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Konica magicolor 2500W Color Laser Printer

Konica magicolor 2500W Color Laser PrinterIf you’re looking for an affordable color laser printer that performs well, then the Konica magicolor 2500W Color Laser Printer is just the one for you. The magicolor 2500W is a machine that offers the performance level of its more expensive counterparts, at a much more affordable price. It’ll easily meet all the printing needs of your home or small office.

Being one of the more affordable color laser printers out in the market today, you might be inclined to think that the magicolor 2500W doesn’t perform well. But Konica built this color laser printer for the demanding consumer. As such, you can expect nothing but the best!

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Workplace Workhorse Printer: HP 3600n Color LaserJet

The HP Color LaserJet 3600n printerDo you think that your office printer is hindering you from making it to your deadlines? Is your printer always giving out poor images in color? If you’re looking for a speedy and reliable color printer that can withstand the high demands of your office, then you should take a look at the HP Color LaserJet 3600n printer. Everything you need in an office printer is all here in this compact box.

Solidly built and cleverly designed to blend in with rest of the office equipment in any business setup, this wonderful offering from the world leader of innovative printing products is definitely a must-have.

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Workload, Shmerkload: The Xerox Phaser 4510/YDX Laser Printer

Xerox Phaser 4510/YDX Laser Printer If you are looking for that serious printer to fulfill the demands of your business printing, then the Xerox Phaser 4510/YDX Laser Printer is the one you should set your sights on.

This black and white laser printer is fast, reliable and productive. Its proven capacity for mass production without a sacrifice in quality is a truly innovative business solution.

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The Xerox Phaser 6180/DN Color Laser is Small Business Powerhouse

Xerox Phaser 6180/DN Color Laser PrinterThere are lots of options when it comes to choosing the printer that’s right for your home or office. Finding one that’s the right fit for your particular office’s workflow is a much more difficult task. Especially since many of these printers appear to offer equal performance, at least on paper.

The truth is, not all printers are created equal: some offer better performance for specific tasks. If you’re looking for equipment that’s among the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with Xerox. Enter the Xerox Phaser 6180/DN laser printer: just one look at its output and you’ll see it’s the right choice.

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Office Work Takes a Big Leap: Xerox WorkCentre 4150/C

Xerox WorkCentre 4150/C CopierXerox has always been synonymous to high-quality photocopying. A pioneer and a master of the craft, people expect nothing less than quality from Xerox equipment.

The Xerox WorkCentre 4150/C Copier does not disappoint the Xerox faithful: With this capable and full-featured machine, the copying industry (and the workplace machines that drive it) has taken a giant leap forward!

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Brother HL-5280DW Refurbished Laser Printer

Brother HL-5280DW Laser PrinterPrice is always a limiting factor when it comes to shopping for any piece of office equipment, especially a printer. But there comes a point where you’ve got to consider output quality and reliability as well.

Want the best of both worlds? Check out the Brother HL-5280DW Refurbished Laser Printer. We carry both the refurb and the brand new versions, so no matter how big (or small!) your budget is, it’s the perfect Laser for you!

The Goods to Get the Job Done

Featuring a rugged, cube-like design, the Brother HL-5280DW Laser Printer means business more than anything else: this printer prioritizes function over form. It sports a two-tone color scheme, a polished surface and straightforward design lines. Let’s start with the easy-to-use controls found on the flat top portion of the printer. Brother HL-5280DW Laser PrinterBrightly-labeled and aptly-sized, the buttons on the control interface translate to effortless use of the printer. A 3-color LCD display meanwhile lets you easily set up and configure printer settings, as well as view print status immediately. All these seemingly-little things add up to make your printing experience just that much more enjoyable.

Don’t let its boxy appearance fool you; the Brother HL-5280DW Laser Printer is a well-rounded piece of equipment. Equipped with a 266 MHz and 32 MB of system memory, this printer is able to achieve high rates of productivity. You’ll get to printing ASAP since it has a quick first page output time of less than 8.5 seconds on the average. It prints black documents fast at speeds of up to 30 PPM. As well, the quality of the print can’t be denied since it can print with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI—the longstanding standard for printing black documents. With its duplex printing capabilities, you can easily print brochures and manuals while saving paper, and money. Assisting you to print efficiently is its 250-paper sheet input tray. For added convenience, an optional 500-paper sheet input tray brings the total to 750 sheets. With a maximum duty cycle of 20,000 pages per month, this printer is great for busy offices and workgroups. Simply put, it won’t let you down.

One other key appeal of the Brother HL-5280DW Laser Printer is that it offers several connectivity options. Brother HL-5280DW Laser PrinterYou can connect it directly to a PC through a parallel or USB connection. You can also easily integrate it to your home/office network, by making use of its built-in networking options, namely Wireless 802.11 b/g and LAN. Now, everyone in the workgroup will be able to use this printer’s functions. Lastly, with secure print capabilities, you protect yourself from people who would want to see all the sensitive data found in your print-out. It’s an extra feature that will go a long way for offices who’d like to keep a couple of things, confidential.

All in all, look for the Brother HL-5280DW Refurbished Laser Printer to solve all your monochromatic printing needs. This refurbished unit has undergone rigorous testing to ensure you that you get a quality product at a more affordable price. Think of all the savings you make when you purchase this printer; not only does it come with a very attractive price tag, it also does its job efficiently as well.

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The HP LaserJet M3027X Multifunction is Inexpensive and Reliable

HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser PrinterPrinters have become the standard for home and office computer use. They can turn out photos nearly indistinguishable from the lab-processed ones, and print them on stickers, transparencies, banners, and greeting cards as well.

However, in an office setup, it is imperative that equipment is reliable and affordable. This is why that the best choice is one that is capable of delivering high performance quality and reliability in your office: The HP LaserJet M3027X Multifunction Laser Printer.

Get Set for Laserjet!

Manufactured and engineered by Hewlett Packard, this printer is so versatile and flexible that you won’t regret purchasing it for an instant. Aside from being a more than competent copying machine capable of scanning up to 600 dpi, you’ll get clear copies every time you print: no more black splotches and scratches on your workload. HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser PrinterYou can even reduce or enlarge copied images from 25% to 400% of its original size.

Laser printers usually out-produce inkjets, so it’s no surprise that this machine can crank out black and white text at a rate of 9 to 27 pages per minute. The speed of the HP LaserJet M3027X MFP alone will prove worth every penny. Black-and-white laser printers cost about as much as mid-priced inkjets in general, but this one in particular is even cheaper as well as easier to operate. You can print thousands of black and white pages for a per-page cost of 2 to 3 cents and its Maximum Duty Cycle reaches 75,000 Pages per Month. You’ll definitely appreciate the HP LaserJet M3027X MFP for constantly giving you great performance, especially considering the impressive 27 page per minute output speed and 1200x1200dpi resolution. This can definitely be the ideal office tool for your business!

In addition, to its copying and printing capability, the HP LaserJet M3027X MFP has a great auto duplexer, and features astounding scanning and fax capabilities. The fax machine function allows you to hold A4 pages in memory, and gives you 110 broadcasting stations with fax forwarding and automatic redialing. HP LaserJet M3027x MFC Laser PrinterSo besides having the luxury of a high-grade photocopier and printer, you get the bonus of many other functions included.

What’s more is that it is a plug-and-play device which can be conveniently attached via USB to any portable or desktop computer with a Windows or Mac operating system. How convenient is that? And since this device can easily print, copy, scan, fax and send the copies to your email, office work will be more productive than ever before! As the saying goes, “Time is money.” If that sounds like your motto, then this gadget is perfect for you.

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The Xerox Phaser 5500N Mono Laser Printer Belongs on Star Trek

Xerox Phaser 5500N Mono Laser Printer Looking for a monochromatic laser printer leaves you no small amount of options to choose from. Manufacturers constantly come up with ways to make our lives easier, but rarely simplify things when it comes to making the right decision!

Let us make your choice a bit simpler: the Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer is the perfect printer for you…especially if you have a small to mid-sized business that tackles large-scale print projects on a daily basis.

Set Phasers to “Work Really Hard”

Printing loads in black-and-white has never been easier and faster. The Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer is at it’s simplest a sturdy printer with an astounding 1200×1200 DPI resolution. This printer is guaranteed to deliver crisp and clear text and image quality on every page. Xerox Phaser 5500N Mono Laser Printer Because this Phaser printer makes use of Xerox’s Emulsion Aggregate (EA) Toner, you get sharper, uniform image quality than with conventional toner (or conventional printers, for that matter). The EA Toner is also capable of delivering improved fine lines and text at a much faster warm-up time. With the maximum duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month, don’t worry about ruining your printer during the busiest office days. Because of its standard paper input and output capacities of 1100 and 500 sheets, you’ll be able to print a large amount of documents at any given time.

Having several computers in your office no longer means several printers as well. Since this unit comes with 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet support, you can connect a number of computers to the Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer through your office’s network. This printer can also be configured to be a dedicated printer by using its USB 2.0 connectivity option or a parallel port, if you’re using an older system.

The Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer not only offers fast printing time and capacity. It also has other features that greatly improve the way we print in the office. With this feature-packed printer, you get to separate print jobs with blank sheets, making it easy to identify separate printjob documents from each other. You can also collate and print multiple copies of multiple-page files in the proper order!

You can also set the printer to punch holes or staple the sheets together automatically, making your documents instantly ready for distribution. AutoFit automatically scales a page to best fit the sheet size of print media in the designated input array. This is a very environment-friendly feature because it reduces the amount of waste you accumulate on printing errors: You won’t have to discard paper just because you printed on A4 when it should have been on Legal.

Xerox Phaser 5500N Mono Laser Printer The Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer is so easy to install and manage because it has One-touch Phaser Installer (Guess how many buttons it takes to install it), PhaserSMART (providing online troubleshooting assistance), and Enhanced PrintingScout which provides on-screen instructions throughout the entire print job when the printer needs attention.

The Xerox Phaser 5500/N Mono Laser Printer is a great-value, heavy-duty printer that is able to lower the total cost of ownership in the long run. So Presto! Just like that, your search for the perfect mono-laser printer is over. You’re Welcome!

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Xerox WorkCentre PE120i MFP Mono Laser Printer

Xerox WorkCentre PE120i MultiFunction Black/White Laser PrinterIf you want a capable multifunction printer that can reduce production costs, save time, and greatly enhance office productivity, choose the Xerox WorkCentre PE120i MFP Mono Laser Printer. This reasonably-priced piece of office equipment is dedicated to efficiently supporting your business demands.

It’s got everything you need in a workgroup printer; as well as a copier, scanner, and fax machine. With all the features packed into this stand-alone, you’ll wonder how you got any work done without it!

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Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/N MFC Color Laser Printer

Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/N MFC Color Laser PrinterTo a certain extent, it is true that all MFPs or multi-function products are built of the same mold and with the same underlying design philosophy. What isn’t readily seen however is that some are designed for casual use while others are engineered for more demanding work. For offices that require heavy output and robust multi-functionality at the same time, the Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/N Multi Function Color Laser Printer is one smart choice. Watch your office’s productivity rise with the help from this great device from Xerox.

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