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Big Review: The Bigfoot K1 Killer Gigabit Network Card

Killer K1, the best valued gaming network product in the market, delivers you a faster online gaming experience by ensuring that your data gets to the game as quickly and efficiently as possible! This means you will get more stable and lower latencies and more frames per second in your favorite online games resulting in a smoother game play experience while you are in the heat of online battle!

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Video: D-Link RangeBooster 802.11n Product Series

The newest draft in 802.11 router speeds, called N, is up to 12 times faster than Wireless G networks!With some routers, all wired and wireless traffic, including VoIP, Video Streaming, Online Gaming, and Web browsing are mixed together into a single data stream. By handling data this way, applications like video streaming could pause or delay. With D-Link’s Intelligent QoS Technology, wired and wireless traffic is analyzed and separated into multiple data streams. These streams are then categorized by sensitivity to delay, so applications like VoIP, Video Streaming, and Online Gaming are given priority over Web browsing. This enables multiple applications to stream smoothly to your TV or PC and more. Check out this video as Sr. Editor Lonny Paul takes out some of the premier DLink Products!

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One Computer With 10 User Terminals…With nComputing!

nComputing allows for one computer, 10 user terminals!An up and coming company called nComputing has created a networking solution for low budget or small-scale applications. It utilizes hubs to connect a monitor and input devices to a small network that runs all of its peripheral workstations from one computer. Designed to take advantage of a computer’s unused processing power, it prevents the need for costly and high-upkeep servers or networks.

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NetGear Drops Some Knowlege On 2007 Lineup

NetGear had some fantastic stuff this year at the Tiger Symposium 2007. From the perfect router for streaming live television around your home to Gigabit smart switches for all your small business and networking needs, NetGear has what your looking for. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out this video that hashes out everything that NetGear’s got new for 2007.

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D-Link Unleashes Some Of Their New Lineup For 2007

D-Link at the Tiger Symposium 2007D-Link has long been one of the leaders in the networking and connectivity industry. They have been putting out top quality products for years now, and this upcoming 2007 is no exception. Check out some of the gadgets they’ve got headlining their booth at the Tiger Symposium this year!

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Skype Founders Unveil Global Online Television Service

Skype cofounder Niklas ZennstromOn Tuesday, the two entrepereneurs that founded the free online phone service company Skype announced that they would be doing it again: This time with television.

The third start up company for Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom is called Joost.  Joost is billing itself as the first free global TV distribution platform.  Theoretically intended to unite advertisers, content owners, and the general public in a sans-piracy interactive service.

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Tiger’s Top Ten Reasons To Switch To Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's New Operating System.  Do You Have it?As If You Needed A Reason.
Vista is the biggest, baddest operating system on the block this year, and you can’t wait to get your hands on it.  If you’ve been having a few reservations, here’s some food for thought: Tiger’s ten best reasons why you should switch to Vista.

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Servers – Uses and Benefits to Small Business Owners

CybertronPC - Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHzYou might have the world’s most compelling product line, but if you don’t handle your digital data efficiently, you’re not going to be successful. A powerful way to improve the speed and efficiency of your digital communications is to create server-based computer networks. A server is a computer that delivers information and software to other computers that are linked by a network. Servers offer essential benefits to businesses of all sizes by providing additional storage and processing power, centralized data migration, and effective backup features.

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Which Wi-Fi is Right for Your Business?

Lady using LaptopWi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity or 802.11x) – It’s simpler than you think and ready to be implemented into your business. From mom-and-pop business to Fortune 500 companies, they all are incorporating wireless fidelity and maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your small business’ network. We’ll help you understand the differences between the variations of Wi-Fi and which standard is best for your business.

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The Basics of a Home Network

Wireless Networking GraphicWithin the past five years, computer prices have fallen and the thought of having more than one computer in the home has become a reality. Today, there are multiple computers in the home and the need for home networks has grown tremendously. If you’ve thought about installing a home network, maybe now is the time to do so. Prices for networking hardware are relatively inexpensive and it is not very difficult to set it up.

What you must first do is

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