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Record online radio stream Easily with Screamer Radio

screamer radio ssRecording online streams is something I haven’t done in years – but a friend was to perform on the local public radio station, so I quickly had to find something that would work. After a quick Google search, I found myself reading an article about some of the top stream recording applications out there.

Screamer Radio was a featured application, and free, so why not? I installed it expecting to probably download another, as it usually happens with freeware – but this time I was pretty surprised!

Screamer Radio took the MP3 stream URL quickly and was playing in sync with my browser (does that ever happen?), so I closed the browser, the stream continued, then I was able to click “REC” to start the recording process, now it’s seamlessly recording the audio stream in full stereo.

If you have a situation arise where you need to record a stream for some reason (like a friend performing or a live event you wish to hear again), check out Screamer Radio. It provides a quick and easy reliable solution for recording online streams for free.

Remember that all online streams are covered by some type of copyright, so please follow the rule of law for your location.

Take The Internet To New Places With Nokia N800

Nokia N800The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen display in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly make Internet Phone calls, check & send e-mail, instant message and so much more with the Nokia N800. You can also access Internet media at home or on-the-go with the Nokia N800′s high quality stereo audio.

The Nokia N800 NSeries Internet Tablet frees you from your desk and bulky laptop and places the World Wide Web and much more in the palm of your hand. The N800 is the ideal tool if you’re always on-the-go and need to stay connected. Once you use the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, you’ll never leave home without it. Order your Nokia N800 Internet Tablet today!

For those that say that there are better solutions, consider this:

  • 1. Price: The Nokia N800: is now below $300 ($229.99 right now! @ TigerDirect).
  • 2. Open Source: The Nokia N800 is a Linux device based on a modified version of Debian GNU/Linux that they call “Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition”. Nokia created the open source development platform for the 770 and N800. They’ve worked hard to encourage developers to port applications to this platform. You can find more info at www.maemo.org.
  • 3. Third Party Applications: Nokia strongly encourages 3rd party developers to make software for their N800 and 770 products, and most (if not all) of it is free on the Maemo site.
  • 4. No Service Contract Needed: With the Nokia N800, you can access the internet via Wi-Fi or with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. This allows you the freedom to use the mobile provider of your choosing.
  • 5. Removable Storage: The Nokia N800 has two memory slots that support a range of memory cards (SD, miniSD, microSD, MMC and RS-MMC). This allows you to keep one card in the device for a more permanent storage solution, and still have a slot available for cards from your camera or other device. With the falling price of memory cards, you could have several cards with music and videos tucked away in the carrying case that comes with the N800.
  • 6. Better Audio and Video Codec Support: The N800 supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Supported audio formats are AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RA (Real Audio), WAV, WMA. You can play videos in the following formats: 3GP, AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (Real Video), and Flash Video (YouTube!). That covers just about anything you’d ever want to play on a media device. You can even stream audio and video from networked computers!
  • 7. It’s Not a Cell Phone But You Can Still Make Calls: The N800 is not a cell phone, but because of its web-access you can run Internet-based phone applications. The N800 can be used to for making VoIP calls via Gizmo and GoogleTalk. Skype support is coming in the second quarter of 2007. This means that you can make cheap (or even free) calls anytime you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. With WiFi becoming more prevalent every day, this means you’ll soon be able to use your N800 to make calls from just about anywhere.
  • 8. Webcam for Video Conferencing: The N800 also has a built in webcam and supports video conferencing! How great would that be for your next conference call? StarWars-like video calls are not sci-fi for this device.
  • Source: Nokia

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    Cool Software Launched By Intel

    200801040_1.gifIn an effort to stay on top of the latest software trends and cool new startups, Intel launched a new site called Cool Software also known as CoolSW. It is an online community of people passionate about software. Here, members can post information about interesting new software companies and, more importantly, it allows the community to evaluate their performance by voting on whether they think a software company is, well, “cool.”

    The company that receives the highest number of positive votes is moved to the front page. This allows the start-up firm to gain access to free online advertising through user testimonials to back up their superb performance. While the site may be pretty entertaining to browse through, members can benefit from the submitted information about software applications and developers. Contributors are putting “Collective Intelligence” to work while creating growth opportunities for everyone.

    Anyone is welcome to visit, enjoy the postings and conversation. However, if you would like to be part of community to post, vote or comment, you will need to take the free and easy membership plunge. Just key in http://coolsw.intel.com/ and fill out the registration form. Once you have completed and submitted you application form, you are free to log in anytime to join this online community.

    To date, the site has generated a total of 920 software submissions with more to come. A total of 515 conversation threads have been initiated. These threads allow software experts to share their thoughts and insights on various technological updates, practices and trends in the software development industry.

    Source: Intel CoolSW

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    CybertronPC CAD Workstation and Visionman Linux Based Desktop

    This CybertronPC Extreme CAD workstation is ready to run anything from Maya to Autocad, from Bryce 3D Poser to Solidworks, to Catia and other designing software. It features an Intel Core 2 Extreme QUAD Core processor, 8GB of DDR2-800 memory, 2 Raptors in RAID 0, an NVIDIA QUADRO FX3500 workstation video card, and runs Windows XP Professsional 64-bit.

    visionman-linux-ubuntu-v133-8480.jpgVisionman Linux Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop PC
    This system is absolutely perfect for surfing the net, word processing, sharing photos, and a plethora of other applications. This Visionman system goes one step beyond, offering ALL the important and regularly used applications pre-installed and in full working order! Simply turn on your system, then with a simple click you can fire up instant messenging, the Firefox Internet browser, BitTorrent, word processing, spreadsheets, and the list goes on.

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    How Fast is Your System? Learn How to Benchmark Your Rig!

    40.jpgOverclocking is now a mainstream term in the computer world. Every gamer either has an overclocked system or wants and overclocked system.

    There are two reasons that benchmarking is important. You want to know the speed and you need to test the stability. Below are the programs that I use to benchmark every part of my system.

    Let’s start with the CPU. The real stress test is Prime 95. This will calculate prime numbers and tax the heck out of your CPU. If you have a dual or quad core you might need to open multiple instances and configure them to run on a different core.

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    iTunes Sounds Mud Compared to Foobar 2000

    You might not know it, but if you’ve been using iTunes for the PC you have been missing out. The Mac crowd has been enjoying audio of a much higher quality as it uses a different back-end to process the audio.

    We’re stuck with the crappy quicktime audio filters on PC. Quicktime is a resource hog and it also sounds like mud when compared to other programs.foobar-skin-1.jpgAllow me to introduce Foobar 2000. It is still in beta but it is extremely usable and it offers the best audio playback I have heard on a PC. The equalizer is infinitely better and the sound quality is amazing.

    I downloaded it then cranked up some In Flames. “Oh my God!” The wife came running around the corner to ask if everything was alright. “Yes it’s alright. This sounds amazing!”

    For the next couple hours I switched back and forth between iTunes and Foobar 2000; testing the same songs. As I did, iTunes sounded more and more like mud.

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    IBM Lotus Symphony Office Suite Unleashed – FREE

    IBM Lotus Symphony Office SuiteGoogle Apps users, individuals without the cash to shell out for a new copy of MS Office, there is another FREE alternative in town. OpenOffice has been making headway with millions of users worldwide, however today IBM announced their free office suite, IBM Lotus Symphony.

    This fully featured suite provides for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Business can test the waters and opt for IBM suppport as a paid service option. Symphony also adheres to the ODF open-document format, an existing international standard being challenged by Microsoft in favor of their own, newly defined format.

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    Help: Linux vs. Windows webhosting

    Help!I wondered which should be used for dynamics sites using flash css javascript forms etc.

    I was looking at this companies corporate plan and would like to have the option to set up several seperate websites for different customers assigning each an allotment of space with seperate access by them and allowing me access is this site suitable for my needs or is it as it seems just too good to be true???

    Editor’s Note

    Your comment has been escalated to a post as this is a great discussion topic. While many detail statistics which define Linux as the primary operating system of choice for web hosting, Windows, and the advent of .NET has been gaining.

    Personally, I prefer Linux hosting due to it’s relatively less expensive hosting options, esp. when utilizing a dedicated server with databases (and requiring MS-SQL licenses). Exchange is expensive as can be and utilizing IMAP or POP is just fine for most people, yet being able to provide Exchange-Like features with other Open Source Applications.

    But readers – what do you think? Linux or Windows? The match is on!

    Fedora Linux Running on PlayStation 3

    Speculation is the PS/3, XBox 360 and WII will fight for the ‘desktop’ of the living room. Klippoth has posted this video of a full install of Fedora Linux running on the new Sony PS/3. Dual boots on the PS/3? It’s a reality!

    Want more?

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    African Penguins Turn Me On

    PenguinI took up computers as a hobby soon after I saw my Brother’s Apple II. I enjoy the whole field of computing. That being said, I can’t remember being excited about a personal discovery in computing since I used my dial-up modem to connect to my first bulletin board. Until now.

    I started looking at Ubuntu a few weeks back. The more I explore, the more excited I become. For those still in the dark, Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system. I’ll guarantee that the box I’m building right now will be Ubuntu-based. And once I become more proficient in linux-speak, I’m convinced that I’ll be switching over the LAN that I administer at work. Think of it…. No more Monopolysoft.

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