality digital point-and-shoot camera for the casual yet demanding photographer. With this camera, capturing all your memories has never been this easy and awe-inspiring. The camera itself is a thing of great beauty with its sleek profile, attractive curvatures and a gorgeous 2.5-inch PureColor LCD screen. Making use of this camera is a joy a well: it fits perfectly in your hand and doesn’t slip easily, thus letting you take pictures with great stability. Also, this family of cameras from Canon has been known for its simple and user-friendly control interface. The Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH no doubt continues that tradition with well laid-out buttons and an aptly-sized shutter button.

DIGIC III Image SensorThe great photos that the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH is capable of taking are all made possible by advanced Canon components and technology. Headlining that list is the camera’s 8-megapixel CCD sensor. This allows the camera to take dazzling photos with pixel resolutions from 640 x 480 all the way up to 3,264 x 1,832. In addition to this, most basic D-SLRs have 10-megapixel image sensors, so with the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH you aren’t too far away from SLR-level image quality.

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital CameraFeaturing the much talked-about DIGIC III technology, your shots look like as if they had been taken by a master photographer. You will experience new definitions of picture clarity, detail, depth and color richness with the power of this imaging technology. Apart from that, DIGIC III also assists the camera’s Face Detection and Red-eye Correction technology to ensure faces look sharp and eyes don’t look like they’re suffering from sore eyes. Finally, DIGIC III also enables the camera to perform at top efficiency, thus guaranteeing extended battery life and more time for taking pictures.

In addition, iSAPS technology works with DIGIC III to produce sharp-looking images by recognizing what the best settings are for a particular type of scene.

Software aside, the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH boasts a powerful 4x optical zoom and an ISO 1600 setting for added versatility when taking photos in lowlight situations or when needing to close in on a subject. It also has 21 preset shooting modes to make sure that you’re ready for almost every situation.
Take your point-and-shoot experience to greener pastures with the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital ELPH. Convenience meets photographic brilliance in this wonderful little camera.

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