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Help: USB Madness

Help!TigerDirect – Help!

I have a dual 7 slot USB Port and 4 slots on the board and a USB/Firewire card. You can see my configuration in the image here.

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What is the Best Way to Store Important Data?

With the internet explosion, and growing IT (information technology) age, there is a great need to be able to store all personal as well as important information. We’re in a digital world that is rapidly progressing. We see photography growing into digital pictures. Music is going into mp3s and wavs. Video going into mpegs, avis, and rmvbs. Do you see the digital technology trend? It’s exploding, and shows no signs of stopping!

Basically, there are 3 main types of data storage devices that I will comment about:

1)Flash storage

2)Hard Drives (HDDs)

3)Optical Media (CDs, DVDs, BDs)

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1TB Fantom G-Force MegaDisk

Fantom G-Force 1TB MegaDiskWhen asked a few weeks ago what drives we should order for some mid-level storage and back-up of files to take back to the states with us when we retrograde, I started poking around on TigerDirect. After researching almost every external drive in existence, I decided on the 1TB Fantom G-Force MegaDisk. We didn’t need anything fancy like a NAS RAID array or anything like that – just a large hard drive that has to handle only regular backups of some of our shared files.

So I ordered four of them from TigerDirect. They just got here a couple days ago and they are AWESOME.

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Beyond Micro/ Mobile/ 250GB External Hard Drive review.

Beyond Micro Mobile 250GB External Hard DriveI got the Beyond Micro 250GB Ext HD. It works great & stores all my audio & video files, on the same drive.

Recently, I needed to re-make 2 desktops, & so the BM 250GB HD proved to be the great asset. They work smoothly.

You’ll soon discover that nothing’s beyond the ability of Beyond Micro to create high performance data storage solutions at an affordable price. Proof positive is this Beyond Micro USB 2.0 Mobile Disk. This intensely compact, durable disk supports PIO modes 0, 3, 4 and UDMA modes 2. It works with both PC and Mac. Features an innovative stackable, space-saving design. And works with plug and play simplicity.

The Beyond Micro Mobile Disk complies with T13′s ATA/ATAPI-6 Draft Specification, supports Wakeup ability……..and boasts an external 30-watt power supply adapter. For performance beyond the extraordinary…….in a compact size that’s so perfectly adapted to your digital lifestyle…..that its Beyond Micro…… choose the Beyond Micro Mobile Disk. Save big dollars by selecting the beyond micro data storage solution.

Photo Credit: TigerDirect.com

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