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Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB: Most Valuable (MP3) Player

Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 PlayerWhy spend so much on a 4GB MP3 player when you can get the audio entertainment you need in a gadget at the lowest price imaginable? If you are still looking for an MP3 player that has the versatility to deliver your choice collection of music and provide you storage space for your computer files, get the Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 Player.

Through its built-in USB connector, you can use the as a flash disk and a portable music player. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to download your data or MP3s and load them instantly into your flash MP3 player. Not only do you get to listen to hours of your favorite music anywhere you go, but you also get to store data everywhere!

What’s more is that this MP3 player cum flash storage drive device comes in a stylish black finish and sleek, compact design. You can dangle it from your neck or attach it to your keychain via the keychain/lanyard loop. It also comes with a pair of headphones like all other MP3 players, but has other features that set it apart from the rest.

Centon MP3 Player in handThe Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 Player is the ideal Mp3 player for any music lover because it can support downloadable music files in MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF and WAV formats. At 4GB, it can hold up to 70 hours of music at 128kbps. You can enjoy your music collection at different playback modes, so you can choose to repeat a song, or a series of songs. And, with the seven preset equalizer modes, namely, natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, and DBB, you get to listen to different versions of your favorite songs.

What’s more is that you can save, move, copy, or delete files in your MP3 player through your specific operating system’s built-in file management utilities (“My Computer” if you have Windows, or “Finder” in your Mac system.) There is no need to install a driver in Windows Me, 2000 or XP, or Mac OS 10.3 and above, and Linux 2.4.2 and above, although a driver is required for Windows 98. But in case you do need the driver, it can be downloaded from Centon’s website.

It has a built-in microphone through which you can record your voice for as much as 292 hours at 32k WAV. It also has a playback option for your recordings, and even offers a voice-activated recording feature. And, if you are concerned about accidentally pressing all the buttons while using the MP3 player, there is a “hold” switch that locks all of the buttons.

Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 PlayerThis switch functions so that the music can’t be altered or the player shut off while being worn. Additionally, the Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 player also has a backlit LCD screen that can display lyrics that goes with the music. You get to sing-along with the music and, even better; enjoy all the above-mentioned features and more, using only one AAA alkaline battery. And for security purposes, you can divide the flash memory of the Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 player into two disks, one of which may be encrypted so that content maybe hidden from other people.

A rundown of those features is already more than enough considering the price tag and the sleek, compact exterior. You will never get a better, cheaper MP3 player than the Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 player. Get a hold of one and enjoy listening to your portable flash disk and MP3 player device anywhere you go.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles

Electronic Kill-Mechanisms – Yes or No?

Security - Anti-TheftWhen people purchase high-ticket items, such as laptops, cellphones or personal music players, like the iPod or Zune – should they be allowed the opportunity activate a ‘kill switch’ electronically within the device to disable it? Some say it is only fair, but would pawn shops then go out of business?

In an AP column today, it was noted that iPods may have an impact on crime – or not, but also that Apple has explored an “anti-theft mechanism” in patent filings.

Its easy to see why iPods would be alluring targets for criminals: The music players are valuable and easy to resell, and people absorbed in their personal soundtracks can be vulnerably oblivious to their surroundings.

But could the temptation for stealing iPods be so strong that theyre behind an increase in the crime rate? Researchers at a public policy institute say yes.

They argue that the tantalizing gadgets are perhaps the main reason U.S. violent crime rose in 2005 and 2006 after declining every year since 1991—although a close look at the findings suggests the hypothesis has holes.

The Urban Institute, a Washington think tank, first raised the subject of an “iCrime wave” last September, and held a panel discussion Tuesday to explore it further. The researchers dont blame iPod maker Apple Inc. or any other device maker for crime, but they do say consumers should demand technologies that would render stolen gadgets useless.

My question is simple. If it gets connected back to Apple as most mainstream users would be using standard tools, like iTunes – why couldn’t the user simply ‘kill’ the device through a simple check-box online. Once it’s connected, bingo. iPod gets fed a magic packet – and boom. Lights out. Further, Apple could record the offending IP and provide the user a notification that deactivation has occurred and further details are available for law enforcement, perhaps even email you the information to provide the police to access the offending IP address.

Am I too simplistic? I think not.

Source: Did IPods Cause a Crime Wave?

Nike and iPod Collaborate on “Smart” Workout

apple-ipod-nano-black1.jpgYour iPod nano is no longer just an entertainment accessory as you rush off to your morning jog. Apple dares you to crank up the volume as it unleashes the Nike + iPod, the newest and biggest thing to ever happen to your morning exercise. Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach, your personal trainer and your favorite workout companion.

Must Haves

Here are the basic ingredients for the ultimate synthesis of sport and music: a pair of Nike+ shoes, an iPod nano, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Find out what happens when the leading name in sports and the leading name in digital music team up to take on your workout.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit How To’s

First, place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when you’re not working out. Next, attach the receiver to your iPod nano. The receiver fits snugly into the Dock connector, located on the bottom of your iPod nano next to the headphone jack. Finally, hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and an iPod nano that stays in tune with every step.

The receiver fits securely into the Dock connector on the bottom of your iPod nano. Wirelessly connected to the sensor in your Nike+ shoe, it receives up-to-the-second information as you run. As you run, iPod nano tells you your time, distance, pace, and calories burned via voice feedback that adjusts music volume as it plays. In addition to progress reports, voice feedback congratulates you when you’ve reached a personal best — your fastest pace, longest distance and time, or most calories burned.

Voice feedback occurs automatically, according to predetermined intervals that vary by workout type. You can also hear voice feedback at any time by clicking the center button. With a Nike + iPod receiver attached to your iPod nano, you can access the Nike + iPod menu and choose your workouts. Try the open-ended Basic Workout or select a workout with time, distance, or calorie goals. Pick a playlist, shuffle songs, or select Nike-created Sport Music content. You can also program a PowerSong to play on the run with one click. Your iPod nano stores and displays up to 1,000 individual workouts, so you can view your data anytime.

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Apple iPod and Nike Collaboration

The ZEISS Cinemizer: 3D on the Go

cinimizer.jpgIts’ great that Apple keeps coming out with updates to the iPod and now with the iPod Touch you can watch videos on its 3.5 inch screen. Take it anywhere and watch your favorite movies anywhere. What could be better? Well how about being able to watch a 3D movie on your iPod touch? Since Apple didn’t make the Touch 3D capable, Zeiss went ahead and made a set of 3D glasses that will do just that. Plus it’s not that pair of funky red and blue clown glasses that you use in an IMAX theatre. Not at all.

The ZEISS Cinemizer is a pair of LCD glasses that plugs right into your iPod. Supported models are the iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod with Video and iPod Nano 3rd Generation. To get things going, simply attach your iPod to the battery holder of the Cinemizer, plug the earphone jack into the iPod and turn on the iPod. Once you start the movie you can control the Cinemizer via a remote control. Apart from 3D movies you can watch any of your favorite non-3D movies, videos or even play games on your favorite game console as long as you have an adapter for the plug.

Zeiss is world renowned for its optical and optoelectronic technologies so it should be a familiar name to many. A lot of high-end cameras use Zeiss optics so you can expect high quality and pristine viewing with the Cinemizer. A heavyweight in the optics industry, Zeiss has been able to keep the weight down in the Cinemizer. So don’t expect your nose to have to support a chunky pair of LCD glasses. Nope, this set at only 115 grams and designed to look cool (for once) is an easy pair to wear both on the ears and nose.

The battery pack is a self contained lithium-ion unit and takes about 2.5 hours to charge. You can attach the iPod to the pack. The remote is located on the cable connecting the battery to the glasses and the earpieces are completely adjustable. The glasses were designed to give the user a feeling that the image is 2 meters away with a diameter of 45 inches. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a theatre with these on. With a design that allows it to be used on practically any head size including those who have to wear glasses, you know you’ll have a comfortable and clear movie watching experience.

With the Cinemizer, you’re “looking into” the future of portable 3D eye wear.

Exclusive: Your Personal Video Screen

Sandisk Sansa 16GB MP3 Player: A Beautiful View

sandisk-view-main-pic.jpgOkay, so it may not have the flashiest design. But please, don’t judge this book by its cover. One word to describe the look of the SanDisk Sansa View? I’d say “Simple.” In fact, I’d say that word pretty much sums up this mp3 player as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mean that as a bad thing. This is definitely on of those situations in which less is indeed more.

In keeping with its simplicity theme, the controls of theSandisk Sansa View 16GB MP3 Player are minimal and straightforward. It has the standard menu button, a navigation wheel that includes a “select” button at its center. Its edges include a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, a dock connector, and a microphone. What else could you possibly need?

Video Playback Perfected

sansa-left-hand-side.jpgWhat really separates the View from previous Sandisk Sansa Music Players is its video playback. While the e200 Sansa series supported it, the feature always felt sort of like a redheaded stepchild (Apologies to all redheaded stepchildren out there, but you know how awkward you are). Its video conversion software was cumbersome to use, and I mean really: who wants to watch a video on a 1.8-inch screen. The View boasts a 2.4-inch, backlit LCD screen, which is near the size of the 2.5-inch screen of the iPod classic and well ahead of the 2.2-inch on the iPod nano. While we’re talking screens, the picture quality on the View is nice and vibrant, and will suite your viewing needs for both videos and photographs.

Sandisk Sansa Goes Solid State

As with other Sandisk mp3 players, the View features flash based memory. Basically, it’s a hard drive with no moving parts. This equals advantages like greater durability, superb battery life, and faster load times. The features don’t stop here. How about a built-in microphone? Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a digital recorder to help you take notes in class, or maybe you’d just like to record a song or your favorite morning show via the View’s built-in radio. The View makes all of this possible. For those of you who are thinking long term, it’s got a microSD card expansion slot, just in case you fill up its 16GB hard drive.


In the end, this is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” mp3 player. But part of its charm and appeal lie within that very simplicity. If you don’t need the sleekness and style of an iPod, and don’t mine saving a few bucks (The 16GB View is $179.99 while the 8GB iPod nano is $204.99) the View may be just what you are looking for!

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New Zune: Microsoft’s Solid-State Answer to Apple’s iPod

zunedevicefamily.jpgHave you Seen the new 8GB Microsoft Zune? It’s hard to look at it and not think of some of the older versions of the iPod nano. Probably not a coincidence, especially when you consider that the Zune’s official website bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s. Interestingly enough, the word Microsoft is not even mentioned on the site.

Zune 2.0

The second generation Zune, featuring both 4 and 8GB models are equipped with solid-state hard disks. This is certainly a welcomed addition since solid-state memory is faster, and more durable, as it has no moving parts. This durability makes the Zune workout/gym friendly, which is not the case with its 30GB predecessor. Another Plus? How about a 24-hour battery life for audio, and 5-hour for video.

zune4gb8gb-green.jpgWhile still lacking the sleek style and sexiness of an iPod, the Zune more than holds it own when it comes to features. Like most mp3 players in today’s market, the Zune supports video playback. If you’re a TV junkie like me, you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to record your favorite TV shows on your Windows Vista based computer, and import them onto your Zune for mobile viewing.

Cables, cables, cables. If you’re a gadget person like me, your PC cables can become slightly overwhelming. For Zune users, this is less of a headache. Wireless sync, allows you to sync your Zune with your PC from anywhere in range of your wireless network. You can also share favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures and even audio podcasts. One draw back though; you can only listen to a song you receive via wireless sync three times. If you want to listen more, you’ll have to purchase the song from Microsoft’s Online music store. You gamers out there can plug your Zune into your Xbox 360 and customize a soundtrack for your favorite games.
Microsoft Zune
In addition to these advanced features, the Zune still cover the basics. It supports AAC, MP3, WMA, Mov, MP4, M4b, and M4a audio and video formats. You can also use it to view your digital images, and its built-in FM radio is a sure crowd pleaser. After disappointing with the first Zune, it looks as though this new Zune is a step in the right direction for Microsoft.

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Take The Internet To New Places With Nokia N800

Nokia N800The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen display in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly make Internet Phone calls, check & send e-mail, instant message and so much more with the Nokia N800. You can also access Internet media at home or on-the-go with the Nokia N800′s high quality stereo audio.

The Nokia N800 NSeries Internet Tablet frees you from your desk and bulky laptop and places the World Wide Web and much more in the palm of your hand. The N800 is the ideal tool if you’re always on-the-go and need to stay connected. Once you use the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, you’ll never leave home without it. Order your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet today!

For those that say that there are better solutions, consider this:

  • 1. Price: The Nokia N800: is now below $300 ($229.99 right now! @ TigerDirect).
  • 2. Open Source: The Nokia N800 is a Linux device based on a modified version of Debian GNU/Linux that they call “Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition”. Nokia created the open source development platform for the 770 and N800. They’ve worked hard to encourage developers to port applications to this platform. You can find more info at www.maemo.org.
  • 3. Third Party Applications: Nokia strongly encourages 3rd party developers to make software for their N800 and 770 products, and most (if not all) of it is free on the Maemo site.
  • 4. No Service Contract Needed: With the Nokia N800, you can access the internet via Wi-Fi or with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. This allows you the freedom to use the mobile provider of your choosing.
  • 5. Removable Storage: The Nokia N800 has two memory slots that support a range of memory cards (SD, miniSD, microSD, MMC and RS-MMC). This allows you to keep one card in the device for a more permanent storage solution, and still have a slot available for cards from your camera or other device. With the falling price of memory cards, you could have several cards with music and videos tucked away in the carrying case that comes with the N800.
  • 6. Better Audio and Video Codec Support: The N800 supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Supported audio formats are AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RA (Real Audio), WAV, WMA. You can play videos in the following formats: 3GP, AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (Real Video), and Flash Video (YouTube!). That covers just about anything you’d ever want to play on a media device. You can even stream audio and video from networked computers!
  • 7. It’s Not a Cell Phone But You Can Still Make Calls: The N800 is not a cell phone, but because of its web-access you can run Internet-based phone applications. The N800 can be used to for making VoIP calls via Gizmo and GoogleTalk. Skype support is coming in the second quarter of 2007. This means that you can make cheap (or even free) calls anytime you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. With WiFi becoming more prevalent every day, this means you’ll soon be able to use your N800 to make calls from just about anywhere.
  • 8. Webcam for Video Conferencing: The N800 also has a built in webcam and supports video conferencing! How great would that be for your next conference call? StarWars-like video calls are not sci-fi for this device.
  • Source: Nokia

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    There’s Something About The New Sony Mylo 2

    Sony Mylo 2It’s probably the size. No? The shape? Or maybe it’s the face. There’s really something about Sony Mylo 2 personal communicator / pocket web browser that makes you wonder what it really is. And is it really more sexy that the old Mylo? The answer is Yes!

    The New Mylo 2 features a larger display, at 3.5-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen type, with a slide-out back-lit QWERTY keyboard. It now has a 1GB memory and a memory stick Pro Duo slot. The updated features definitely makes it more appealing.
    But you’ll get excited even more with its laptop-like features. It does music, video, Internet, and widgets. Its web browser supports AIM, Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google, YouTube, Facebook and other web 2.0 sites. It supports podcasts and RSS. It also connects to 802.11g wireless networks in addition to the standard with 802.11b WLAN.

    The Mylo 2 has a 1.3 megapixel camera but no VGA cam to enable video chat. Other specs include an 800 x 480 3.5-inch touchscreen display and 1GB internal storage. It’s good for 20 hours of playing music, 7 hours of watching videos, and 6 hours of Skype – yes you can send and receive Internet calls!

    It is similar other devices such as Nokia’s Internet tablet series or the iTouch, but what you’ll love is the free Internet access until 2010! Once purchased, you have free access to Wayport’s WiFi network – which includes 9,000 McDonald’s, hotels, airports, and other places. Now, that is something. This is a head-turner just for this freebie alone.

    Source: Sony

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    Music Labels to QTrax: No Deal

    qtrax-press_pic04.gifThe world’s biggest music companies, including Warner Music Group Corp and Sony BMG, denied that they have agreed to license songs for a free download service that was launched by Qtrax on Monday. Qtrax told Reuters and other media outlets last week that it had deals with the major labels representing about 75 percent of all music sales, to let users download songs for free in a new service to be supported by advertising revenue.

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    Qtrax Revamped Music Service to Woo Music Fans

    qtrax-press_pic04.gifA revamped online file-sharing service aims to woo legions of music fans by offering unlimited, free song downloads that are compatible with iPods, and all with the blessing of major recording companies. Qtrax is the latest online music venture counting on the lure of free music to draw in music fans and on advertising to pay the bills, namely record company licensing fees.

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