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ExpressCard Technology: An Overview

ExpressCardAs technology evolves, one this has remained constant – expandability on notebooks was primarily limited to the ‘PCMCIA (or PC Card) slot in the side. In 2004, the PCMCIA organization released a new technology – ExpressCardTM. This overview will provide an in-depth look at this new interface standard for notebooks and mobile systems.

expresscardnotebook-hi.jpgTouted as the ‘New Standard for High-Performance, Lost-Cost I/O Expansion for Desktop and Mobile Systems,” ExpressCard Technology promises to deliver modular expansion at a lower cost and in a smaller form factor – with up to 2.5Gb/s bandwidth throughput. Users will be able to add memory, communications and security devices by simply inserting ExpressCard modules into their systems. The new standard supports ‘sealed box’ expandability in desktops and allows for thinner notebook design.

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Holiday Gift for the Excessive Traveler – Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

It’s the holiday season and everyone is look for the perfect gift to give. If you know someone who travels a lot, or even yourself and you own a laptop, this may be the perfect gift. Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick
Pinnacle’s PCTV HD Pro Stick allows you to watch live high-quality digital HD and SD Television – via your laptop from anywhere! It also comes with a remote for ease of use and convenience. The PCTV HD Pro Stick also has an option for automated digital recording of programs in SD or HD using Pinnacle’s MediaCenter. You can also record media directly to your computer’s hard drive. Capture media from VCRs, camcorders, DVD players and other devices. The Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick can also be used on desktop machines.

If you’re looking for a gift for the person seems to have everything, they surely will appreciate and enjoy Pinnacle’s PCTV HD Pro Stick.

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Tech Gifts for the Entire Family!

You’ve been searching around for the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that makes you that special husband or wife – you shouldn’t have. Well here’s a list of gifts that will put you on the winning team!

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Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC VideoReview

Win a Playstation 3 from TigerDirectBlogA brief look at the Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC.

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A Tale of Two Laptops…

In a distant land, where unicorns, hobbits and ogres roamed, there was a little boy that dreamed of owning a laptop that was fast, with a vibrant color LCD display and he wanted to be the envy of his town. Unicorn

Many years passed and now the boy was a young man. But his dream never faded away. Then, one fateful day…

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Fast, Sleek and Beautiful… Acer’s Ferrari FR5005WLMi

Acer Ferrari 5005WLMi-4

The importance of a company is judged by its products, knowledgeable staff and from the value and reputation of its marquee. This is the reason why Acer and Ferrari have joined forces to produce and brand, quite possibly one of the best notebooks on the market today. But what makes the Acer Ferrari FR5005WLMi one of the best notebooks on the market?

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Looking for a notebook

World of WarCraft - Barebone SpecialI want to buy my daughter a notebook for college and I want it to be good enough to play World of Warcraft in her spare time, but I really can’t afford a lot. I know you need a lot of ram and a good video card for that game.

What would be a good choice and around what price would I have to pay?

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