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Radio Overload: AM FM XM Sirius HD – Will it End?

With everyone saying the radio market is on the way down, with legislation providing higher costs for web broadcasters and with everyone toting around a MP3 player all the time – does anyone just sit at home and listen to the radio?

Onkyo thinks so, or at least it seems. Their recent announcement of upcoming models includes the uber connected radio option laden model TX-NR905, which when released will run you a cool $2099, but will allow you to choose from FM, AM, XM, Sirius, HD-Radio and even Net radio. Wow. So many options, no program guides!

HD DVD and Blu-Ray Protection Practices Are Changing

Some Blu-Ray and HD DVD Players (Not This One) Work With the Newest Shipment of DiscsNext week, new HD DVD movies will hit the shelves that won’t play on some players, the first countermeasure by the content and software industries to combat intensive efforts by hackers to break copy-protection technology.

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Panasonic Plans 42-Inch, 1080p Plasma Television

Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. said on Tuesday it planned to launch the world’s first 42-inch plasma TVs with full high definition panels on April 27 in Japan. Matsushita hopes to challenge liquid crystal display TV makers by providing a better lineup of full high definition models, which can produce images with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels.
Matsushita is the world’s largest plasma TV maker and competes with Sony Corp, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sharp Corp. in the $84 billion flat TV market. Plasma TV makers already offer 50-inch and larger full high-definition models, but it has been difficult and often costly to pack this technology into smaller models. Rival LCD TV makers already offer some full high definition models in the sub 50-inch market.

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Video: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 LCD ProjectorPrecision technology coupled with advanced video processing! The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 is designed to allow for maximum installation flexibility. Now you can view movies the way filmmakers intended them to be seen with true cinema widescreen projection! This Epson is a truly versatile 720p resolution home theater projector. See you movies, shows, and multimedia with incredible color and vivid detail. Join TigerTV host Logan as he explains the many enhancing features of this capable HD LCD projector.

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50 inch Visio Plasma Flat Panel Display Television

50 inch plasma display television from VisioWhat’s 50 inches one way, and only a handful in the other? The answer is the ultra slim, widescreen 50 inch Plasma flat panel display television from Visio. Tiger Direct has shown you other televisions from celebrated manufacturer Visio, but none quite as impressive as this 50 inch flagship-esque model. 720p native resolution, HDTV ready, a host of connectivity options, and more make this the perfect addition to your home theater!

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Attention Entertainment Hounds On Budgets: The Acer XD1170D Projector Is What You Need

Designed specifically for budget-conscious entertainment enthusiasts, the Acer XD1170D digital projector delivers bright, colorful imagery via 2300 ANSI Lumens brightness and a 5-segment color wheel.

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Philips Amibilight Plasma Televisions Create Ambiance, Atmosphere While Watching Television

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with the Philips 50PF9631D HDTV with Pixel Plus 3 HD, Ambilight 2 and latest plasma technology. This attractive Plasma TV features HDMI for full digital High-Definition. You won’t have to convert signals to analog any more, so your images will be free of unsightly blemishes!

The Philips 50PF9631D integrates a new technology – Ambilight – adding a new dimension to your viewing experience. Ambilight creates ambiance, stimulates more relaxed viewing, and improves picture detail, contrast and color.

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Zenith Z56DC1D 56-inch Overview With Amber

Most of the time, good enough will suffice. This is not one of those times. The Zenith 56″ Z56DC1D DLP Integrated HDTV is not for “good enough” applications. Because it features a DLP HD5 chip, colors, contrast, and pixel resolution are top notch.

Because a 2500:1 contrast ratio displays colors and details you’ve never noticed before. Because a built in ATSC tuner plays over-the-air digital broadcast signals and unscrambled digital cable.

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Skype Founders Unveil Global Online Television Service

Skype cofounder Niklas ZennstromOn Tuesday, the two entrepereneurs that founded the free online phone service company Skype announced that they would be doing it again: This time with television.

The third start up company for Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom is called Joost.  Joost is billing itself as the first free global TV distribution platform.  Theoretically intended to unite advertisers, content owners, and the general public in a sans-piracy interactive service.

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Choose Your Resolution: Picking The Right LCD Monitor For You

Acer AL2423WR 24 inch monitorThe world market for flat panel displays exploded to unheard of proportions in the last several years. The reasons are obvious. Flat panel monitors employ TFT (Thin Film Transistors) LCD technology that creates gorgeous, high quality images. The attractive, thin-bezel design captures the imagination of everyone who values substance coupled with style. Virtually everyone is abandoning their CRT monitors and buying flat panels – and industry prices are dropping fast. To help you decide which sleek, LCD flat panel monitor fits your needs, our editors have compiled this handy LCD Flat Panel Display Buying Guide.

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