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TigerDirect Awards 80″ TV to UM Student

The University of Miami Hurricanes Mascot, Sebastian came by our TigerDirect.com corporate headquarters, and our Miami Flagler Store today.

He helped the seasons first winner pick out the 80 inch TV of this choice from our TigerDirect store. RJ, the lucky University of Miami student, was beyond surprised and does not even know where he is going to fit it!

Sebastian, came by our headquarters first and started causing havoc, it was hilarious. We all took pictures with him, it was a great way to kick off the weekend and get ready for another UM game . This weekend the Canes give it another go, and we will be matching their touchdowns with the size for the TV that we will be giving away. Touch Downs for TV’s! #TD’sforTV’s

All you have to do is text UMIAMI to 74499.

The giveaway will be announced at every University of Miami Hurricanes home game or you can follow @tigerdirect or @hurricanesports for more info.

Good luck and Let’s give that 300 inch TV away! Go Canes!



Startup of the week: SOLD

soldandroid[1]“I have an APP” seem to be common words to exchange these days. Seems like every good idea we have  can be translated into an APP , it’s like hitting a jackpot. Maybe even better, because you indeed reap the rewards you sow when you invest your time and money in a startup.

Ironic because the idea of being an entrepreneur kinda sounds like you are done working for “The Man” and you are now your own man! That may just be the biggest misconception ever. Well yes you are done working for you boss, but there is still  “A Man” and that man just so happens to be yourself. Who also happens to be…Your BIGGEST critic. You will never work as hard as when you are in charge of creating and producing the results of your own company.

This is why we have decided to highlight and shout out a different startup every week. You deserve the exposure for all of your hard work, and as tech company that also began as a startup, we want you to be in the spot light and get the exposure that you deserve for all of your hard work.

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5 reasons to be excited you have an Android today.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Unlocked Smartphon Bundle

Everyone is talking about it, even if you don’t have an iphone. Maybe you even felt left out today at lunch while your “iphone” friends discussed their “new” upgrade, and exchanged tips and tricks on their new iOS. Well guess what. Today, I give thee fellow Android user 5 reasons to help you realize that today was not about being one step behind, it is about already being ahead.  – Android OS

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Miami Heat Birdman Appearance at TigerDirect

Miami Heat was “White Hot” winning the 2013 NBA Championship, and Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen was one of the fan favorites. On Saturday, August 24, 2013, Birdman made an appearance at the Mall of the Americas’ TigerDirect.com Retail Store as part of the LG 84″ UHD TV event.

The fans had a great time getting their autographed items and picture with Birdman. Check out some of the pics:

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Summer of Tech: The TigerDirect Touch Tour Powered by Intel

inteltouchtourpic1We’re so thrilled about embarking on the TigerDirect.com Touch Tour, showing off the coolest new PCs and 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors at stores and movie theaters across North America. Want the chance to join the fun? The tour is making its way to Miami, Chicago and Dallas. Plan to stop by and experience the power of the latest and greatest in Ultrabook  convertibles, 2-in-1 devices, tablets and all-in-ones.

At each stop, enjoy plenty of chances to score cool prizes—like a brand-new Intel®-based Ultrabook™. Test drive a tricked-out, custom-built desktop PC powered with the new 4th Generation Core™ processor; try the latest back-to-school tech and get exclusive offers on PCs and PC-based products, including Intel® processors. Plus, for a little extra fun, we’ll have a digital caricature artist to sketch portraits—perfect for your new social media profile pic.

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Top 7 Set-ups Of The Week

Last week we asked you to submit your set ups on our Tigerdirect.com facebook page and these were the top 7 set-ups that got the most attention.

Submit your set-up on our wall, it could be featured next week!…don’t forget to include your specs! and it’s name ( we know it has one)

Shout out to the guys that made it this week: Colin, Jon, Jonathan, Matt, Michael, Robert and Kyle.

You can also tweet or instagram  it @tigerdirect

and now…in no specific order, we present to you: The Top 7 Set -Ups…

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10 PC Parts For Your First Build

Miami 2013 Regional PC Race

Building a computer on your own requires patience and some skill, but can be extremely rewarding, and you determine how fast and powerful you want it, so that is the biggest reward! You will be able to buy exactly the components you want.Unless this is really just a first try, in which case you may want to check out our Barebone Kits because they bring everything you need in one bundle! Make sure you read all the instructions that come with the components and make sure everything is complete and looks undamaged. Let the fun begin…

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Computer Name: HAL9000

brian lovelace

Brian Lovelace from BrianLovelace.com was cool enough to submit this picture on our TigerDirect Facebook Page  and we asked him for more; the specs, his story, and some future advice for those of you who are starting to build or maybe you just need some advice and this might actually be helpful to you.

Here is his story ( as told by him )…

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TigerDirect.com hosts PC Charity race in Miami


Miami Florida hosted the 4th Regional PC Race of this year on June 1st at the Flagler Street TigerDirect.com Retail Store. Ryan Hoekenga, a 2012 veteran of the PC Races took 1st place with a record time of 3:50, Fidel Lopez in 2nd place with 4:08 and Carlos Zamarano taking 3rd place in 4:29. It was a legit atmosphere of pure techie heart, and the love for PC parts, and what happens when you put them together to create your own computer. There we’re 18 racers on site and ready to rock that race with tools in hand, and an eye on that cash money prize.

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Amped Wireless REC10 Extender Review

Amped Wireless is a company built on over-delivery.. They create hardware that is better than the “average” wireless products out there. The REC10 Compact Wireless Extender is no exception. We all have those areas in our home or office which for some reason have a much tougher time connecting to the primary Wi-Fi Network. These are generally referred to as “dead zones” and they stink.

Amped Wireless REC10 ExtenderAmped Wireless has several repeaters, but one of the best features of the REC10 is it’s small form factor. You can plug this into an outlet and still use the other socket. It’s small and packs not one, but two wifi transmitters, allowing it to increase your wifi network range by up to 6500 feet.

A product can tout its features, but with me, for a long time now, I have to see it work in action. So, I got one of these bad-boys to demo with and plugged it in inside the house on the opposite site of the home.

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