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A Garden for Your Mouse

lamp-grass.jpgFor all you nature lovers who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here’s a product that will keep (at least) a small slice of greenery at your fingertips – literally! Introducing the Sensory Lamp – this is an upcoming product from Sara Rossbach. It’s a mouse pad with grass growing at the front and comes with a light to mimic the natural cycles of the day. Yes that’s right you too can have your own field of grass right on your table top within easy reach of your tired fingers all day long. Touch it. Stroke it. Take in the great smell of fresh green grass!

The nifty little mouse pad comes with a lamp that adjusts lighting conditions on the pad depending on the time of day. The light stimulates your eyesight which is useful if your table or cubicle is tucked away in the corner of an office or your home. Without a window or a natural source of sunlight, indoor artificial lighting, or from the computer screen itself, can take a toll on your eyes. Staring into a computer screen all day can cause your eyes to become accustomed to a single brightness level. Shifting your focus between the screen and other objects in the room takes a bit more time and is more evident when moving into another room with different lighting. By adding a gently changing light source that mimics sunlight as it changes throughout the day should leave you with less strained eyes and a fresher look at everything around you.


Apart from the light changing trick of the Sensory Lamp, there’s that plot of land at your fingertips. Albeit a miniscule field of grass, the smell of it alone should keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. If you feel a little bored or out of focus, take a break and mow the lawn with some scissors, or water the grass. You can even add some fertilizer to keep the grass green. Whatever you do to it, it’s a nice short break and you don’t have to leave your table or walk far.

With all the new technologies around to streamline the work place and reduce the clutter on your table, this is one gadget that would be beneficial to your wellbeing and concentration. Nature is always inspiring, let the Sensory Lamp inspire you at work.

Sara Rossbach: Sensory Lamp

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Paper Replay? Got A Pulse?

livescribe_10.jpg hspace='5' vspace='2' />Paper Replay is the Pulse’s core application that allows the user record and sync audio with whatever they write. With the use of their own paper notes, they can play back exactly what was previously said. “The best way to think about it is that while you’re taking notes, it’s recording simultaneously everything your ears would be hearing,” said Eric Petitt, a spokesperson for Livescribe.

This clever device debuted at a mass DEMO at Palm Desert, Calif., Livescribe last Monday. Technically, it is just a computer within a pen. The Pulse smartpen simultaneously captures handwriting and audio, and synchronizes them together. The device is equipped with a general purpose computer with rich I/O capabilities and a Java development environment that enables a wide range of applications. Pulse is a new type of mobile computer that supports the four basic modes of human communication namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. “Using an embedded speaker and display for audio/visual input, and microphones and a pen for audio/visual output, Pulse advances the power and flexibility of mobile computing — it’s the missing link that now connects the paper and digital worlds,” CEO Jim Marggraff futher explained.

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Get Your Hands On This German 42inch Display

Lumin MultiTouch systemThis Display System Loves To Be Touched: Here’s a treat for those dying to get their hands on a multi-touch display system right this second! Lumin, a German company, unleashed a masterpiece they creatively called MultiTouch. Now, you and your loved ones can start pawing all over the 42-inch, 1024 x 768 display. It is powered by a Mac Mini and can be partnered with Apple’s wireless keyboard and mouse. The screen is driven by Lumin’s proprietary software, and allows you to do all sorts of neat tricks like zooming, rotating, and panning with various finger and hand combinations. They are looking into implementing offering rear-projection, front-projection, and “shaped” screens in the near future. But none of those seem to be sporting touch capabilities.

Lumin MultiTouch systemThis cool creation represents a completely new type of human-computer interaction as it combines input and output devices – other input devices such as a mouse and keyboard are no longer needed. The Lumin MultiTouch system is the first MultiTouch terminal available in the world for large screens. The device is controlled through its screen using intuitive hand motions like that of the new Apple iPhone’s touch screen.

While it is currently joined with Mac hardware, a PC compatible version should not be far away.

Hardware: Its multi-touch sensing system used in the innovative 42” MultiTouch Terminal enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, creating a new range of advanced interactive possibilities. MultiTouch is a completely new type of human-computer interaction, allowing intuitive gestures to operate the system and multiple users to work simultaneously.

Software: The MultiTouch’s elegant looks is complemented by the power-packed software working from within. The Software package includes the Lumin’s input recognition software and a series of standard applications, which are pre-installed for plug-and-play operation.

Source: Lumin GmbH

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Coolest Mouse For Notebooks! Nano New!

logitech-vxnano-l23-6313-mb.jpgSimplify life on the road with the ultra-portable Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. It’s always ready for use, thanks to the world’s smallest USB receiver. Plug it into your notebook’s USB port just once, then forget about it. No more broken or lost receivers. No more hassles.

The World’s Smallest USB Receiver! Plug-and-forget nano-receiver: Barely larger than a coin, the receiver is so tiny you can plug it into your notebook just once – and forget about it. It’s small, yet powerful. You can expect a robust wireless connection with advanced 2.4 GHz cordless technology.

True Convenience! It’s always ready. You leave the nano-receiver plugged into your notebook, and your mouse is always ready. It also comes with a protective pouch, so you can use the stylish pouch to protect your mouse when it’s not in use. The VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse also has much longer battery life; you now get up to 6 months of use (or longer with the convenient on/off switch).

The VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse has Ultra-Portability and Style! It has an ultra-portable mouse design. It’s so slim, it slips easily into your notebook bag. Yet, it complements your active lifestyle with an ultra-slim, sleek design. You can even store the nano-receiver inside the mouse when you need to free up a USB port. And it shuts down when stored, saving more battery life.

In short, this is a must have for on the go! Get your today!

Source: Logitech

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Logitech Video Product Review Give away! Courtesy of TigerDirect

Want an ultra-cool Logitech Wave Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo? Of course you do! All Logitech Wave Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo!you’ve got to do is submit a video review of any Logitech product you happen to have around. If we like it, we’ll send you a Wave Keyboard, one of the most ergonomic input devices out there. Your wrists and typing fingers will thank you! Just post your review as a video response to this video, and you’re in the running! Good Luck!

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Logitech MX Air Mouse – A Truly Revolutionary Cordless Gyroscopic Mouse

For the most part, I don’t post blogs or notices about keyboards. It has been known to happen, but there usually isn’t enough to talk about. Sure, some people love mice (the guys who develop input devices like them a whole lot, I would assume) and mousepads and stuff like that—whatever floats your boat.

But whether you give two figs about input equipment or just one fig, you’ll want to check this out. It is a truly amazing gyroscopic mouse from Logitech— MX Air Mouse.

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Want to Watch Television on your Vista Laptop? You’ll Need the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick

pinnacle-pctv-whole-kit.jpgIt might sound like a mouthful, but the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick is actually quite small. It’s no bigger than an average USB device, but it does way more than the run of the mill Flash drive or wireless mouse Dongle. It IS TV! Yes. Windows Vista is packed with ill features that let you manipulate your Multimedia experience to your heart’s content. But one snag: it’s hard to get television to play on your laptop. Good Luck finding one with a UHF plug. That’s where Pinnacle shines.

While previous incarnations of TV capture devices have been expensive and ungainly, the PCTV HD Stick is not. But it still pulls television right out of the air and onto your PC. And if you are in an area where there’s no cable, or you use an antenna to receive television, not to worry. The Pinnacle HD Stick comes with an attachable antennae that can magnetize to a metallic surface. Think TV in your car on long road trips. Now you’re getting excited, huh? Sr. Editor Lonny from TigerTV has taken one of these out for a spin. Check out his video review, then get over to TigerDirect.com and pick one up for yourself. It’s an inexpensive and elegant way to get Television on your Vista Laptop.

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Your Future Workspace of Light

While most offices have finally gotten over the CRT curve and LCDs, and even in a large number of offices dual LCDs, are everywhere. This attributes to the 21st century work ethic, multi-tasking demands of the current workplace and the need to be online, in your email, Word and other applications simultaneously for instant access in our ever more so ‘instant’ lives.

Microsoft demonstrated the future digital desk in a Microsoft Center for Information presentation. According to the Engadget report, it will provide “..multi-touch display, document digitizer, speech recognition engine, and ability to resize objects on the fly..”

Tom Cruise may have been a preview in Minority Report… but Microsoft is making it a reality. Similar efforts were previously reported by CNET, with air traffic control and other applications.

“The mouse has had a good run, but it’s time to say good-bye,” said John Underkoffler, the founder and chief scientist of Oblong Industries at a “Cinema, Science and Innovation” presentation.

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Logitech’s Input Device Revolution: The VX and MX Mice

Logitech's Input devices are the cream of the crop...and the VX and MX Revolution Mice are no exceptionThe VX Revolution turbocharges your digital experience with a nearly frictionless alloy scroll wheel. Perform instant web queries with the convenient search button, and effortlessly zoom in and out of photos and documents. The comfortable, sculpted shape provides exceptional comfort, while laser tracking and ultra-slippery feet give you pinpoint control. The VX Revolution is 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless with storable micro-receiver.

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Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony 880 Universal RemoteThe Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote puts you in control of your entire audio-video system with just one button. It´s home entertainment the way it should be-simple. Optimized for complicated HDTV and PVR systems, the Harmony 880 helps you tame tough configurations like switching your television between video aspect ratios depending on the program source. The interactive color display lets you quickly choose a 16:9 ratio for movies and HDTV, or a standard 4:3 ratio for basic television programming.

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