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Wi-Fi On Wings


Who knew Wi-Fi had wings? As with the travel industry keep up with fast-paced technology, American Airlines has flown well beyond its competitors when it recently launched a campaign that would allow nationwide in-flight broadband Internet service. American Airlines, teaming up with Aircell, the leading wireless data and voice communications provider in business aviation, announced the success of their broadband testing program that they conducted on fifteen aircraft. This revolution in in-flight broadband access is actually made possible by Aircell’s unique air-to-ground network. Aircraft equipped with this WiFi based Internet breakthrough allow air travelers with compatible laptops, PDAs, or cellphones to access the web while they kick back and relax on their trips across the U.S.A.

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The New Next Of Kin Registry

nokr_public_advisory_sm.jpgThe U.S. Federal Government, working in a private-public partnership has developed a new national/international registry for Next Of Kin notification, that is already supported by most states, and countless local agencies. Finally, there is one place where authorities can go to notify loved ones and family when something happens.

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Spokeo Keeps Track of All your Online Buddies

SpokeoBrowsing the social networking pages of all your friends becoming too tiresome?

Perhaps your boss has raised eyebrows concerning your wandering web page ways. A nifty new Web 2.0 site has the answer to your time wasting woes: it’s called Spokeo.

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SaferSpace: Monitor Child MySpace Accounts

SaferSpace.NetSaferSpace.Net has launched with a monitoring service that lets parents automatically monitor their children’s MySpace profiles for content, track when their children log into the MySpace website, and store and view cached versions of monitored MySpace profiles from the past 30 days.

MySpace’s removal of over 29,000 convicted sex offenders from the site highlights the need for parents to be aware of their children’s activity on the social-networking website. Also, studies have linked the use of social networking websites with the decline of students’ grades. According to a study by Tamyra Pierce of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at California State University, Fresno, students with MySpace accounts reported their grades were significantly lower this year than last year, compared to students without MySpace accounts.

SaferSpace.Net does not require

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Connecticut to Offer Online High School Classes

Online ClassesLove sitting at home and being online? Well, if you are a high-school student in Connecticut, that may be a great thing as you will be able to access courses not even available at your school – like Mandarin, biotechnology and international business – and seemingly for free!

Summer school is one of the most hated terms you can hear nationwide as June starts to roll around. Classes in hot classrooms while your friends are out playing and enjoying their teenage summer.

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Swatting: The new Cyber-Crime

SwattingSwatting is the latest computer-related ploy being played out across the United States. Utilizing VOIP and other computer based telephone services, people are calling 9-1-1, posing as a local person – then the trouble begins. Saying that people with AK-47s are approaching the home, the husband has abused them significantly, there are a number of ploys – each of them costing taxpayers thousands and leaving other people in harms way.

There’s really no way to protect yourself either – the best move is to ensure you check carefully when opening your door or when you hear a rustle outside – it could be the police – and you a victim of swatting.

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Net Neutrality: Rogers Canada Shows Off Power

Save the Internet!Rogers Canada is showing that they ultimately have control of their users ‘pipe’ to the Internets and beyond. An image from a blogger (Laura Weinstein) website which reported Rogers is making alerts to their users – in another webpage (Google’s in this example). What would stop them there – instead of just adding advertisements to the pages.

While Rogers’ current planned use for this Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and modification system (reportedly manufactured by “In-Browser Marketing” firm “PerfTech”) is for account status messages, it’s obvious that commercial ISP content and ads (beyond the ISP logos already displayed) would be trivial to introduce through this mechanism. By the way, PerfTech is even using Google for one of its linked promotional examples on the PerfTech home page. I wonder if they bothered to ask Google’s permission for that?

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Ready to Show your Video Skills on YouTube

If you haven’t jumped into the foray of online video, there’s one place bigger than all the rest by far – and it’s YouTube. Ready to try to do some video blogs?

Here’s some tips to get you started.

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Website Gets You Through to A Live Person

Column by Craig Crossman of Computer AmericaI love technology. I embrace it. Technology makes my life so much easier. I can’t imagine my life without a personal computer, cell phone, GPS navigation in my car, satellite TV, digital camera, the list is a very long one. But even I, who writes and talks about technology for a living, will agree that there are some technologies that should die and when I say “die,” I mean die hard and fast. One of those technologies is the phone tree.

Think about when you last picked up the phone to call a credit card company or an airline or a bank or some other service orientated company about some pressing issue. You’re calling that company because more than likely you need to speak to someone about a problem you are having such as a questionable charge on your credit card statement or trying to make a plane reservation or you want to speak to a bank teller for clarification on some banking service. In most of these cases your time is limited and you need to get some answers quickly. You know what needs to be asked and most of the time, a simple response will get you the answer to your question. But when you call, you don’t get a person. You get a phone tree.

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Flickr Adds new ‘picnik’ Photo Editing Tools

Miami at Christmas (Flickr Gone Mad with picnik tools)Flickr, an online leader in image storage along with Google’s Picassa, is striving for your business. Flickr’s latest feature release adds online real-time Photo Editing, color correcting and effect tools – all for free!

The image you see here was a photo of downtown Miami that I decided to add a few embellishments for the holiday season using the ‘picnik’ tools.

There are actually quite a few new features.

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