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42 inch HDTV for under $800

For under $800 you can now get the VIZIO P42 HDTV Widescreen 42-in Plasma TV. Offering a HDTV display capability at 720P and 1080i allowing you to enjoy High Definition content in either format, this product offers a high 1,200 cd/m2 Brightness at a 1024 x 768 native resolution, and an unprecedented 10,000:1 max Contrast Ratio. Using VCV (VIZIO Color Vision), this Plasma TV can display 6,144 shades of gray in 231 Billion colors for a brilliant, colorful picture.

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JVC Museum Quality 1080p 61 and 70 inch HDTVs

With a museum quality 1080p display – check out these incredible HDTVs while they last.

You can rest assured with JVC quality – these are some of the most incredible HDTVs ever made.

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Your Next TV – How About an LCD?

Sumsung 40"If you haven’t noticed, LCD TVs are coming down in price and going up in size. The demand for high-resolution displays is making a higher demand for LCD TVs versus their high-end counterparts, Plasma TVs. If you’re looking for a 42-inch or smaller TV, you should look at LCDs.

This Christmas season probably is the last chance for (plasma TV makers) to promote 42-inch models. By this time next year probably there will be no price difference between plasma and LCD TVs,” Credit Suisse analyst Wanli Wang said.

Plasma and LCD manufacturer Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) shut down its plasma TV construction to concentrate on LCD TVs.

We cannot focus on two different products because of heavy capital expenditure. That’s why we had to choose one,” CPT Chief Financial Officer James Wu said.

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1080p – The Ultimate TV Experience

The New Gold Standard in High Definition
1080p resolution is the equivalent of 1,920×1,080 pixels, And it’s going to be the gold standard for High Definition reception. If you’ve experienced 1080 high definition television you’ll notice the dramatic difference from anything you’ve previously seen on the TV screen. You’ll see faces in definition so crystal clear that nearly every pore is visible.

Out, Out @#$% Blemish!
In fact, an entire new makeup industry has sprung up around high-definition resolution in Hollywood and other television production centers. Our stars cannot allow us to see every blemish, so makeup pros have created new substances that help them retain that star quality with everything now visible up close and personal. But 1080 is just the beginning of the high definition universe. 1080p is going to be even clearer and more realistic. That’s because 1080p monitors are capable of displaying every pixel of the highest-resolution HD broadcasts. In fact, theoretically they offer more than twice the resolution of 720p. And within the 1080 standard, 1080p is better than 1080i – here’s why…

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Tech Gifts for the Entire Family!

You’ve been searching around for the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that makes you that special husband or wife – you shouldn’t have. Well here’s a list of gifts that will put you on the winning team!

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Philips Ambilight Plasma Televisions – Got flair?

Philips Ambilight Plasma TelevisionEnjoy the ultimate viewing experience of this Philips Cineos Flat TV with Pixel Plus 2 HD, Ambilight 2, the latest PDP technology and table top stand. The Digital Media Reader via USB gives you full access to multimedia content.

While many people are still scratching their heads, asking “What the heck is Ambilight?” – I ask you to watch this video compilation including a Philips Ambilight commercial from Poland — if you haven’t already seen the “Hulk” video on TV lately.

So, the concept is that the experience you gain from the more “dramatic” lighting. While the current version @ TigerDirect offers the 2 channel Ambilight, watch for the forthcoming 4 channel models that are now being released. This technology can truly enhance your overall home theater (and GAMING) experience.

Check out the Philips 42″ HDMI Ambilight HDMI Plasma TV with FREE Shipping at TigerDirect.com!

1 in 6 US Homes now has HDTV… Are you Next?

Seems that those suffering from HD-Envy is slowing down… Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that the one in six households in the United States now have at least one high definition-capable TV (HDTV), an increase from about one out of every fourteen households just two years ago. Yet, as much as ever, a disparity exists in HDTV ownership by household income level.

Based on a survey of 1,300 households throughout the United States, LRG’s latest research revealed that:

* The mean annual income of HDTV households is 42% above average
* 26% of households with annual incomes of over $50,000 have an HDTV compared to 7% of households with annual incomes below $50,000

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