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Hard Drive How-To: The Ultra eSATA ready External Drive Enclosure

sata-ultra-drive-enclosure.jpgJust add a drive and go! Ultra’s new portable, stackable external hard drive enclosure features a USB 2.0 and E-SATA interface and supports 3.5-inch SATA HDDs. That’s right – you can use one, or use more – just stack them up! The Ultra 3.5-inch external hard drive enclosure supports Windows XP, 2000, ME and Mac 9.0 and above. Built-in 30 mm cooling fan keeps the drive running at maximum performance while protecting it from excess heat.

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Tiger Inbox! Logan Answers Some Email Questions

TigerTV Host Logan cares...so much so that he's taken the time to read your emails!TigerTV host Logan often (more like always) receives email. Admittedly, some are actually addressed to Santa Claus, others to various incarnations of God. But most are at least nominally concerned with gadgetry he’s reviewed, tinkered, and otherwise exposed the Wide Web World to during his tenure here.

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Want to Watch Television on your Vista Laptop? You’ll Need the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick

pinnacle-pctv-whole-kit.jpgIt might sound like a mouthful, but the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick is actually quite small. It’s no bigger than an average USB device, but it does way more than the run of the mill Flash drive or wireless mouse Dongle. It IS TV! Yes. Windows Vista is packed with ill features that let you manipulate your Multimedia experience to your heart’s content. But one snag: it’s hard to get television to play on your laptop. Good Luck finding one with a UHF plug. That’s where Pinnacle shines.

While previous incarnations of TV capture devices have been expensive and ungainly, the PCTV HD Stick is not. But it still pulls television right out of the air and onto your PC. And if you are in an area where there’s no cable, or you use an antenna to receive television, not to worry. The Pinnacle HD Stick comes with an attachable antennae that can magnetize to a metallic surface. Think TV in your car on long road trips. Now you’re getting excited, huh? Sr. Editor Lonny from TigerTV has taken one of these out for a spin. Check out his video review, then get over to TigerDirect.com and pick one up for yourself. It’s an inexpensive and elegant way to get Television on your Vista Laptop.

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US Modular Cold Fusion DDR2 Memory

US Modular Cold Fusion DDR2 MemoryNeed fast Memory? US Modular Cold Fusion DDR2 Memory are overclocked right out of the box, for ensured performance. You’ll need gloves to handle these babies, because they are hot! They do, however stay cool–otherwise US Modular would be foolish to offer a lifetime warranty. Intrigued? Check out this video review with our resident TigerTV tech guru Logan. We’ll guarantee you’ll want these memories!

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OCZ Showcase: OCZ Flex XLC Edition PC6400 DDR2 Memory

OCZ Flex XLC Edition DDR2 MemoryWelcome to the World of Water Cooling! Well, it’s not actually water. In fact, the cutting edge technology behind liquid-cooled systems is more akin to the radiator in your car then to anything previously designed for PCs. While some people still hold the fan to be the best way to keep your computer cold, liquid cooling is the way of the future. OCZ Technology is always integrating cutting edge equipment into their products, and the OCZ Flex XLC Edition DDR2 Memory is no exception.

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OCZ Showcase: OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 Memory

OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 MemoryThis OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 Memory is specifically designed for overclocked systems. While generic memory may get the job done, high-performance systems can actually suffer from bottlenecking when memory cannot perform as the rest of the computer can. This Memory is designed to be overclocked–and with more speed comes more heat. That’s where the highly visible heat pipe on this memory stick comes in. It wicks heat away from the working components to ensure that this OCZ memory performs like a champion. Don’t listen to me–Listen to TigerTV Host Logan as he breaks down how much better your system can be with OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 Memory Installed.

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Home Theater Heavyweights: The Panasonic 61-Inch PT61LCX35B Rear Projection TV

This Panasonic is a huge rear projection HDTV--Need we say more? It's 61-Inches diagonal, for pete's sake!The Panasonic PT61LCX35B Rear Projection TV is a massive 61-Inch Television. You might have to move your furniture back a couple of feet to feel secure in front of this monster! With a resolution of 1280×720, this television has a 720p native resolution rating. That means that your high definition content will come through bright, clear, and 61-Inches huge, straight to your living room!

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Want a Cellular Phone that’s Smarter Than You Are? Try the HTC-S621 Smartphone!

The HTC S621 SmartPhone...It's smart, AND a Phone!For all of you out there who still aren’t on the BlackBerry Bandwagon or don’t want to join the ranks of Apple Inc. Deciples even with the upcoming debut of the iPhone, there is hope. There are plenty of other smart phones on the market. Some even have full QWERTY keyboards and fully capable internet browsing. The HTC S621 Smartphone is one great alternative in newly burgeoning smartphone market.

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Biostar Showcase: The Biostar TForce TF570 SLI Motherboard

The Biostar TForce TF570 SLI motherboardLooking to build a great system? The Biostar TForce TF570 SLI ATX motherboard is the ideal platform for Socket AM2, AMD Athlon 64/FX/X2, and Sempron CPUs with HyperTransport Technology up to 2G. And with the comprehensive Biostar design intended to maximize usability and potential, you’ll have a PC worth talking about in no time! We’ve got the specs on this impressive motherboard below!

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Easy Cable Clutter Solution

Tired of that cable clutter behind your desk? There is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution that I found while surfing over at MetaCafe tonight – and this is a great easy way to keep that mess together.

Simple Binder Clip Cable Organizer!Click here for this week’s top video clips

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