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Pricey Rentals and Super Thin Jobs / MacBook Air top MacWorld Keynote

Intel Core 2 Duo Reduex for AppleSteve Jobs has been through this a few times, and 2007 would be a tough act to follow – for nearly anyone after the stellar performance of the iPhone and iPod-laden world we live in, but a somewhat tired, weak and seemingly frail leader of the Mac World had four (4) big announcements for the world.

Time Machine was a feature built into Apple’s last version of the O/S and now they have extended it’s functionality by integrating either a 500GB or 1TB hard drive into an 802.11n wireless router. Pretty basic stuff – DLink and others already have similar products and it was US Robotics intention to do so years ago when 802.11b (11Mbps) was announced – and the price of $299 and $499 respectively may be a little bit pricey for some NAS. For Mac enthusiasts – it could be $10,000. That was number one.

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MP3 Player Inappropriate Content Upsets Family

MP3 player full of porn land under little girl’s treeParents were quite surprised when their daughter opened her new MP3 player – only to find it contained content inappropriate for children, even shocking for some adults.

The device was loaded with porn. Prompting the young girl to ask, “Why would Santa do this to me?”, her parents immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

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Music Deals may be worth Nothing

CDT LogoIf you have decided to take the leap of actually purchasing your music online like most people do these days, then you probably decided you should look around a little before comitting to 99¢ per song – am I right so far? Well, some of these online sites which provide you with access to millions of songs and a dirt-cheap price – may be illegal. Completely.

For some time the RIAA has been making noise about those who dare to download music for free. Thanks to the Fifth Amendment, I have no comment on that type of activity – but I will say this – it’s been years since I downloaded music online. The sad thing is, my music collection doesn’t seem out of date to me – I was actually downloading even older music – and I think I actually have all I need. Well, now there is a group, called the Center for Democracy and Technology, who have published a list of websites which do NOT have licensing agreements with the music companies – yet offer music for a fee.


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Samsung F200 Unlocked GSM Phone. Swivel Your Hips, Swivel your Handset.

Hey E-Readers!

Looking for a cool way to take your music on the road? You’re not toting around a cell phone and an MP3 player, are you? Get with it! In fact, get a Samsung F200 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. This sleek little beauty is designed to be as small as a portable audio player (one of the small ones, anyway) but as useful as a phone. In fact, you can use it as a phone! Because it is one. Intrigued?

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Cash only customers out of luck with iPhone

Apple Inc. Maker of the iPhone, iPod, and iPod TouchLike those debit card commercials that depict a utopian marketplace where only the use of cash can cause catastrophe, Apple inc. has recently begun frowning on cash purchases of the iPhone.

Apple has also limited the number of iPhones any single customer can purchase, down to two from the original 5. It is widely believed that Apple wants to limit the number of people who are buying the phone in order to unlock it (in other words, use on any carrier but that of AT&T) and to prevent resellers.

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Lower Prices for DRM Free Music on iTunes

Good News for iPod owners: Apple is slashing the price of its premium DRM-free music tracks offered on iTunes. The iTunes website, which sells the only DRM protected music compatible with the iPod music player, has offered DRM free music tracks for a while now. However, those tracks cost more money than your average iPod only songs.

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Zune, Zune, Zune! (sorry) 3 New Models from Microsoft

zunedevicefamily.jpgMicrosoft is upping the ante in the mobile electronics arena with new models and features for use with its Zune iPod-fighting multimedia player. New offerings include smaller flash-based models and a social networking site built around sharing music and media files with other Zune Users. All this comes as Microsoft tries to wrestle valuable market share away from the venerable Apple iPod.

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s the brand new iPod Touch from Apple Inc.

Move over iPhone—or at least make room at the dinner table. Apple released its newest member of the iPod lineup, the iPod Touch, today. Built on the same chassis and featuring many of the same features as the iPhone, I think it’s the slickest looking iPod ever. Check it out!

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Is the World Ready for a New iPod?

Apple Inc. has announced via a cryptic flyer that there will be...an announcement.Apple Inc. is hosting an event on Wednesday September 5 that many think will be the stage for a new version of the company’s iconic iPod Portable Music Player line.

The Internet is all atwitter with speculation, started by the circulation of vague Apple event invitations bearing an image of a silhouetted iPod-wearing figure dancing above the words “The beat goes on.”

Apple’s iPod has become the most popular MP3 audio player in the world since its debut in 2001. Its most recent addition to the iPod line is the matchbook-size Shuffle introduced a year ago.

The full-size iPod has not been updated since 2005, when a video playing “fifth-generation” was introduced in October. Obsessives who watch Apple Inc.’s ever move believe the company is poised to reveal iPhone-inspired improvements (to the iPod) such as enhanced wireless capabilities and a large-screen iPod for better video viewing.

The timing of Apple’s event announcement could be to shore up its image in the wake of fall-outs with Hollywood and music studios that want more money for content sold on the iTunes online music store–a service that is paired exclusively for iPod and iPhone users.

The MusicPhone Perfected: Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman Unlocked GSM Phone

I remember my first Sony Walkman.

Who doesn’t? I had that thing with me everywhere I went until years later it started eating tapes instead of playing them. Sony had a great product there—and now they’ve got another. That’s because they’re bringing back the Walkman name in Sony Ericsson’s new Walkman Phones.

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