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A Tale of Two Laptops…

In a distant land, where unicorns, hobbits and ogres roamed, there was a little boy that dreamed of owning a laptop that was fast, with a vibrant color LCD display and he wanted to be the envy of his town. Unicorn

Many years passed and now the boy was a young man. But his dream never faded away. Then, one fateful day…

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Ultra Hydra 2GB Water Resistant mp3 Player VideoBlog Review

Ultra Hydra 2GB Water Resistant mp3 PlayerThe Hydra MP3 player from Ultra is much more than ‘just an MP3 player,’ it’s also a voice recorder, FM radio and has tons of great features and drag-and-drop convenience.


Check out the Ultra Hydra MP3 player at TigerDirect.com!

Review of LaCie Porsche 500gb External Hard Drive

This is a quick review of the LaCie Porsche 500gb external Hard drive available right now on TigerDirect for 209.99 with NO REBATES!

hdd My buddy ordered this drive a while ago from TigerDirect and received it last night. The initial reaction is “Wow“…

Aside from the drives standard stats and lack of FireWire 800, this drive is AWESOME. Initially it was much smaller than I anticipated, and the brushed aluminum front looks great. It has a huge power brick, but all external drives unfortunately seem to have this.

Lack of FireWire 800 would keep data-intensive Video and Photo editors away from this drive, though. The price ($209.99 right now on TigerDirect) also makes it a great drive for the buck.

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An Extreme Gaming Machine! Systemax Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700

Talk about an extreme machine? The heart of this system is Intel’s new Systemax Intel Quad-Core QX6700Quad-Core QX6700 Extreme processor. By far, one of the best processors on the market today. Intel prides itself on the quad-core technology mainly due to significant improvements in system responsiveness that made certain tasks to be off-loaded to specific cores. In laypersons terms, the processor selects jobs to be handled by specific cores. Thus it breaks up the workload and makes the PC run more efficiently and faster.

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Philips Ambilight Plasma Televisions – Got flair?

Philips Ambilight Plasma TelevisionEnjoy the ultimate viewing experience of this Philips Cineos Flat TV with Pixel Plus 2 HD, Ambilight 2, the latest PDP technology and table top stand. The Digital Media Reader via USB gives you full access to multimedia content.

While many people are still scratching their heads, asking “What the heck is Ambilight?” – I ask you to watch this video compilation including a Philips Ambilight commercial from Poland — if you haven’t already seen the “Hulk” video on TV lately.

So, the concept is that the experience you gain from the more “dramatic” lighting. While the current version @ TigerDirect offers the 2 channel Ambilight, watch for the forthcoming 4 channel models that are now being released. This technology can truly enhance your overall home theater (and GAMING) experience.

Check out the Philips 42″ HDMI Ambilight HDMI Plasma TV with FREE Shipping at TigerDirect.com!

Help: First Build – Case Recommendations Needed

Help!I’m building my first computer and im looking for some suggestions. I need some ideas for a good case for under $100. Something with filters or screens would be nice because my room is dusty.

I am using a Biostar TForce6100-939 NVIDIA Socket 939 Motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+. With that processer should I buy the regular windows pro SP2 or should I get Windows pro x64 or something else all together? Any other suggestions at all please feel free.

Introducing the Microsoft Zune!

 Microsoft's New Zune

The day has finally arrived and the Zune is here. If you haven’t given much attention to all the press, then shame on you. Microsoft has aired all types of commercials and concerts. Check out some of the photos and commercials for the Zune release.

Bill Gates gave away a Zune to a lucky person at the Zune release concert in Seattle, WA. The Secret Machines also perform for the Zune release.

Bill Gates Zune Giveaway  bill-gates-zune-giveaway.jpg Zune Concert in Seattle with The Secret Machines

Queens of the Stone Age playing at the Zune Release in New York

Zune Release Party in New York with Queens of the Stone Age  Queens of the Stone Age release in New York

Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the release party in Los Angeles

Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at Zune Release Party in Los Angeles, CA  Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at Zune Release Party  Red Hot Chili Peppers perform for the Zune release in Los Angeles, CA

Richie Spice performs in Miami, FL for the Zune release.

Zune release party in Miami, FL with Richie Spice  Zune release concert with Richie Spice in Miami, FL

The Zune release in Atlanta, GA T.I. performs.

T.I. performs for the Zune Release in Atlanta, GA  Zune release concert with T.I. in Atlanta, GA  Zune release concert with T.I. in Atlanta, GA

If you missed the commercials for the Microsoft Zune, here are a few for you to check out.

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XFX Geforce 7300LE Video Card Review

XFX GeForce 7300LE Video CardRecently moving to a Systemax Beast running Windows Vista, I quickly realized I couldn’t even use a test system with a single monitor, so it was time to add another video card. The XFX GeForce 7300LE was provided for me to install and use.

Hesitant as to how ‘well’ it was going to go, I was pretty much prepared for anything. Funny enough, it all went without a hitch. After installation, the onboard video was disabled and Vista how has a specific prompt when you connect a second monitor to determine what you want to do with it.

(For our video review… )

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Fast, Sleek and Beautiful… Acer’s Ferrari FR5005WLMi

Acer Ferrari 5005WLMi-4

The importance of a company is judged by its products, knowledgeable staff and from the value and reputation of its marquee. This is the reason why Acer and Ferrari have joined forces to produce and brand, quite possibly one of the best notebooks on the market today. But what makes the Acer Ferrari FR5005WLMi one of the best notebooks on the market?

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Battlefield 2142: Video Review

Battlefield 2142 is a great new game for the PC and it’s the ultimate in flexibility, customizability and futuristic…. watch…

I highly recommend this game for all PC gamers. The more you unlock, the more interesting it gets.

Lord Sardonic

Ed: This lad is one of the more popular on “YouTube” and hails us from the lovely country of New Zealand. Look forward to more from Lord Sardonic on TigerDirectBlog!

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