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Widescreen For Less: The Acer 22-inch Wide LCD Monitor

What a terrific deal from Acer — these panoramic 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors — at a price that can’t be beat. If you’ve been using a 17-inch screen, you won’t believe the difference!

The Acer AL2223WD makes your videos, games and work stand out in bold relief — a pleasure for the eyes — and a key to more productivity and fun.

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Choose Your Resolution: Picking The Right LCD Monitor For You

Acer AL2423WR 24 inch monitorThe world market for flat panel displays exploded to unheard of proportions in the last several years. The reasons are obvious. Flat panel monitors employ TFT (Thin Film Transistors) LCD technology that creates gorgeous, high quality images. The attractive, thin-bezel design captures the imagination of everyone who values substance coupled with style. Virtually everyone is abandoning their CRT monitors and buying flat panels – and industry prices are dropping fast. To help you decide which sleek, LCD flat panel monitor fits your needs, our editors have compiled this handy LCD Flat Panel Display Buying Guide.

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A Tale of Two Televisions

Our Intrepid Sr. Editor Lonny Paul Breaks Down a pair of Televisions that You just have to Have.

Sharp LC-46D62U 46 Inch LCD HDTV
The AQUOS® LC-46D62U sets a new standard for large-screen flat-panel TVs. With Full HD Spec 1080p resolution, dramatically enhanced black level and an elegant new design, it produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none.


Panasonic TH50PH9UK Huge 50 Inch Plasma Television
A 50″ plasma display with the size and the exceptional image quality that is equally at home in the broadcast studio, a corporate boardroom, or on the set.

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Analog to Digital: Take Your Home Movies Into The New Millennium With Video Capture!

old-video-camera.jpgWhat is Video Capture?
Vid-e-o  - [vid-ee-oh] – Noun – the visible part of a television transmission.
Cap-ture  – [kap-cher] – Verb – to represent or record in lasting form

With the accelerated growth of technology, video capture has become a part of everyday life. In the 1970s, you could have purchased a Panasonic VCR for the low price of only $5,000 – New! Today, you can purchase a VCR from several dozen manufactorers for less than $60.00. If you think that was expensive, how about in the early 1960s? While the first hippies were gathering in the San Francisco Bay area, Ampex offered the first home video system in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog and it came with a huge camera, TV monitor, special furniture and a 100 pound Ampex VR-1500 video recorder. And you could have owned all of this fablous equipment for only $30,000! But wait– there’s more! An Ampex engineer would come out to your home and even set it up for you. What a deal!

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Viewsonic 19″ WideScreen LCD with iPod ViewDock (VX1945)

Viewsonic 19in WideScreen LCD with iPod ViewDockBring Your Music, Videos and Photos Together with the ViewDock enabled Viewsonic VX1945 19″ Widescreen Gloss Black LCD Monitor. This monitor has the unique multimedia integration with an iPod, Flash Memory Card Interface, Built in Microphone, speakers and headset with volume controls, USB expansion ports and PC connectivity to tie it all together, charge your iPod and sync your files. Wow! A lot out of just a monitor!

As this is not, ‘just a monitor,’ Editor Lonny Paul takes a look at this great new product from Viewsonic in our latest Video entry.

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Your Next TV – How About an LCD?

Sumsung 40"If you haven’t noticed, LCD TVs are coming down in price and going up in size. The demand for high-resolution displays is making a higher demand for LCD TVs versus their high-end counterparts, Plasma TVs. If you’re looking for a 42-inch or smaller TV, you should look at LCDs.

This Christmas season probably is the last chance for (plasma TV makers) to promote 42-inch models. By this time next year probably there will be no price difference between plasma and LCD TVs,” Credit Suisse analyst Wanli Wang said.

Plasma and LCD manufacturer Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) shut down its plasma TV construction to concentrate on LCD TVs.

We cannot focus on two different products because of heavy capital expenditure. That’s why we had to choose one,” CPT Chief Financial Officer James Wu said.

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An Extreme Gaming Machine! Systemax Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700

Talk about an extreme machine? The heart of this system is Intel’s new Systemax Intel Quad-Core QX6700Quad-Core QX6700 Extreme processor. By far, one of the best processors on the market today. Intel prides itself on the quad-core technology mainly due to significant improvements in system responsiveness that made certain tasks to be off-loaded to specific cores. In laypersons terms, the processor selects jobs to be handled by specific cores. Thus it breaks up the workload and makes the PC run more efficiently and faster.

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Review of the Samsung 205BW 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

This is a review of the Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor. I recently had about 20 of these monitors purchased for my offices, and thought I would write a review. Keep in mind my ‘offices’ are out here in Fallujah, Iraq and the conditions are far from favorable. I haven’t had much time playing with them, but have had ample time setting them up, installing, and adjusting them.

While my purchase was work related, this is an awesome monitor for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger monitor, adding a second monitor or creating a multiple monitor setup. Especially for only $239.00 (w/ rebates) right now at TigerDirect, you can’t go wrong!

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Help: Multi Monitors

I decided to use three monitors for various reasons.
Monitors X 3
Here is my problem.
I had one computer (Dell) and a 17″ LCD monitor.
Purchased another computer, who else TD. Its an AMD 64 3500+. T6524

I use a KVM switch to work both puters but, added two other monitors, acer 17″ LCD.
There was a $70.00 rebate on one but couldn’t get it on the other.

I didn’t cry too much, but I need another one. My Dell isn’t up to par with the acer models.

I really don’t want to pay $170.00 for another 17″.
Any suggestions?

Acer 20 inch LCD only $199.99*

Acer AL2017BMD 20-inch 8ms DVI LCD MonitorThe Acer AL2017BMD 20-inch 8ms LCD is currently featured on the TigerDirect “Early Holiday Shopping! Guide”. This is an incredible price breakthrough for a twenty inch (20″) LCD Monitor with a maximum resolution of 1400×1050.

Why this monitor? A couple reasons:

  • Large Screen Size allows for more efficient usage and multi-tasking.
  • Dual Inputs (DVI and VGA) allow for connection to multiple systems and A/V equipment.
  • The price is unheard of for a 20″ LCD!

Everyone can work more efficiently with the Acer® AL2017 by simultaneously viewing multiple applications with comfort on the large 20″ screen. Gamers and movie lovers will enjoy the vibrant color quality and action-packed details thanks to the rapid response rate of 8ms.

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