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Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network Adapter

Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network AdapterSome few years ago, the types of networks we could implement in our own homes were limited. What’s more, most of these types made use of a wiring system that can sometimes lead to headaches for casual PC users. At the turn of the century however, all of that changed as the types of network we could set up began to increase.

Aside from traditional Ethernet networking, we now have the option to use a variety of other networks through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HomePNA or Powerline networking. Powerline networking is especially easy to set up and very affordable. The Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network Adapter for instance, is an instant plug-and-play Powerline networking device that will solve your networking problems as fast as you can install it.

Leave your house. Keep your Tunes! The Pioneer DEHP4000UB CD

Pioneer DEHP4000UB CD ReceiverWith the various forms of music storage available today, isn’t it high time for you to finally update your car’s cassette player? Okay, a cassette player may be an exaggeration.

But you have to admit, you’ve always wanted to connect your iPod or USB flash drive to your car at one time or another. With the Pioneer DEHP4000UB CD Receiver, you can now connect what you’ve always wanted without any hassle.

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD AdapterThere are two common ways to go about addressing your media storage needs. If you have to transport large amounts of files with even larger file sizes, then the best option is to get an external portable hard disk drive. While it may be a bit bulky, most portable hard disk drives today can store all sorts of files with memory capacities ranging from 100 gigabytes up to a whopping 500 gigabytes. However, if what you need is something that will fit right into your shirt’s pocket, then you may have to go with flash memory. In comparison with portable hard drives, flash memory does have a smaller memory capacity. The portability it affords users though, still makes it a much sought-after choice amongst people who are always on the go. One of these products is the Sandisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter.

Iogear Wireless USB: Devices Across the Room

Iogear 4-port USB hub and adapterEver wished you could plug your USB devices in across the room, and not clutter up your desk? Here’s the solution. It’s called the 4-Port USB 2.0 Wireless Hub with Adapter, and it’s only by Iogear. One of the first Wireless USB solutions, the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub & Adapter kit allows your desktop or laptop to wirelessly communicate with printers, scanners, cameras, game controllers, flash drives, external hard drives, and other USB devices.

USB 3.0 Revisited

ultra-ult40112-adapter.jpgAnother year – another specification – another marketing term to look forward to. Nicknamed “SuperSpeed USB”, discussions of USB 3.0 came up again when “suspicious” connectors were spotted on a new Asus notebook, at CES 2008. Though not demonstrated in operation, its an indication that manufacturers seem to be planning ahead and building USB 3.0 infrastructure into their products, much sooner than anyone expected. The full USB 3.0 specification is expected to be complete by the end of June 2008. This is great news for all of us who are full participants of the Digital/HD Era.