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TigerTRACKS: The Aggregating Educator

TigerTracksThis morning, we’ve spotted TigerTRACKS on the Blog of “The Aggregating Educator” Tiger’s listed at a top place to shop for “the best computer and electronic deals anywhere.”

…A better move is to check out ,Tiger Direct an e-store that bills itself as having “the best computer and electronic deals anywhere.” Since my old laptop is probably going to die on me any day now, and since I’m a broke grad student at the moment, I’m keeping an eye out for a barebones replacement that will see me through the rest of my coursework. TigerDirect, I’m pleased to report, offers refurbished notebooks starting at around $500, and desktops from about $400, including monitor….

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Who Said Macs Are Impervious to Computer Viruses?

Macarena Dancing Tube On November 3rd Symantec posted details of a Proof Of Concept (POC) “OSX.Macarena” virus that infected files on Macs running OS X.

“OSX.Macarena is a proof of concept virus that infects files in the current folder on the compromised computer,” as stated by Peter Ferrie of Symantec. The virus appends itself to files in the current directory on the compromised computer. Symantec assessed the threat level at low and the removal process as easy. This POC virus OSX.Macarena affects only Macs running on OS X and that are Intel based. PowerPC Mac users are should be okay for the moment.

Symantec virus definitions from November 3rd should remove OSX.Macarena if your Intel-Based Mac has been infected. If you’re one of the thousands that still don’t have an antivirus software, click here or you might be dancing the OSX.Macarena.

FAA Data-Mashup Animation Coolness

FAA Traffic PatternsMashups – or sites which utilize another non-connected datasource (ie another website, or the FAA) can provide interesting and fascinating results. This presentation is of air traffic as seen by the FAA.

The flight pattern visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya. Aaron Koblin has made an incredible presentation worth sharing with you.

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TigerDirect…Your the BEST on the Net…!

Hi…! I tell everybody where to Shop …TigerDirect…LOVE IT…! KyDan0

Ready for VoIP?

The Advantages of Internet Telephoning (and a Few Disadvantages)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has quickly advanced from being a novelty to a full-fledged force in the communications marketplace. Weary from paying huge phone bills, households and businesses now enjoy the dramatic savings of Internet telephone. It’s not unusual to see residential phone bills cut by $20 to $50 or more per month by switching from traditional phone lines to VoIP, which transmits your voice calls via the Internet, the same way your email is sent. While a normal telephone service transforms your voice into electronic signals, which your phone converts to sound, while VoIP technology digitizes your voice as just another bit of data. Now the major phone companies, as well as cable operators provide VoIP services, offering inexpensive local and long distance plans. Most of these providers also include an array of features similar to those offered by traditional carriers, such as caller ID, call waiting and voice mail as well as additional features such as the ability to use your home or business phone number no matter where you travel.

Creating a Virtual Office
This transportability is one of VoIP’s most powerful advantages. Using VoIP, you can actually make local calls using your home telephone number, even if you’re on the other side of the globe. Landline carriers cannot offer this benefit. All you have to do is bring your VoIP adapter with you on your travels, connect to a cable or DSL model, plug in your phone, and you your voice will be transmitted via broadband access. Imagine being able to set up a virtual office anywhere in the world, while still using your regular business phone number!

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100 Million Web Sites and Counting!

The World Wide Web Has Doubled in Size in the Last Two Years.Ever stop to think how many web sites are on the Internet?

According to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft, the Internet is now home to more than 100 million web sites. Netcraft’s November 2006 survey reveals that the Internet has added 27.4 million sites in 2006 alone and has doubled in size since May 2004. According to Netcraft, blogs and small business web sites have driven the explosive growth this year, with huge increases at free blogging services at Google and Microsoft.

Netcraft said that the U.S. remains the Internet champion with 55 million web sites, folllowed by Germany with 15 million, the UK with 6 million, Canada with 3 million and France with 2.5 million.

Windows Easy Transfer – Vista Moving Service

Tired of moving from one PC to the next, changing all your settings, moving all your files, configuring everything all over again? Those tasks are a thing of the past when you are moving to the soon to be released Windows Vista!

Vista includes a new utility called “Easy Transfer” that allows you to quickly and easily move your files from your old PC to your new PC by a variety of methods including Thumb Drives, CDs, DVDs, direct-connect cables or even across your network. And it works great! Check out out video blog about this new product and some of the other cool things in Vista.

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Web-Based Video Editing and Sharing!

OneTrueMediaI ran across a site called onetruemedia.com.

It’s fast, easy web-based video editing/sharing. And I kind of love it. Here’s how it works: From the onetruemedia site, you can upload video clips and/or still images and arrange them into a “montage” or short video. Pick music from onetruemedia’s library and, well…that’s about it.

The system automatically adds transitions, lays in the music and creates a final cut for you to view, e-mail to friends or family—or you can order a DVD version of your video production. You can even select a custom “frame” within which your video will play.

So here’s how I used it

My daughter is a figure skater and we recently attented her competition. I snapped a bunch of still photos—and—using the arena’s wifi capability, I uploaded a series of the best photos—right from the SD card—to onetruemedia. I added some appropriate music—and created a FINISHED VIDEO BEFORE THE COMPETITION WAS OVER!

From my seat I sent the video via email to grandma and a few other family members and friends. While onetruemedia is not a full-featured video editing suite, it IS fast and simple. And because it’s web-based, I can create videos ANYWHERE I can find an Internet connection and something to share!

Try it, it’s actually a lot of fun.

TigerTracks: e-voting Machine WiFi Detection

TigerTracksJim Soper is ready to help protect democracy – with the ever increasing threat of ‘rigged elections,’ Jim has had TigerTracks spotted on his Blogger site, offering this advice..

If you want to know if a voting machine has active WiFi wireless

, you can use a laptop or some handheld devices such as a PDA or Cell Phone.

Electronic Voting MachineBetter would be to get a directional WiFi locator, because it can tell you not only if WiFi is present, but what direction its coming from.

I asked a hardware techie friend of mine, and he suggested buying the following device: Hawking – HWL1 – 802.11b/g WiFi Locator

Its $25.. at TigerDirect.com

Neither my friend nor myself has actually used this, but I think Ill get it or something similar in the next week.

Will your site be spotted next?

Source: News From Underground: How to check to see if your e-voting machine is WIRED

Tricky Double Voltage – Beware!

Beware of double voltage i.e. 220 vac instead of 120vac input ,when connecting separate computer components with USB, Firewire, TV -S connector or sound cables such as a printer, monitor, external hard drive or home theater system. This is especially noteworthy when the remote components are in separate room of the house or across the room and plugged into a separate outlet.

Electrical power is supplied to your house from the utility company with three cables; two power and one common. The power cables are identified as line one and line two. The voltage between line one and common is 120VAC . The same is true for line two at 120VAC. The voltage between line one and line two is 220VAC. The three cables are routed into the circuit breaker box and connected to separate buss bars. The breakers are plugged into the box and make connection to the buss bars for line one and line two. The arraignment of the breakers are alternating between line one and line two.

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