Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling FanProper care of system components involves a lot of things, and one of those is installing a computer cooling fan. It has been some time now since people opted the use of a simple aluminum heatsink to cool their CPUs, because prolonging the life of PCs is growing to be of utmost importance now that various systems from Intel and AMD are performing really fast and generating greater heat than before.

Simply put, the faster a CPU runs, the more heat it emits. If the cooling equipment connected to the chip can’t dissipate heat well enough, the CPU will get too hot and just suddenly stop working. And nobody wants a crashing CPU. To protect your Intel LGA 775 and AMD K8 and AM2 computer systems, Masscool has created a competent mid-level product called the Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan.