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KVM Switch? Tripp Lite 6Ft USB KVM Cable Kit Makes it Easy

Tripp Lite 6Ft USB KVM Cable KitOver the years, Tripp Lite has proven that it certainly deserves being acclaimed as one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality products. Constantly innovating, and adapting to the needs of their customers, Tripp Lite has quickly become the corporate standard in markets such as the home or home office, small-to-medium business, corporate enterprise, government, education and healthcare.

They offer a wide array of products, from UPS systems to surge suppressors, notebook accessories and KVM switches. And that’s not all. This company’s offering is not only the product of choice for consumers because Tripp Lite’s top quality power protection and connectivity products are proving to be affordable. This is because affordable does not mean low quality, as Tripp Lite’s products, like its 6-ft. USB KVM switch cable will prove.

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Logitech V320 Red Cordless Mouse is Notebook Dream

Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse For Notebooks - Ergonomic Design, 2.4 GHzUsing the built-in touch pad to navigate your laptop can be a bit tricky. You may already have gotten used to controlling the pointer with a mouse. For superior comfort and reliability at a great price, you should try the one from an industry-leading company.

Try the Logitech V320 Red Cordless Optical Mouse to help you with your mobile computing.

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Work and Play Securely with the HP Compaq 6715b Notebook

Are you having trouble finding a laptop that features the right balance between performance and cost? We’ll let you in on a secret. High performance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and don’t make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars for all the bells and whistles if you won’t make use of most of them anyway.

Similarly, don’t settle for one that limits your productivity because in the end your initial savings will be undermined by the aggregate value of the amount of work you should have been able to do had you used a better-equipped computer. Make the right choice. Choose the HP Compaq 6715b Notebook PC—a laptop with the perfect balance between cost and performance.

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Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder

Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder Have you ever searched for an easier way to save your home movies on DVDs? Well, look no further because with the Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder, you will be able to saveany of your home made movies to DVD with a touch of a single button. With a High-Definition Multimedia Interface television set, you can record all of your favorite TV programs in Dolby Digital. You can even enhance your standard DVDs with 1080p resolution upconversion to produce near full High-Definition picture quality.

Recording to a Whole New Level

The Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder provides multiple connectivity options. Connections include a front S-Video input, rear S-Video input/output, component output, HDMI output, and front DV input, so recording anywhere will never be a problem. Simply hook up the Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder to your cable box, and you can already set it to record. The REGZA Link makes controlling multiple components much easier. Compatible devices can be connected using an HDMI cable with no additional programming or setup required. The devices can then be operated using only one remote control.

Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder

The Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder also comes with a chockfull of useful features. You can record in a series of formats such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. Playback features include instant skip, zoom and slow-motion. From now on you won’t miss your favorite TV shows, TV series and even you’re favorite movies because of these wonderful features which include multi-format recording, playback capability for MP3, WMA and other audio compression technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories Digital.

The Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder’s sleek and glossy black exterior not only integrates well with most stylish entertainment systems but visually compliments them as well. It is slim and very light at only 16.5 inches wide, 2.3 inches high, and 9.7 inches deep, weighing in at only 5.2 lbs. Other standard features includes recording on-screen displays in multiple languages. It also has the feature of slowing video down to 1/16x so you can capture the amazing stunts frame by frame. You can also scan through video up to 40x in speed. It also has amazing Editing features such as Auto Finalization with Undo and Commercial Skip. You can create your own playlists, rename titles, and create chapters (user defined and auto) with the Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder.

Get the satisfaction you need that most DVD recorders in the market can’t provide. With features that go beyond what’s expected than a typical DVD recorder, this very useful piece of equipment is clearly more than what you ask for. If you want a quality product that has everything you need and more. Get the Toshiba D-R410 DVD Recorder today.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

Microsoft QVA-00001 Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Microsoft QVA-00001 Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Microsoft is greatly known for their Operating Systems and Office Application Suites, but beyond all these, they have also been able to make a name for themselves in the peripheral industry. They have released product lineups that are geared toward ergonomics and quality, while taking into account the lifestyle of people who will use their products. One of Microsoft’s redesigned offerings that has just been recently released is the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, an optical mouse perfectly suited for notebook users, casual gamers, and business people who travel frequently.

The Mouse for People on the Go

Sporting comfortable button placements, a ring finger rest, and a wide body design, Microsoft’s Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is obviously ergonomically designed. Anyone who is concerned about potentially suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can rest easy as this mouse is not one that will cause such a problem. Users will appreciate the nice overall look of the black-and-silver design that can match any desktop or computer notebook, and traveling people will love the slim USB receiver that easily snaps into the bottom of the mouse for easy transport. Doing so will not only let you easily slip the mouse in your bag without having to worry about losing the receiver. You will get to automatically turn off the mouse as well. This cool way to save energy helps a lot, considering that the mouse runs on two AA batteries.

Microsoft QVA-00001 Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Moving on, this mobile mouse possesses 2.4 GHz wireless technology that allows connectivity for up to 30 feet. This wireless range makes this a good choice for people who own a home theatre PC. The 1000 dpi resolution may be too limiting for hardcore gamers, but with a few adjustments, can already be enough for any casual user. Aside from its high definition tracking and wireless technologies, the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 has five buttons that are easily programmable.

Through Microsoft’s Intellipoint software, you will be able to customize all the mouse settings to your specific needs, and even adjust the scrolling and pointer speeds. Another notable feature, the Magnifier, lets you enlarge images on your screen with just a simple point and click of a button. Working with graphics or images becomes easier and faster because the Magnifier lets you see the smaller details. Designed for Windows Vista, it supports Windows Flip3D where you’ll be able to see a 3D overlay of all open windows on your screen. A feature for switching between applications, this is far better than simultaneously pressing Alt and Tab because it allows users to cycle through each window just by rotating the scroll wheel.

With 5 customizable buttons, a 4-way scroll wheel, and an ergonomic design, any user on the go will greatly appreciate this mobile peripheral. A five year warranty from one of the leading computer companies in the world backs this mainstream mouse as a device already synonymous to high performance and reliability. Although already great for general use, Microsoft’s Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is the ideal item for any notebook user who wants a wireless mouse with a receiver that can easily be stowed for easy transport.

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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Microsoft XVA-00001 Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard And Mouse Combo One of the problems we experience in spending too much time in front of the computer is sustaining repetitive strain injury. Most computer peripherals like the mouse and keyboard lack the proper design to accommodate the natural position of the hands. Design alone contributes to stress and aggravated discomfort. This is why one of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment continually endeavors to create the most comfortable hardware available in the market. Microsoft designers and ergonomists give their best effort to design items that encourage more comfortable hand and wrist positions. However, most keyboards and mice that provide an ergonomic design may cost too much if purchased individually. If you are looking for comfort at a great price, check one of Microsoft’s latest, affordable offerings – the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

For Pure Computer Comfort

This combo is composed of the Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 3000 and the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000.Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo Both of these products are wireless space-savers that are as easy to store as it is portable. Microsoft XVA-00001 Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard And Mouse Combo However, those are not the only features these ergonomic devices can offer.

The Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 3000 features the Comfort Curve Design which has smooth, thin-profile keys and a stylish, curved design that allow your hands and wrists to get a more natural, and therefore more comfortable, position. What’s great about the design is that the curved key bed requires less finger effort.

But aside from the revolutionary ergonomic design, the Comfort Curve Keyboard is also spill-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your drink on your keyboard. Internet hot keys provide you with quick online access with just the touch of a button. And to simplify matters, it is a plug-and-play device as well.

 Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 Meanwhile, the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 is a high definition laser mouse that has the precise, more responsive, and smoother tracking only Microsoft laser mice can deliver. Like its keyboard partner, it also has an ergonomic, space-saving design.

Other than that, the Wireless Laser Mouse has the magnifier feature that lets you enlarge and edit images and details on your monitor, four-way scrolling through Tilt-Wheel Technology, and longer battery life. Besides those features, this competent mouse has customizable buttons that are appropriate since it also has an ambidextrous design that allows you to use it with your right or left hand.

With all those features, it is easy to realize that instead of straining your hands and wrists to conform to the conventional keyboard and mouse designs, simply getting the peripherals that naturally conform to your hands is the best thing to do. Why spend too much time or money on using computer peripherals that do not offer enough comfort? Free yourself from discomfort and try the Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse Combo today.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

Saitek PM09V Notebook Optical Mouse

Already equipped with an input device of its own, you might ask why you would need to buy an extra mouse for your laptop. Indeed, the touchpad is nifty in its own right, and as far as convenience and ease of use go, it fits in perfectly with the overall design philosophy of laptops. However, a true mouse affords you greater control and accuracy than a touchpad, hands down. Thus, if you use your laptop for applications that require greater pointing precision, then what you need is a mouse. What you need is the Saitek 9M09V Notebook Optical Mouse.

Extraordinary Precision

The appearance of the Saitek 9M09V suggests a kind of cheeriness that says computing on your laptop should be fun and hassle-free. From one side to the other, the 9M09V features a perfectly contoured body that makes it easy to grip and use. It is quite pleasing to the eye thanks to its transparent middle portion. It comes in a wide spectrum of colors, 19 to be exact, ranging from bubbly pink to sleek black. So, not only do you get a fully capable mouse, you also have the chance to get one that fits your personality and tastes. What’s more, it even illuminates when it is in operation.

The Saitek 9M09V has a scroll wheel, a side button, and a standard dual mouse button configuration that provides the kind of functionality that is simple yet effective. There is one reason why this simple kind of design remains in the market, and it’s because it’s supremely effective. It is true that this isn’t the most advanced kind of mouse around, but for what it’s worth, it does its job really well. With this mouse and its 800 dpi optical sensor, gaining precise pointer control is made possible.

Don’t labor with your touchpad anymore. Instead, let this mouse grant you the dexterity you need to control complex applications and games. Moreover, the Saitek 9M09V is designed to work for left-handed people just as well as it would work with right-handed individuals. To top it off, the Saitek 9M09V is a truly portable device. It is so lightweight and so compact in design that bringing it around is a walk in the park. It is easy to find space and store it away in the deep recesses of your backpack.

What adds to the appeal of the Saitek 9M09V Notebook Optical Mouse is that it is very convenient to use. It works with Windows XP, XP64, all versions of Windows Vista and even Mac OS X. Simply plug it into an available USB port, and it is ready to use—no need for you to install any additional drivers. Likewise, the USB connection it uses provides stability and reliability all throughout. Simply put, this mouse works right away and the right way.

Get the Saitek 9M09V Notebook Optical Mouse, and gain added control over your laptop. It is terribly affordable, which is simply more reason for you to go and get this nifty device right away.

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Gyration Gyroscopic Remote Revolutionizes Multimedia Center Installations

The Gyration Motion PC Gyroscopic Universal Remote ControlWe see plenty of innovative, truly awesome products here at the CompUSA studio. Because of this above-average level of hot stuff, we don’t have too many moments where one of us comes in and starts raving about a product, attempting to sway fellow cubicle-riders to their own way of thinking. In fact, in a company full of PC people, openly declaring your affiliations and technology preferences (Blu-ray or HD DVD, Intel or AMD, etc.) can cause a downright uproar. But I trust Logan our Product Review host, and he’s got several very good arguments for the newest generation of Vista-ready Gyration Controllers. Your mouse is your remote is your input device: It’s a brave new world people.

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Hiro H50176 Perfecting Presentations

hiro-h50176-e261-1056.jpgHow many times has it happened to you that in the middle of an important business presentation or a critical school report, you find yourself losing focus just because you constantly have to juggle between articulating your speech and meddling with the PC to control your PowerPoint presentation? I know some of you have experienced this, and the results can be somewhat frustrating. After all, you only get one chance to present your thoughts and ideas, so you had better make the most out of it. You simply can’t afford to deliver a less-than-perfect presentation. For that reason alone, you need something that will help you control your presentation easier and let you focus on actually presenting your ideas. You need the Hiro H50176 wireless mouse.

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Extra Functionality Minus The Wires

l23-7066-feature2.jpgLogitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse

Keyboards and mice have been around since the earliest days of modern personal computers, and pretty much, their basic design remains the same. Admittedly, there’s really nothing wrong with the way they look and work, so why innovate, right? It might seem as such, but in reality, the applications we use today have evolved, bringing about a noticeable increase in complexity. So when a company like Logitech tries to innovate upon the basic designs of keyboards and mice in such a way that they augment our ability to use modern applications, we can’t help but smile. The Logitech MX500 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse comes as one of their latest products, and if previous models are an indication, then it’s safe to say that this one is impressive as well.

The Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse is light years away from your average input devices. This one not only sends information to your PC but it is also capable of sending information back to you. Through the LCD keyboard display, you’ll be able to view information about the application you’re using and check the date and time at a single glance. The LCD also helps you communicate quicker as it can notify you of newly received e-mail and instant messages.

The Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse connects through the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring speedy and uninterrupted communication with your PC. In addition, it can even synchronize your system’s calendar and address book with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like phones and PDAs with a single button press.

Featuring touch-sensitive media controls, controlling the volume on your media player or adjusting the size of images becomes an easier task. Other than that, the Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse also facilitates in launching your favorite programs, websites and document folders through programmable smart keys. As a result, you quickly get to do what you need to do instead of having to point and click through dozens of menus and folders.

Using Windows Media Center has also become more convenient because even from 60 feet away, the Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse still allows you to control your PC without a hitch. With the powerful laser technology found in the Rechargeable MX Laser Mouse, which gives it 20x the tracking power of the standard optical, using the mouse on virtually any surface is also very possible. The mouse even has an LED indicator which lets you know when it’s time to charge up. The convenience this product brings is truly one of a kind.

Another attractive feature of the Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse is its superior tilt wheel. Most ordinary tilt wheels you find in other models only allow you to scroll up and down. But with the Rechargeable MX Laser Mouse, you can do much more than that as it also allows you to scroll from side to side and zoom in and out of images with ease and simplicity.

Allow yourself greater convenience with the Logitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse. Style, substance and basic functionality—you’ll find it all in this quality Logitech product.

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