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Rogers Canada gives users 7.2Mbps Wireless – Americans jealous

Rogers Wireless VISIONRogers Communications is leaping ahead of the pack in North America with their announced 7.2MB wireless internet trials now beginning. This is by far the fastest wireless network yet in North America, making Americans a little jealous of their friends from Canada.

While individuals in many European countries have been enjoying videocalls as standard practice for sometime now, Americans have been attempting to get their fix from a variety of non-real-time sources, but Rogers brings Videocalling home to Canada.

According to the Rogers press release, “Following the successful expansion of its revolutionary high-speed network – HSPA – to 25 Canadian markets earlier this month, Rogers today announced it has begun field trials of its 7.2 Mbps wireless data service. The Brampton and Montreal trials utilize 3.5 generation wireless HSPA/UMTS technology (High Speed Packet Access/Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), enabling a peak download speed of 7.2 Mbps, by far the fastest in the country.”

Photo Credit: Rogers
Source: Rogers Communications Press Release

Small Package, Small Price, Big Device: The RCA Small Wonder Digital Video Camcorder

There is an inherent conundrum to owning a digital video camera: how much can you spend, without being terrified to take the thing outdoors and actually capture your life? Believe me, I’ve got a few family ski trips whose video documentation consist entirely of before and after interviews safe and snug in the hotel room.

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Don’t be Nervous: Google Flies Refurb

Google uses a refurb planeRefurbished items often get a bad rap – why? Well, people consider them ‘second class’ and only want to buy new and pay twice the price. Tonight the news caught my eye – and provided a perfect example of how frugal companies keep the budget balanced even when splurging a bit.

Google is operating a refurbished wide-body Boeing 767-200 out of Moffett Field a stones throw from their headquarters in California. Better yet, the field is owned and operated by NASA who is utilizing the extra space on the planes for instrumentation to collect data during flights for various studies.

Google’s Refurbished Company Jet

This refurbished plane is owned and used by the Billionaire founders of Google and has a long history.

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Anagrams: Rice Dirt Get

Anagrams are always an amazing thing. If you aren’t aware of what they are, they are words which are comprised of the same letters as another. For example, TigerDirect has a ton of anagrams, including ‘Rice Dirt Get’. Okay, well, bad example, but Clint Eastwood is an anagram for Old West Action, Elvis equals Lives, and Dormitory equals Dirty Room (no lies! check them out!!)

Often you will see the Anagrams syndicated column in your local newspaper with jumbled up letters and the like – but it’s fun to see what your name converts to. Mine, for example, doesn’t convert to much exciting except ‘A Null Pony,’ however appropriate that may or may not be.

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A Tale of Two Televisions: A Westinghouse LCD and a Panasonic Plasma

Looking for a flat screen television? Yeah, me too. TigerTV Labs sees a bunch of these every week—but this week was a bit different. I got the chance to give a once-over to a pair of special flat screens. One is a best deal for your money, and the other is one of the best that you can buy, period. Whether you’re after LCD or plasma technology, these High Definition televisions will offer you plenty to choose from. Check them out!

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Motorola Q Unlocked GSM Smartphone: Points for Personality and Performance

It’s always nice to get a shot at technology that we ordinarily don’t get to use. That’s one of the best things about working in the TigerTV Labs; getting the hands on with a lot of different technology—some of it very cool, some of it that definitely requires a bit of pondering to figure out what the designers were thinking. Kudos to the Designers of the Motorola Q Unlocked GSM Smartphone—They’ve designed a phone that is as versatile as it is useful. Check it out!

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The Sony Ericsson P1i Unlocked Tri-band GSM Touchscreen Smartphone—What Other Phones Want to be.

There are plenty of Smartphones out there. This week I’ll review a couple, just so you get a feeling of what different manufacturers have to offer.

Since I’m writing the reviews, I get to choose which phone goes first—and I choose the Sony Ericsson P1i Unlocked Tri-band GSM Touchscreen Smartphone. After this article, I hope you understand a bit better why you should choose it, too.

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Acer Aspire 5720-6497 Notebook Powerhouse

Notebooks are more popular than desktops these days, and no wonder with a great system like this Acer Aspire! Enjoy digital content to the fullest with this 15.4-inch multimedia system packaged in the cool new Aspire chassis design.

The Acer Aspire 5720 6497 Laptop Computer boasts a host of features like ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 3D graphics, DVI-D connectivity, HD DVD-ROM and Dolby-certified surround sound. The latest Intel Centrino Duo mobile platform ensures lavish dual-core processing power for rich digital gaming and entertainment, while Acer Video Conference lets you conveniently video-chat with friends and family across the globe.

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A Powerful PC for Less: The eMachines T5082 Refurbished Desktop PC

We showcase computers on our TigerDirect news site all the time. From fast ones to ultra-portable PCs, we’ve done it all. But one category that I feel gets neglected is bargain PCs that actually pull more than their fair share of the load.

A cheap PC is one thing, an inexpensive PC that has the features, functions, and power to do almost everything (albeit with a little tweaking on your part) is quite another. I’d like, therefore, to take the time to introduce you to just such a Desktop—the eMachines T5082 Refurbished Desktop PC.

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New Fiber Optics Spell High-Speed for the Masses

Fiber Optic CableCorning Inc. has developed a new form of optical fiber that is at least 100 times more bendable than current fibers.

Standard Optical fiber’s flexibility has long been one of the major hurdles preventing its installation in the home. Corning’s President, Peter Volankis said, “This is a game changing technology for telecommunications applications. We have developed an optical fiber cable that is as rugged as copper cable but with all of the bandwidth benefits of fiber.”

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