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News You Need to Know: Analog Cellular Systems Being Decommissioned in February 2008

No Cell PhoneCell Phone Service providers will soon start shutting down the oldest of the industry’s cellular networks starting in February of 2008. The shutdown concerns only the largely outdated Analog networks.

The shutdown will probably not affect you. Here’s some of the criteria: If this sounds like you please for heaven’s sake go buy a new cell phone or home security system. We’re all worried about you!

Swatting: The new Cyber-Crime

Swatting is the latest computer-related ploy being played out across the United States. Utilizing VOIP and other computer based telephone services, people are calling 9-1-1, posing as a local person – then the trouble begins. Saying that people with AK-47s are approaching the home, the husband has abused them significantly, there are a number of ploys – each of them costing taxpayers thousands and leaving other people in harms way.