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Pack your Computer up and Take it With you…Without Moving it At All! With the Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB Portable Hard Drive

seagate-freeagent.jpgNeed portable storage? There’s tons of options out there. But there are very few portable storage devices with features as usable and well rounded as the Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB Portable USB Hard Drive. With it, you can take more than just your movies, data, and digital pictures with you. You can take a “snapshot” (if you will) of your whole computer.

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Hard Drive How-To: The Where, Why, and How of Disc Defragmentation

hard-drive-for-article.jpgInformation that appears to be a neatly arrayed bunch of data stored safely on your PC can actually be strewn haphazardly around your [tag]hard drive[/tag]. This makes it as easy for your computer to find and recall data as it is to find a pair of clean socks in an otherwise messy room. The difference is, that your computer will eventually find the data—you and your socks are out of luck. But this [tag]disorganization[/tag] (which ironically is born of fastidious design) can cause your machine to run slower, expand more energy, and in some very serious cases, crash altogether.

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Hard Drive How-To: The Ultra eSATA ready External Drive Enclosure

sata-ultra-drive-enclosure.jpgJust add a drive and go! Ultra’s new portable, stackable external hard drive enclosure features a USB 2.0 and E-SATA interface and supports 3.5-inch SATA HDDs. That’s right – you can use one, or use more – just stack them up! The Ultra 3.5-inch external hard drive enclosure supports Windows XP, 2000, ME and Mac 9.0 and above. Built-in 30 mm cooling fan keeps the drive running at maximum performance while protecting it from excess heat.

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Hard Drive How-To: The Ultra External Hard Disk Enclosure

Ultra Hard Disk EnclosureTaking a hard drive with you has never been easier. Today there are a veritable cornucopia of removable, movable, totable, sharable data storage products. You can even get your hands on high-capacity flash media, which makes hefting a hard drive out and about almost unnecessary. But for most serious PC applications, a traditional disc-based hard drive is the best solution.

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Iomega Interview: What’s New for a Great Company

Iomega makes all kinds of storage devices--Large, small, portable, and LAN to name a fewThe computer electronics industry is full of flash-in-the-pan companies, here today, and gone the next. It is important to note that Iomega is not one of those companies. They have been established since 1980, and have for some time now been amongst the gold standard of a multitude of storage devices and data preservation solutions. As the leading manufacturer of smart, portable storage equipment, Iomega provides personal storage solutions to help people manage their important information—no matter where they are.

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Seagate Poised to Break the Terabyte (1TB) HDD barrier

Seagate announces that they will soon be shipping true 1 terabyte HDDs, a single disk drive that can hold 1000GB of data.Since Seagate began shipping 750GB hard drives in April of 2006, no manufacturer has released a drive that has hit the hallowed 1 TB (Terabyte) mark. However, Seagate has announced that it will begin shipping 1TB hard drives in the first half of 2007, and the drives will use perpendicular technology, which is increasingly allowing hard drives to shatter previous capacity records.

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The My Book Pro Edition External Hard Drive

The Western Digital MyBook Pro External Hard Drive Rocks!Although its not the largest drive out there, the 500GB My Book Pro Edition external hard drive from Western Digital stored more than enough data to house most multimedia collections. Style, storage capacity, and versatility define this hansom drive!

It’s buffed metallic molding fits nicely with high end PCs and some Mac laptops. It has a handy circular backlit design on the front, which is more than cosmetic: it lights up to show you how much hard drive capacity you’ve got left. Although this feature requires a driver to work, it makes an esthetically pleasing feature actually functional.

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Disk Fragmentation: The Monster in Your Drive Bay

Hard Drive Fragmentation: The Silent Killer.IT professionals already know the importance of maintaining system integrity and thus, performance. Reliability isn’t just gained through good looks and prayer, however. Many of these negative issues stem from a single source: disk fragmentation. The following are suggested steps and know-how to help you maintain your own PC without seeking help from the acolytes of the help desk.

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Smartdisk Brings Their Memory Expertise To You

From amazing One-inch square hard drives powered by flash memory technology to External Storage devices that provide their own system and stat information, SmartDisk is one of the leaders in their industry! We caught up with one of their knowlegable representatives at the Tiger Symposium 2007, and picked his mind for storage ideas for the New Year! Check out some of the great Smartdisk products for 2007!

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Tiger Tips: An Inside Look at Hard Drives

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  • Hard Drives – Bigger is Better
  • But Size (GBs) Does Matter and So Does Speed (RPM)
  • When 2 Drives Are Better than One
  • Purchasing a hard drive (HDD) is an important buying decision. That’s because all your data is saved on it. If you buy a low quality hard drive it may crash on you and you’ll lose all of your digital data. In the end, though, hard drives are all about capacity. And, far more often than not, your biggest hard drives are the costliest. However, once the new models hit the market you will be able to purchase the earlier generation models for less cash. Additionally, the higher-performance (7200 and 10,000-rpm) drives are usually pricier than the more pedestrian (5400-rpm) drives at the same capacity.

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