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XBox Wireless Racing Wheel Recalled

XBox Wireless Racing WheelThat driving action on your XBOX 360 may get a little interruptus while you ensure to swap out your AC Adapter for a new one, courtesy of Microsoft. Until that time, owners are warned to not use the AC adapter but instead use only the batteries, which at this time is deemed safe.

The report states that this has been announced following a very small number of incidents of a malfunction in the device, in which a component in the wheel chassis may overheat and release smoke when the AC/DC power supply is used to charge the wheel.

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AMD Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition Teaser

When ever I see a Fed-Ex truck I instinctively run outside. The rules are simple: If there’s nothing for me, there’s going to be trouble.

There was no need for trouble this time. He handed me a package containing the Black Edition CPU from AMD.

It’s a beast. Here are the specs:

  • AMD X2 (Dual Core) 6400+ @ 3.2 GHz
  • 2 MB L2 Cache (1 MB per core)
  • 28 KB of L2 cache (64k per core)
  • Maximum temperature: 55 – 63 degrees C
  • HyperTransport speed is up to 2 GHz
  • Socket AM2
  • Unlocked Multiplier

It’s fast. That could have been the end of the article but I’ll give you a little more.

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TigerDirect.com Deal of the Day for Monday July 23rd, 2007– The Digital HDMI Connection

Introducing our Deal of the Day!You may have already seen our deal of the day logo adorning our fabulous TigerDirect.com home page. Each day we offer another item for so little, we can only afford to do so for 24 hours. Case in point: today’s deal is on a 6-foot HDMI Male to Male Cable from Cables To Go. We’ve lowered the price by 100 percent. You read that right. After the rebate, this all-digital connection is completely free. See why we only do this for 24 hours?

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Hard Drive How-To: The Where, Why, and How of Disc Defragmentation

hard-drive-for-article.jpgInformation that appears to be a neatly arrayed bunch of data stored safely on your PC can actually be strewn haphazardly around your [tag]hard drive[/tag]. This makes it as easy for your computer to find and recall data as it is to find a pair of clean socks in an otherwise messy room. The difference is, that your computer will eventually find the data—you and your socks are out of luck. But this [tag]disorganization[/tag] (which ironically is born of fastidious design) can cause your machine to run slower, expand more energy, and in some very serious cases, crash altogether.

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Motherboard Mayhem! The MSI P6N Diamond nForce 680i Motherboard

MSI P6N Diamond nForce 680i MotherboardAre you looking to build a PC with multiple monitors, or have your sights set on a truly impressive graphics machine? You might want to consider the MSI P6N Diamon NForce 680i Socket 775 motherboard. Designed to run the fastest multi core chips from Intel including the Core 2 Duos and the Quad Core Series, this board has gotten consistently high reviews across the web, and while is not rated as the fastest board in the west (ONLY 1333 FSB right out of the box), the P6N Diamond has features that set it apart from the rest.

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Barebone Kits—Building Your Own PC

BareboneThink building your own computer is impossible? Think again! We provide enterprising, Do-It-Yourself computer enthusiasts with a quality starting block for their very own perfect PC. Whether you are a gamer intent on building the perfect online competition rig or just want to put together a spare computer for the home or office, our Barebone kits offer something for everyone. Still not convinced? This helpful video tutorial will have you on the way to compiling your very own custom PC in no time. Watch it, Learn it, Build it!

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Who is IOGear? Face to Face with a Truly Innovative Company

TigerTV host Logan Interviews Mark Kaminkas of IOGear about thier new product linupIogear Provides Incredible Products,
In-House Manufacturing, and Evironmental Business Processes

Most electronics companies outsource the actual manufacturing of their products. That is just one reason that computer innovations manufacturer IOGear leads the pack. IOGear is a leading connectivity solutions manufacturer based out of Irvine, California. With focus on pioneering home users, small business, and on the go professionals, Iogear new lineup of products promises to make this year on of their most popular ones yet.

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Why You Want DirectX 10

I don’t think some of you understand how serious this is. DirectX 10 is not just an upgrade from DirectX 9, it is the future of the future. Just look at the difference:

FS 9
Microsoft Flight Simulator in DirectX9

Same shot in DirectX 10

Age of Conan DirectX 9

The same screen in DirectX 10.

I don’t really have too much to say about these screens. I could give you a million specs but it’s easier to just look and see the difference. In the end, that’s all that matters. I’ll leave you with these screens from the up-comming DirectX 10 game Crysis. The real images are on the left, the in-game screenshots are on the right. DirectX 10 is unbelievable.

Here’s where to get your DirectX 10 graphics cards:


I’ll be getting one of these myself. There are other brands that offer DirectX 10 cards. I like the EVGA because they are the premiere partners with NVIDIA and they are all overclocked right out of the box. Send me some comments!

With Plextor PX-B900A, The World Is Blu.

Plextor PX-B900A Blu-ray drive. Now that's exciting.Want to save everything you’ve got? You need a Plextor PX-B900A Blu-ray drive. No kidding. The PX-B900A Blu-ray drive gives Windows XP (SP2) and Windows 200 (SP4) users the ability to increase their productivity by creating, editing, and sharing customized BDs, DVDs, and CDs, all in a single drive. The PX-B900A supports all BD and DVD formats and holds up to 25GB (single layer) or 50GB (dual layer) of data.

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Motherboard Mayhem!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! … This post has nothing to do with Monster Trucks. Furthermore, I will never post anything about Monster Trucks.

It’s time to upgrade the rig. Some people start with the case, some start with the graphics cards, but I start with the motherboard. I’ve always been an AMD guy… And I’ve always used Asus. Times have changed. Intel’s processors are so much faster than AMD’s and there is some very healthy competition for Asus.

I’ve decided to go with an nForce 680i SLI motherboard of which there are three I am considering. The Asus Striker, the EVGA nForce 680i SL, and the Intel 975XVX2KR. These motherboards run the latest Intel processors including the extreme series and the core 2 duo. Let’s compare them.

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