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Zune, Zune, Zune! (sorry) 3 New Models from Microsoft

zunedevicefamily.jpgMicrosoft is upping the ante in the mobile electronics arena with new models and features for use with its Zune iPod-fighting multimedia player. New offerings include smaller flash-based models and a social networking site built around sharing music and media files with other Zune Users. All this comes as Microsoft tries to wrestle valuable market share away from the venerable Apple iPod.

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16 and 32GB SDHC plus 8GB MicroSDHC Announced

Toshiba SDHC and MicroSHDCToshiba has been busy figuring out how to cram even more memory into the widely popular SD and Micro SD formats – they have stretched the capacity to 16 and 32GB for the latest SDHC capacity and 8GB in the MicroSDHC format.

According to Toshiba’s Japanese press release, the 16GB SDHC will run you about $350 and will be available in October 2007. The 32GB SDHC monster will be available for double that price, or seven hundred bucks, but y’all are going to have to wait until January 2008 for the biggest card on the block.

For those of you with the need to store lots of photo and media on the go (and have a player which supports the MicroSDHC format), Toshiba didn’t forget you! Their announcement of the 8GB SHDC capacity will be a welcome message for mobile developers as well. While the 2GB capacity of MicroSD today is just fine for most people, wouldn’t you rather have your entire iTunes library on a convenient MicroSD card the size of half a postage stamp?

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Lexar ExpressCard Solid State Drive: Your Flash Drive Days Are Numbered.

Check this out! I see a lot of stuff come through the TigerTV labs. But rarely do I sit back and say: “Ah, I’ve been waiting for one of those.” This is one of those rare times. Introducing the Lexar ExpressCard, a solid-state drive that provides high performance and high capacity storage for laptop computers. This isn’t your mother’s flash drive—it fits right in the PC Express Card slot of newer model laptop PCs. It delivers extra memory and reliability for backing up data without cables or protruding USB devices.

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TigerDirect.com Weekend Deal of the Day for Friday July 13th through Monday, July 16th 2007!

TigerTV host Michelle's Got a Hot New Weekend Deal of the Day for you...just watch, Dammit!Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. Sweet Saturday Sleep in. But to be totally honest with you, TigerDirect.com never takes a day off. We’re always dropping prices, offering great deals on our overstocked or just plain popular items, and other amazing merchandise. In fact, every day TigerDirect.com has a different featured Deal of the Day—a popular item that has done so well, we’re able to trim our profit margins and offer it to our loyal customers at just that much better a price. From Noon one Day until Noon the Next, you’ve got a chance to save, but the deal only lasts 24 hours. Watch our home page TigerDirect.com for deal of the day with TigerTV host Michelle—you won’t want to miss it!

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Industry Introductions: OCZ Technology

OCZ Technology is a relative newcomer to the PC hardware market...but in the short time they've been around, they've developed some pretty heavy gear. Check it out.Most people think that all memory is generic, and pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you’re building a system to be reckoned with (and I know that many of you are) you don’t want to skimp in this department. It can be tempting: the difference in price between high-quality, performance oriented RAM and a couple of sticks of average memory can be in the hundreds of dollars. That’s alot to shell out for something that has very similar, if not the same, numbers on the side of the package. But consider this: in every other computer component you’ve assembled for your machine, you get what you paid for. Why would memory be any different?

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Flash Drives Make Their Way Into Larger Devices

The technology that stores pics on your digital camera will soon be incorporated into larger, traditionally stationary devices!Pretty soon, you’ll be much less worried about dropping your laptop. This is because if the hard drive inside of it uses flash memory, it probably won’t break. Flash memory, the type of computer memory in digital cameras and other small electronics, is finding its way into bigger, more powerful devices.

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Storage Solutions Manufacturer PNY Is Ready For Vista..Are You?

PNY displayed its preparations for Windows Vista, including its complete line of memory products that provide that extra “umph” needed to run Windows Vista. From computer memory to Secure Digital in all it’s incarnations, PNY is one of the leading storage device manufacturers in the industry! With a 3 year limited lifetime warranty on many of its premier models, PNY is the standard to beat! Check out the products featured here in this video interview, and the complete line right here at TigerDirect!

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Connect3D Perfect for The Gamer On A Budget

Connect3D at the Tiger Syposium 2007!Connect3D is breaking the mold on high performance graphics cards. Gone are the days when it cost an arm and a leg to get dual-GP graphics performance! Check out this and much more from Connect3D on this video, all filmed at out Symposium 2007!

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Understanding Flash Memory

Flash Memory One of the most important new developments in digital technology in recent years is the use of Flash Memory, sometimes called “flash RAM.” There are dozens of flash memory formats on the market today and making the right choice when buying one can make the difference between spending an arm-and-a-leg and buying the right tool for the job. We’ll help you understand what flash memory is and how it works.

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