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Video: ViewSonic PJ258D DLP Projector

ViewSonic PJ258D DLP ProjectorThis projector sets the bar for digital lifestyle projectors! For work or play, the PJ2558D DLP projector perfectly converges exciting entertainment with professional practicality! The array of projector connectivity options allows you to connect a PC, DVD player, game consoles, and more! The integrated iPod dock even lets you project content directly from your video equipped iPod, for larger-than-life pictures and videos. Join TigerTV Host Jacia as she reviews this ViewSonic PJ2558D DLP Projector!

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Video: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 LCD ProjectorPrecision technology coupled with advanced video processing! The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400 is designed to allow for maximum installation flexibility. Now you can view movies the way filmmakers intended them to be seen with true cinema widescreen projection! This Epson is a truly versatile 720p resolution home theater projector. See you movies, shows, and multimedia with incredible color and vivid detail. Join TigerTV host Logan as he explains the many enhancing features of this capable HD LCD projector.

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Video: Amazing Mitsubishi PK10 Pocket Projector

For incredible LCD projector quality images from a device not much larger than bible, look no further than the Mitsubishi PK10 pocket projector! Dragging the projector to and from business meetings is over, this high-powered projector will fit inside a laptop case! Don’t take my word for it, watch as Senior Editor Lonny Paul goes over this great Mitsubishi projector and all it’s impressive features!

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Attention Entertainment Hounds On Budgets: The Acer XD1170D Projector Is What You Need

Designed specifically for budget-conscious entertainment enthusiasts, the Acer XD1170D digital projector delivers bright, colorful imagery via 2300 ANSI Lumens brightness and a 5-segment color wheel.

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Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter (PX-PA15AW)

Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter PX-PA15AWThe Plextor® PX-PA15AW Wireless Projector Adapter gives you the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images to any projector with a VGA connectivity, from anywhere in the room. PX-PA15AW receivers allow all meeting participants to receive content from the presenter. Your conference or meeting will never be the same.

Your All-in-one Wireless Presentation Solution!

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Plextor Product Update: World’s Fastest DVD Burner!

PlextorPlextor visited the offices of TigerDirect today to give all our employees the opportunity to learn more and feel the latest Plextor products hands-on. During the day, we were able to spend a few minutes with the Plextor representative to bring you a look at the latest gear.

Discussed were the Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter, the Plextor Premium PX-760A / 18x DVD Writer and the Plextor 80GB USB 2.0 Shock Proof Portable Hard Drive.

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TigerTracks: Projector User Spotted

TigerTracksTigerDirect makes an impact all over – and TigerTracks is our new column to track online whisperings of Tiger in people’s lives.. and also shares their experience in using a DLP projector as their primary television, causing massive amounts of gameplay and discussion…

internets_black_150.gifPhil and I stayed up until 2:00am playing Madden. Let me phrase that, I stayed up until 2:00am WINNING Madden. I don’t know what Phil was doing. He was there, and he was playing, but …

We’ve had the DLP projector subbing as full-time television for over a year now and this week is the first time we’ve used it for video games. This is dumb because, well, what’s not awesome about an 11-foot wide video game? Aside from the epilepsy? Problem is, I see a potentially monsterous time suck machine on the horizon. Good thing most video games are unbearably dumb.

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