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One of Our Most Popular Monitors: The Acer AL2216WBD 22-Inch LCD Widescreen

Acer AL2216WBD 22-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorEveryone wants to make the switch to an LCD monitor. Let’s face it: that CRT is just staring at you day-in and day-out, reminding you of the way things used to be—Last-minute term papers, Dial-up modem connections, The way your hair looked in the Nineties. But hip new LCD flat panel monitors are too expensive for your Average-Joe computer, right?

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Now You Have No Excuse: TigerDirect.com LCD Monitor Marathon

Acer AL2223WD 22-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorIf you’re still watching a Cathode Ray Tube television in your living room or bedroom, we’ll forgive you. But there’s really no excuse to still clog up the space in your work area or PC table at home. This is especially so if your desktop PC is located in a part of your office, cubicle, or home where space is at a premium. Several years ago, when LCD monitors first became popular, there was a significantly prohibitive cost barrier that kept the Average Joe from buying one. TigerDirect.com now offers a host of LCD monitors that cost less than $200.00 dollars.

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The MegaVision MV220 LCD Monitor

What a beauty! Looking to go big on screen size and value, without breaking the bank? The MegaVision 22-inch LCD monitor is your ticket to widescreen heaven. This unit is HD-Ready and we’ve even added a component input to accentuate high quality video display. Enjoy smooth video and speedy gameplay with 5ms response time that keeps blurring at bay.

Tinted with glossy piano black, this monitor looks as good off as it does turned on. This monitor brings you intense, diamond-sharp imagery and brilliant color with 1680 x 1050 resolution. With built-in auto light sensor, this beauty adjusts the brightness to ease your eyes – it’s simply amazing. Enjoy it on your desk, or even your wall!

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Monitor Marathon! Optiquest Q19wb LCD Monitor

The Optiquest Powered By Viewsonic Q19wb 19-Inch Monitor provides true 16:9 widescreen ratioThe Optiquest Q19wb 19″ widescreen LCD integrates high brightness and contrast ratios with super-fast video response. Enhance your productivity with this widescreen display that lets you work in two applications or documents side-by-side. Enjoy the crystal-clear, blur-free video and graphics delivered by broadcast-quality, 5ms video response.

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Logan’s Deal: 19 inch LCD for under $120!

Logan’s on the prowl for good deals – and found this great I-Inc 19″ LCD for only $119.99*! Check it out!

*after rebate

Monitor Marathon!
Samsung 226BW 22-inch Widescreen Monitor

Monitor Marathon! Check out this Samsung Widescreen LCD, only on TigerTV!Imagine having elbowroom on screen. That’s exactly what you get with the Samsung BW series of widescreen LCD monitors. Wide 16:10 aspect ratios let you multitask, with room for more than one application at a time. The extra room also makes working with graphics programs and multiple tool pallets easier. An ultra-fast 2 ms (G to G) response time is perfect for motion graphics editing. And exclusive MagicBright 3,â„¢ MagicColorâ„¢ and MagicTuneâ„¢ technologies give you complete control over outstanding color. All of the colors. All of the room. With the Samsung BW series, it’s not hard to imagine.

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Monitor Marathon! Sceptre X23gv-Komodo 23-inch Monitor

LCD Monitors for less than you'd expect! Choose Sceptre, Choose Tigerdirect!The 23-inch X23GV-Komodo HDTV LCD Display provides a spectacular widescreen medium for less than you’d think! And this flat panel display doesn’t skimp on the features either! With support for HD 1080i television signals and an actual native resolution of 720p, you’ll get the crispest, most spectacular imagery! There’s a true 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio and special Hybrid TV tuner so the X23GV can display NTSC/ATSC/and QAM television signals, right out of the box! Join TigerTV host Logan as he reviews this economic LCD!

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Video: Get Your LCD Monitor Off Terra Firma!

With the Ergotron LX Desk Mount, you’ll experience viewing comfort that’s generated by CF, Ergotron’s revolutionary Constant Force lift and pivot motion technology. These aren’t just for workplace installations. Lonny Will show you how easy to install and beneficial these handy LCD accessories really are. Effortlessly lift, swing, tilt or retract your LCD display. Enjoy greater versatility and productivity, especially in multiple user/observer situations like showrooms and brainstorming sessions.

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3M Keeps Nosy Snoopers From Watching You Work

Our Creative Director Dan Brown sits down with 3M to discuss their innovative line of privacy screen filters. These handy “screen-covers” provide privacy protection in high traffic areas by tilizing 3M’s privacy technology. There’s no blurring or distortion of on-screen data for the user, either. 3M manufactures these privacy filters in all sizes and fits for anything from stand alone LCD monitors, slim form models to cover laptop screens, and even covers that “privatize” your CRT monitor. These handy covers also protect fragile display surfaces from fingerprints and damage! So Watch. Listen. Learn! About 3M Privacy Filters!

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Killer 2007 Lineup From Samsung: Vista Certified LCD, UMPC, 4-in-1 Laser

Samsung has some of the coolest new makes and models for 2007! Their lineup includes Windows Vista Certified displays (three sizes!), One of the smallest laser printers available, and an Ultra Mobile PC that comes in several models, some capable of running Vista!

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