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Introducing the Microsoft Zune!

 Microsoft's New Zune

The day has finally arrived and the Zune is here. If you haven’t given much attention to all the press, then shame on you. Microsoft has aired all types of commercials and concerts. Check out some of the photos and commercials for the Zune release.

Bill Gates gave away a Zune to a lucky person at the Zune release concert in Seattle, WA. The Secret Machines also perform for the Zune release.

Bill Gates Zune Giveaway  bill-gates-zune-giveaway.jpg Zune Concert in Seattle with The Secret Machines

Queens of the Stone Age playing at the Zune Release in New York

Zune Release Party in New York with Queens of the Stone Age  Queens of the Stone Age release in New York

Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the release party in Los Angeles

Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at Zune Release Party in Los Angeles, CA  Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at Zune Release Party  Red Hot Chili Peppers perform for the Zune release in Los Angeles, CA

Richie Spice performs in Miami, FL for the Zune release.

Zune release party in Miami, FL with Richie Spice  Zune release concert with Richie Spice in Miami, FL

The Zune release in Atlanta, GA T.I. performs.

T.I. performs for the Zune Release in Atlanta, GA  Zune release concert with T.I. in Atlanta, GA  Zune release concert with T.I. in Atlanta, GA

If you missed the commercials for the Microsoft Zune, here are a few for you to check out.

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Cingular Partners with HBO Latino for Mobile Phones

¡Hola mis amigos! ¿Cómo está usted hoy? And for our non-Spanish speaking/reading friends, hello and how are you today?

Cingular has followed in the footsteps of cellular carriers Sprint and Verizon by offering video content to 3G phones in its 3G markets, but with a little twist. Cingular has teamed up with HBO Latino to provide Spanish video content. HBO Latino

Some of the programs that Cingular will provide from HBO will be El Perro y El Gato – which teaches English and Spanish vocabulary to children, Habla Mas and Spanish language boxing – Generación Boxeo .

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Systemax Impact – Tiny in Size, Big in Power!

Systemax Impact Mini-PCBeen searching for a less-than-fullsize-desktop solution? Well, never judge a book by it’s cover! This great little formfactor packs a powerful computing punch with the 64-bit Intel Duo Core processor, 1GB of RAM and ready for Vista!

Powerful enough for an office yet compact enough to fit in your automobile’s glovebox – this PC can do about anything!

Systemax Mini Desktop PC With TV Tuner and Windows Media Center

The Systemax Impact VXR2 Mini PC comes with a 64-bit dual core Intel T5500 Core2 Duo processor 1.66GHz, 667MHz Front Side Bus with 2MB of internal cache for greater performance and faster multi-tasking The spectacular Mini PC boasts 1GB of quick, efficient DDR2 memory and a huge 80GB SATA hard drive. There is also a top-quality DVD±RW burner you can use to watch DVD movies, listen to CDs and to burn data, music and movies to DVDs and CDs. The TV-Out connector and audio output jack allow you to add the features of a wireless PC to your entertainment center. Take it to LAN parties or any place where there is a compatible display and speakers or use headphones. It comes with a Microsoft USB Keyboard and Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse.

A True Media Center PC

This little rocket runs on Microsofts Windows XP Media Center 2005 operating system and it comes with a TV tuner and remote so you can have a true multimedia Mini PC It has everything you need for organizing your music, video clips and photos, internet, email, home and office programs, LAN parties and games in a convenient and portable Mini case that is only 6 and 1/2 inches wide/deep and 2 inches tall!

Check it out: Systemax Impact VXR2 Intel T5500 Core2 Duo 1.66GHz 64-bitdual-core 1GB DDR2 80GB SATA HDD DVD±RW Gigabit & Wireless LAN TV Tuner Windows Media Center 2005 Mini Desktop PC 023361 at TigerDirect.com

Ready to use your iPod with Napster and other Services?

Cracking the Code...iTunes lockdown on the iPod was eventually going to crumble, and crumble it has at the hands of a Norwegian hacker who..

..cracked the encryption on DVDs has found a way to unlock the code that prevents iPod users from playing songs from download music stores other than Apple’s iTunes, his company said on Tuesday.

Jon Lech Johansen, a 22-year-old who lives in San Francisco, cracked Apple’s FairPlay copy-protection technology, said Monique Farantzos, managing director at DoubleTwist, the company that plans to license the code to businesses.

“What he did was basically reverse-engineer FairPlay,” she said. “This allows other companies to offer content for the iPod.”

So, with the massively brilliant minds at iPod, will they be able to push a rev to their software modifying the DRM of FairPlay to block the competition? Maybe the iPod also seeks to find the physical source of the distribution against a list of allowable values – don’t think that Apple will not fight back to retain their 95% share on the downloaded music marketplace.

It it was not for the iPod, would Apple have gained any of their recent popularity?

Source: Wired News

BlackBerry…More Than a Fruit

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a BlackBerry for the past couple of BlackBerry 7100years. I like the thought of accessing my email from places on the go but don’t particularly like lugging my notebook, iPAQ, cell phone and everything else. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Motorola Razr, but I’d love to have an all-inclusive device that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. However the previous Blackberries were too bulky, cost too much and didn’t look cool. Well, I’ve been searching and waiting and I think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.

The BlackBerry is no longer for just the corporate or enterprise person. The BlackBerry 7100 is a world class PDA/phone. Because I travel a lot, I love the fact that the BlackBerry 7100 is a Quad-Band cellular phone. As long as my carrier has a contract with the regional BlackBerry 7100carrier, I can receive and make calls nearly anywhere in the world – roaming of course.

This is a fantastic benefit for anyone who travels internationally. One feature you’ll notice instantly is the shape, size and weight of the 7100. RIM has made a huge step in my opinion – the right direction. The 7100 is a “candy-bar” shaped cellular phone/PDA that is actually looks and feel great in the hand. So, what else is there about the Blackberry 7100 to love?

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Happy Birthday iPod!

Apple iPodYep, it’s been five years since the iPod made its way into the pockets of millions of people around the globe. Love it or hate it, the iPod is the king of mobile media taking the reign from Sony’s longstanding hold on the Walkman meteroic rise. But Sony could have never predicted the success of the iPod, I mean, heck, it is an Apple product and they’ve never seen more than single digit market share on any product.

If you don’t have one yet, you probably want one, and Tiger has a price that’s pretty incredible on the 30GB model. Haven’t seen it?

Time for the world’s best music player to take the stage for another encore. The 30GB model holds up to 7,500 songs, full-color album art and up to 12,500 photos, the new iPod makes the most of your music and more. Yeah, you’ve heard that tune before. Only now, you can watch it, too. With support for up to 75 hours of video and a 2.5-inch color display, and at under half an inch thin, the new 30GB iPod takes up about 45 percent less room than the original iPod.

Happy Birthday iPod!

Check it out: Apple iPod Video 30GB New MA146LLAX at TigerDirect.com

Oh No…My iPod is Sick!

Black Video iPod Last month, Apple discovered that less than 1% of its Video iPods were shipped with RavMonE.exe, a Windows virus. The Video iPods were shipped out after September 12, 2006 from one of Apple’s contract manufacturers. The virus did not affect the iPod Nano, Shuffle or Mac OS X.

Apple’s said on its website, “As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it.” An up-to-date virus anti-virus program should remove it, but if you do not currently have an anti-virus program, there are several free programs on the net and Apple has also linked to some anti-virus programs via its support site.

In addition to removing the virus from your Video iPod, be sure to scan all of your mass storage devices such as external hard drives and flash drives due to this virus propagating via mass storage devices.

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