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The Evolution of The MP3 Player

music-staff.jpgSo you’re in the gym and see nearly everyone with some device strapped his or her arm. It looks like the remote control to your kid’s TV. The guy in the cube next to you at work always has his headphones on, his fingers drumming to a raucous beat that only he can hear. You take the kids to visit your mom and she even has one. What’s the world coming to? Are you the only person without one of those MP3 things? What’s it all about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between the MP3 players and how much do they cast? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get the knowledge you need and the player you want.

The History of the MP3
mp3_logo.jpgMany years ago in a galaxy far away, well actually less than 20 years ago and in Munich, Germany, the Moving Picture Expert Group Layer III (MP3) was created. The folks at the Franunhofer Institute began researching this technology in the late 1980s. In 1989 they received a German patent for the MP3, and in 1996 the United States issued a patent for the MP3. Within a couple years the whole world began to see MP3 music, and players began popping up everywhere.

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Sony BMG Reimburses Consumers for Anti-Piracy Software

 Sony VAIO XL1B2 200 Disc DVD/CD Burner Media Changer for Windows Media Center 2005 PC's and Sony XL1/ XL2 Digital Living Systems

Embedded Software Costs Music Giant Big Bucks 

Sony BMG Music Entertainment has agreed to pay 4.25 million dollars as part of a settlement between it and 39 states and the District of Columbia.  The issue at hand? Resolving problems caused by anti-piracy software that’s been secretely included in music CDs.  The programs, known as MediaMax or XCP, are difficult to locate or remove once on a PC.  A piece of the settlement is available to those consumers whose computers were  damaged when they attempted to find and remove the anti-piracy software. 

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Digital Rights Management – Update

Lady of JusticeSales are down with Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Zune only plays music from the Zune market place and Bill Gates gives short-term advice on DRM – “People should just buy a CD and rip it. You are legal then.” What’s next?

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The Holiday Gift for the Guy or Gal Who Has Everything!

icarta-angle-tp-ipod.jpgIt’s not a dream and your eyes are not playing tricks on your. It’s the toilet paper stereo dock for iPod from Atech.

The iCarta “TP” iPod dock features four high-performance moisture-free speakers (2 x tweeters & 2 woofers). While playing your favorite tune, it also charges your iPod shuffle or other audio devices with dock connectors.

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Musicgremlin – An alternative to Zune and iPod

…downloading all your favorite music on the go — anytime, anyplace — at the touch of a button…
…having music you like recommended and sent to your portable device automatically, while still keeping total control over your listening experience…
…sending and receiving music to and from your friends and other users wirelessly…

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