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Tiger In Box: The Cure for the Common Question.

Here at TigerTV we’ve got enough experts to at least pretend we know everything there is to know about Computers, Electronics and more. But what about those of you that don’t have access to the tech-heads, hackers, and various other e-gurus wandering through these halls? For you, we have created Tiger In Box—an opportunity to get your so-important emails, questions, and burning technological issues (we suggest you put some thermal paste on that) out in the open and out of the way.

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BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC Water Cooled Edition 640MB Video Card

Redefine your gaming reality with the BFG NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTS OC™ Water Cooled Edition 640MB PCI Express® graphics card featuring the world’s first DirectX® 10 GPU and 8800 series water block.

With PC enthusiasts in mind, BFG and Danger Den co-developed this custom copper water block to feature exceptional thermal performance in a single slot design that frees up valuable space for other add-in cards. This replaces the standard double slot 8800 GTS fan for those who currently own or are purchasing a PC water cooling system. Each card is hand-built by a trained BFG technician with Arctic Silver® thermal compound and includes 1/2”, 3/8” and 1/4” fittings (barbs) allowing you to custom tailor it to your water cooling needs.

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Video Cards for the Weekend (And Full Time) Warrior

fatal-graphics.jpgSo you like video games. Who doesn’t. But if you are into PC games, then you know that you need significantly more everything than your storebought PC comes with (We’ll ignore those out there with unlimited wads of cash to spend on pre-built gaming rigs) if you want to compete. So we’ve put together a blog post with two video reviews about some really swell graphics cards. Whether you’re an AMD acolyte or an Intel zealot, we’ve got the DirectX 10 capable good stuff for you. Read on!

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Video Review: XFX GeForce Ultra 8800 SLI Graphics Card

XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra Graphics CardTechnically, this is a review of the three different graphics cards in the XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra series. Which is not to say that each of these (especially the extreme) graphics processors are not supremely cool. If you’re ready for a serious graphics upgrade (We’re talking Fastest card on the planet serious) then check out TigerTV host Logan as he breaks this massive card down for you. I mean massive.

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Biostar Showcase: The Biostar TA690GAM2 MicroATX Motherboard

This motherboard by Biostar is must-have for Multimedia PC builders.Are you ready to build your own media capable PC? If so, you’ll need one of these Biostar TA690GAM2 motherboards. That’s because there’s an all-digital HDMI port right on the board! There’s a host of other connections as well. If you want to know more, read on, or check out TigerTV host Logan’s video review!

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Sparkle Spotlight: Calibre 8800 GTX Graphics Card

sparkle-8800-complete-kit-pic.jpgLooking for some serious power from your Graphics Production department? Watch out, you’ll need plenty of space in your PC for this card. It’s a monster! The Calibre GeForce 8800 GTX Graphics Card leaves little room for interpretation…or for other cards. It came to work! This graphics card comes overclocked, right out of the box.

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Sparkle Spotlight: GeForce 8600 Graphics Cards

The Sparkle GeForce 8600 Graphics cards provide an economical way to get your graphics going!Now the award-winning NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 Series architecture extends to GeForce 8600 graphics processors. You’ve heard of the breaking edge Graphics component company Sparkle–or maybe you haven’t. If not, then you need to check out these affordable powerhouses. They’ll have your gameplay revving to new levels before you know it, and won’t cost more than you can handle.

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EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS KO ACS Edition Graphics Card

EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS KO ACS Edition Graphics CardDirectX 10. If you are a gamer, then you either know what this is, why you want it, or have been living in seclusion for some time now. When you get bored of checkers, DirectX 10 will blast your gaming experience to a whole new level (or completely to pieces) and you’ll need a DirectX 10 capable Graphics card to do it. May we humbly suggest the EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS KO ACS Edition Graphics Card? TigerTV Host Logan will fill you in on all the details of this incredible Graphics powerhouse…along with why you should buy it.

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XFX GeForce 8600 Graphics Cards

XFX GeForce 8600 Graphics CardsFor those out there who might not be capable or willing to spring for the more powerful (and MUCH more expensive) 8800 graphics cards, there remains the GeForce 8600 series from XFX. These cards are still very, very capable performers, especially when configured in multiple graphics card setups. This means that there are alternatives to blowing you bankroll on a massive 8800 (although we can all dream, can’t we?) Graphics card. Join TigerTV host Logan as he runs down some of the applicable specs for these great little powerhouses. You’ll be fragging villians in no time.

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EVGA GeForce 8600 GT/GTS SuperClocked Video Cards

EVGA GeForce 8600 GT/GTS Superclocked Video CardsWhat do you know about DirectX 10? With the help of the EVGA GeForce 8600 GT/GTS Superclocked Video Cards, TigerTV Host Logan is going to school you. Featuring the world’s first DirectX® 10 GPU and a powerful unified architecture that delivers an incredibly true-to-life gaming experience, these EVGA graphics cards can do truly amazing things. If you’re still lagging behind the rest of your gaming arena, then perhaps you need a dose of EVGA goodness. Check out Logan’s full review right here.

Power through games at record speeds and charge through game maps with vividly realistic, sun-up to sun-down HDR lighting effects while steering clear of mind-blowing physics effects such as explosions, fire, and smoke. Crank up 16x full-screen anti-aliasing without missing a beat – no jaggies, no worries. And relax watching your favorite movies with NVIDIA PureVideoâ„¢ technology.

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