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A Light in Dark Places: Canon HF-DC1 High-Power Flash

Canon HF-DC1 High-Power FlashYou can depend solely on the built-in flash of your handy Canon digital camera to capture a subject in pitch-dark environments. On a camping trip, or in the city at night where your only light source may be the moon or a streetlight, a very powerful external flash can help you capture priceless pictures.

This is why Canon developed the HF-DC1 High-Power Flash, which operates wirelessly and is compatible with nearly the entire lineup of Canon Digital Cameras. This compact yet high-powered slave flash unit has a guide number of almost 60 feet. All this means you’ll enjoy night photography even more!

Horntones Car Horn Plays MP3

Horntones MP3Automobiles are more like computers on wheels these days and the technology you find underneath the hood now bears little resemblance to the mechanical technology that moved our cars in the last century. Gone are the carburetors that mixed the air and fuel, the distributors and rotors that managed the electrical impulses to fire the spark plugs are virtually nonexistent.

Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit 4

Canon Digital ELPH Accessory KitWith the Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit you can get the most out of your Canon digital camera when traveling. Designed for use with PowerShot SD1000, PowerShot SD400, PowerShot SD430, PowerShot SD450, PowerShot SD600, and PowerShot SD630, you gain the extra protection and functionality you need for your much-loved Canon cameras—at minus the price. Especially when you’re taking your camera to outdoor trips wherein you don’t have control of the elements, you need something that will protect your camera. Likewise, if you could provide them with accessories that boost their basic functionality, then that would be great; you’d be able to enhance your picture-taking experience all the more.