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Apple new ‘i-Phone’ debut by Steve Jobs

Well, it seems that people are totally wanting the new cellular phone/iPod integrated all-in-one device that allows you to do most anything, if it gets to stay the ‘iPhone,’ only time will tell.

Featuring all the features of Windows Media plus Internet connectivity, this device is pretty amazing.

TigerDirect’s 10th Annual “Build Your Own PC Race” Contest Is A Big Hit!

10th Annual Build Your Own PC RaceAre You A PC Builder? Put Your Money Where Your CPU Is (Or Goes)!

Journalists hailing from prominent PC publications, newsletters, magazines, and web-newscasts vied for their fifteen minutes of fame at the CES convention in Las Vegas. They competed in the “Build Your Own PC Race”, a charity event benefiting their favorite educational or other charity.

TigerDirect, an online computer and electronics retailer based out of Miami, hosted the 10th annual “Build Your Own PC Race”, which was held for charity. The PCs are donated to non-profit organizations, and an additional $10,000 is donated to the winner’s charity of choice. Other cash prizes are given to the 1st and 2nd runner up as well.

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Servers – Uses and Benefits to Small Business Owners

CybertronPC - Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHzYou might have the world’s most compelling product line, but if you don’t handle your digital data efficiently, you’re not going to be successful. A powerful way to improve the speed and efficiency of your digital communications is to create server-based computer networks. A server is a computer that delivers information and software to other computers that are linked by a network. Servers offer essential benefits to businesses of all sizes by providing additional storage and processing power, centralized data migration, and effective backup features.

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Need help with Video Card

XFX GeForce 7600 GT Fatal1ty EditionCurrently I am building a Computer. In that computer I need a video card, and a good one as well. I am willing to pay 500 for a 8800 if that is what I need, but only if that is what I need. The parts that are currently in my possession are as follows:

Cheiftech full-tower case
AMD Anthlon 3500+
WD SATAII Hard Drive
Sony DVD Burnner

I plan to have these parts as well

600W+ PSU

So as you can see I would need only a video card to finnish and I need a good one; one that would run almost any game out there(even if I will half to decrease quality a little, but I do want at least medium settings. Alos I don’t like ATI video cards. I’ve looked at 7950GT’s, 7600GT’s, and 8800GTS’s. I just don’t know what product I should buy.

Enter The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

GPU itselfNot All Graphics Processors Are Created Equal.
You expect the next entry in high-end graphics cards to be spectacular.  In this respect, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX does not disappoint.  This graphics processor delivers a major boost over previous GPUs.  That should be enough to get most serious gamers to upgrade their hardware, but there’s more to it than that!

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A Few Neat Tricks In Windows Vista

Vista LogoVista is Here. But are you Vista Savvy? Read on to find out!
You’ve gotten your hands on Vista. It’s new, you’re excited: but what can you do with Vista, once you’ve gone and installed it on your premium ready machine? Here’s some great tricks you can accomplish once you’ve decided to enter the Vista experience. Read on, and impress friends and coworkers with your Vista knowledge that’s already ahead of the curve!

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Which Wi-Fi is Right for Your Business?

Lady using LaptopWi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity or 802.11x) – It’s simpler than you think and ready to be implemented into your business. From mom-and-pop business to Fortune 500 companies, they all are incorporating wireless fidelity and maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your small business’ network. We’ll help you understand the differences between the variations of Wi-Fi and which standard is best for your business.

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Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

No Cell PhoneHave you ever been seated in a theatre and the villain is about to be uncovered and someone’s cell phone rings – and he or she answers it. How annoying! How Rude! They just ruined the movie for you. How about when you’re about to enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant and the person sitting at the table next to you decides to have a conversation on their cell phone about their recent surgery. What if it’s your cell phone that rings while you’re at the museum. Do you answer it? Do you let it continue to ring? We’ll help you learn the proper etiquette of using a cell phone in public.

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A Tale of Two Televisions

Our Intrepid Sr. Editor Lonny Paul Breaks Down a pair of Televisions that You just have to Have.

Sharp LC-46D62U 46 Inch LCD HDTV
The AQUOS® LC-46D62U sets a new standard for large-screen flat-panel TVs. With Full HD Spec 1080p resolution, dramatically enhanced black level and an elegant new design, it produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none.


Panasonic TH50PH9UK Huge 50 Inch Plasma Television
A 50″ plasma display with the size and the exceptional image quality that is equally at home in the broadcast studio, a corporate boardroom, or on the set.

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Gemini CDT-05 Continues Trend of Excellence

Gemini CDT-05 hybrid turntable

Gemini Logo

Live to Play.  Play to Live.

Gemini Sound Products has one mission:  to enhance your musical experience through function and performance. They’ve built their business over the last 30 years on understanding what’s really wanted and valued in DJ and Pro Audio products. They accompany this devotion to detail with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

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