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Beat the Summer Heat: Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan

Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case FanHas your case fan given up on you or on the lookout for a better one? If you’re the former, then no doubt, you simply cannot waste any time replacing that grimy old fan of yours—because if you don’t, bad things may happen to your PC. Simply put, your PC and its components may overheat and be put into early retirement.

See the importance of a fan now? It is a very basic device but it is one that really works. For a case fan that performs better than most of the competition, go with the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan. Here we have a basic yet effective cooling solution that is ultra-affordable.

XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply

XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power SupplyA bad power supply unit can cause irreversible damage to your PC components. That being said, you should choose one that exhibits the perfect mix of price and performance! Even if all you need is a simple power supply unit for light workloads or otherwise, choose one that is reliable: The XION LC-8460BTX Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply is a great performer at an affordable price. This makes it ideal for mainstream use where other power supply units are simply too complicated or expensive.