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Internet Heart Scans to Detect Cardiac Disorders

We’re getting so smart it’s almost scary, but this new technology promises to be beneficial. The David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) reports that new UCLA/Siemens Software Enables Imaging Experts tgo Perform MRI Scans Online by Remote Control. The article reveals:

UCLA radiologists and Siemens Medical Solutions have jointly developed remote-control software that enables an off-site imaging expert to log onto a personal computer and operate a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine by remote control.– Reported in the November issue of Radiology, the study found that the quality of the remote scans were superior to onsite scans by a less experienced technologist, suggesting options for helping facilities or regions with limited medical staff and expertise.

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Using Vista is Great!

Blogging in VistaFrustrated with your computing experience?  Vista may be the answer for you.

Today, I was able to finally get an upgrade on my now aging desktop.  This is a great new Systemax Venture PC, but the best part is – it’s totally Vista’d out!  With all the publicly available beta software, this machine is configured, from the ground up for the complete Vista experience.

Not available to the public, but as a means for me to experience the overall Vista immersion — well, it’s working.  First of all, the operating system is beautiful.  Simply incredible.  The inset photo does little justice to the clarity provided within the newly overhauled user interface.

Somethings are missing here and there that you may be used to in Windows XP, but I’m sure we will all adapt quickly.  Just beintg able to utilize this tool for my blogging has allowed me to better do so – with the interface seemingly making the words appear instantly in their final form… kinda cool.

If you haven’t done so yet, ensure your PC is ready for Windows Vista.  If not, get a new Vista Ready PC – best part is, any Systemax system purchased from this point forward will be eligible for a “Vista Express” upgrade upon it’s release.

For now, try to satisfy your cravings  by downloaiding the beta of Vista, Office and some of the new “Live” tools – it’s a totally new experience.

Windows Live Writer – What a treat!

Windows Live Writer BetaMicrosoft is making huge headway in their efforts to provide all the tools necessary to do your online tasks, like email, surfing and blogging too!

Not limited to if you wish to utilize one of their services, but tonight I was able to download and utilize Windows Live Writer (beta), which is a blogging tool.  This article was written with it, so I guess we will all see how it turns out. 

Upon immediate use, I was “wowed” by the fact that my standard editing interface was replaced with a customized interface, utilizing the CSS template of the blog itself.  As I write this post, I had to click on the ‘peach’ title area to write the title, then within the grey box surrounding the article itself to type the article.

This is a great tool, with built in features to insert links, pictures and even maps!

To learn more or download the tool, visit WindowsxLive.com.

Catalog Sneak Preview – FREE Vista Express Upgrades…

td-cover-preview.pngYou can say you saw it here first! Expected to start hitting homes across the United States today, the latest TigerDirect catalog details that new ‘Systemax Vista Ready’ systems will be eligible for FREE Express Upgrades to Microsoft Vista!

Yep – FREE! This is the longest “Express Upgrade” period ever offered by Microsoft during the release of their operating system and you can get it right here at TigerDirect on a quality Systemax computer.

Make sure to check the new TigerDirect Catalog cover for more details, and keep watching for other Vista information.

Ready for Vista? Give us your feedback – are you waiting with heated breath? Already using the beta? Tell us how anxious you are for the Vista release!

Windows Vista – The Long Wait is Over!

Microsoft Windows Vista (Credit: Microsoft.com/vista website)The long wait for the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is almost over. Tomorrow (Thursday, October 26th 2006) TigerDirect.com offers a FREE Express Upgrade to Windows Vista when you buy one of its select systems running on Microsoft Windows XP.

TigerDirect is proud to be a vital part of the launch of this historic new operating system, the first new version of Microsift’s flagship operating system since the October 25, 2001 launch of Windows XP, five years ago.

Dramatically redesigned, the new OS features tighter security, slicker visuals and friendlier–one might be tempted to say Mac-like–applications for managing photos, movies and music. – Wilson Rothman, Time Magazine October 8, 2006

Read the complete Time Magazine article on Microsoft Windows Vista:

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Vista In-Depth: A Totally New User Experience

Microsoft Vista is more than just ‘the latest version of Windows,’ in fact, much more. Remember that Vista is built from the ‘ground-up’ as a totally new operating system, with newfound abilities and efficiency. But the User Interface (sometimes referred to as the “gui” or “Graphical User Interface”) in Vista is out of this world.

Here, we look at the ultra cool and super sleek new user interface and it’s integrated new efficiencies. Vista is more than just visually pleasing – it’s built to work with you!

Easy User Interface of Microsoft Vista

Start using Windows Vista, and you immediately find yourself in something completely different. There are familiar items like the Start menu, but it’s pretty much revamped – faster, more efficient, more helpful than Windows XP. The Start menu features integrated “Instant Search,” a new feature which can help you find and launch almost anything on your PC, including applications, files, system folders, emails and more.

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The Microsoft Windows Vista ‘FlyThrough’

Playing with Vista is really fun. It’s such a great new computing experience, it seems like endless non-stop enjoyment – and it’s so much easier that jumping from application to application or trying to stay “inside the box” of AOL’s ‘walled garden.’

The new Microsoft Windows Vista truly allows you to have an unfettered experience that provides you with quick and easy access to do most anything. While we write more about the specific features in the new operating system, we thought we’d post this 1 minute ‘flythrough’ of Vista.

It’ll get your heart pumping.

To learn more, visit TigerDirectBlog or TigerDirect.com.

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