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LovLoss has TigerTracks on MySpace!

TigerTracksSeems that “Josephs Land,” bored in Tennessee can find joy in the toys and drive space available from TigerDirect….

Linux, Netflix, ..and TigerDirect have all been my friends in the past month. Its nice to find companies I can actually respect in the industry im likely to wind up. Im considering making some money helping people build and operate computers, since there’s a lot of [people] who don’t get email. I can certainly get some cash designing webpages, especially now that Im using Linux’s software for that. I just need to find out where to go for this sort of thing, and Ill be set.

963871468_m.jpg I truly feel like I am setting my sights intelligently. Every hour I spend programming, tinkering, doing anything other than playing video games endlessly, this is productive. I do not go to sleep wondering where my hours went. They were fun, fufilling, and ultimately useful. Every second I become stronger at this, and I impress myself.

So anyway, i now have linux, a lot of disk space and a whole bunch of stuff. TOYS! Who says grownups dont have them? ;D

Congrats for having your TigerTracks spotted!
Lovloss @ MySpace
From Murfreesboro, Tennessee

First Post-new to blogging

Hello folks,I am doing this for the first time in a public forum. I have done this for a very short time in a more or less private setting. I will try out doing this for a while and see if anyone even reads my ramblings-lol

This will be a short first entry but will be more interesting starting with the next post. Thanks for swinging by and remember-come back tomorrow for more…


Great of you to jump in! Let the technology debate begin!

Are You on Vox Yet?

Vox Logo It seems that more and more people are joining an online community. Either they are reading or writing in an online community, personal webpage or blog. Hey! That’s what we’re doing right now! Well, if you can’t beat ‘em… Add another online community to your list. Vox!

Vox is less than a week old and already it’s creating a buzz in the technology world. What I like about this community is that you can set privacy-viewing levels for anything that you post via its site. Vox has three privacy levels to choose from when you post new content.

  • Public – everyone and anyone can see what you post.
  • Family – only people on your family list can see specific posts.
  • Friends – only people in your friends list can see your postings.

It sounds pretty cool and maybe Vox will give other online communities such as MySpace or Orkut a run for their money.

What do you think about online communities?

Where do you see them going in the future. Will we begin to have virtual family reunions? How about retiring the company newsletter and starting a company community? I think online communities are the next step in the communication evolution and you can’t help but move on in. What are your thoughts?

Now only if we can keep the weirdoes out of the communities. Maybe we can find a way to boot them off while they are typing [disconnected from server]

Image Credit: Vox.com

Network neutrality – Have you heard?

Have you heard yet about Net Neutrality? In a nutshell, your ISP (Comcast, BellSouth, AT&T) could limit or restrict access to sites, content or incoming messages that they decide – not you. Net Neutrality enforces OPEN access to ALL content unilaterally.

Some broadband providers proposed to start charging content providers in return for higher levels of service. Packets originating from providers who pay the additional fees would in some fashion be given better than “neutral” handling, while those content providers who do not pay the higher fees would get a lesser level of service. Given this ability to accelerate the handling of selected packets, the service providers would perhaps give Quality of Service guarantees to given senders or recipients. This points out that once the net moves away from common carrier rules there are at least two levels of pricing: the price an ISP charges consumers for access and the price the ISP could charge Websites by varying bandwidth.

Videos about Net Neutrality

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The Quest and The Never Ending Search

Holy GrailIn my wildest imagination I would have never thought that I would do so much searching. My quest began nine years ago and to this day it has only gotten more desperate. This tireless quest apparently has no end as each day I wake up my search begins anew. You would think my heart would grow weary and with broken spirit I would just give up. But…not me! It seems I have an insatiable desire to seek. Even MORE amazing is the fact that millions upon millions more people wake up everyday with the same insatiable desire. They long for information, answers, advice, media, solutions, companionship, the meaning of life…you name it.

Of course the search I and millions of users initiate everyday involves Google (what did you think I was talking about, the Holy Grail?) No man! I am talking about the act of entering a key word or string into that little text box affectionately known as Google.

Here Cellie digresses just a little

Yup no doubt about it we all want relevant results. We don’t REALLY love searching do we? What we love is FINDING! The search part is really just foreplay and like most men, I can do without it! I want to get right down to the nitty gritty, no distractions and no bunny trails.

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To Ubunto or Not to Ubunto

UbuntuVista is coming out. I’ve been able to avoid XP up to now, running 2K at home and work. Since Microsoft is coming out with IE 7, it looks like I’ll have to leave 2K behind at work and shoot up to Vista. The question is, at home, should I go Ubuntu?

For home use, I’m beginning to take a serious look at Ubuntu. I change hardware configurations all the time, and really don’t want to waste my time proving to Microsoft that I’m not a pirate. I’ve done a little remote SSH on Linux servers, so have a touch of experience with the Linux command prompt. On the other hand, I design web sites and play games at home.

For my personal site, I could care less if IE users can’t access it. However, I can’t be quite so cavalier when it comes to client sites. My hope is that browser emulation sites will quickly include IE 7. Another alternative is WINE, which I’ve yet to research.

My intent is to post my experiences with taking the Linux plunge. Maybe it’ll help others who are considering the switch. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Internet Heart Scans to Detect Cardiac Disorders

We’re getting so smart it’s almost scary, but this new technology promises to be beneficial. The David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) reports that new UCLA/Siemens Software Enables Imaging Experts tgo Perform MRI Scans Online by Remote Control. The article reveals:

UCLA radiologists and Siemens Medical Solutions have jointly developed remote-control software that enables an off-site imaging expert to log onto a personal computer and operate a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine by remote control.– Reported in the November issue of Radiology, the study found that the quality of the remote scans were superior to onsite scans by a less experienced technologist, suggesting options for helping facilities or regions with limited medical staff and expertise.

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Under Fire? Report Cyber Attacks to the Feds.

Companies aren’t doing enough to help the Feds track down cyber-crimes like hacking and phishing. That’s according to a recent article in eWeek.com. Reporter Scott Ferguson writes:

Companies should do more to report cyber-crimes such as hacking and phishing to help federal authorities investigate and ensure that additional data isn’t compromised beyond initial attacks, a high-ranking FBI official said.

A huge issue for us is the underreporting of successful or almost successful hacking,” Special Agent Mark Mershin, the assistant director-in-charge of the FBI’s New York City Office, told a crowd gathered here at the Infosecurity Conference and Exhibition on Oct. 24.

A 30-year FBI veteran, Mershin was appointed to his current position at the bureau’s largest field office in May 2005. The expert spoke for a little more than an hour in a keynote address about the three most important issues facing the agency each day: counterterrorism, counterintelligence and cyber-crimes.

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Windows Live Writer – What a treat!

Windows Live Writer BetaMicrosoft is making huge headway in their efforts to provide all the tools necessary to do your online tasks, like email, surfing and blogging too!

Not limited to if you wish to utilize one of their services, but tonight I was able to download and utilize Windows Live Writer (beta), which is a blogging tool.  This article was written with it, so I guess we will all see how it turns out. 

Upon immediate use, I was “wowed” by the fact that my standard editing interface was replaced with a customized interface, utilizing the CSS template of the blog itself.  As I write this post, I had to click on the ‘peach’ title area to write the title, then within the grey box surrounding the article itself to type the article.

This is a great tool, with built in features to insert links, pictures and even maps!

To learn more or download the tool, visit WindowsxLive.com.

Collaborative Talks and Google Docs!

Google Docs Beta Logo Never underestimate the concept of thriftiness and ingenuity. Most small businesses are looking for solutions that allow them to run lean and mean. Google Docs (now in beta http://docs.google.com) meets a very practical need. Google Docs allows users to have a central web based location for word documents and spreadsheets and also allows collaboration from multiple editors all from the comfort of your favorite web browser.

Sure the functionality is simple but how much functionality do you really need to write a letter, proposal or contract. When was the last time you used formatting or themes in Microsoft Word?

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