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Atlona AT-HD500 PC / Laptop to HDMI Converter with Scaler

The Atlona AT-HD500 PC / Laptop to HDMI Converter with built-in Scaler improves the video signals from your desktop and notebook computers into the more stunning digital HDMI output of wide-range high-definition television and PC resolution. Now you can use your HDTV as your monitor without distorting the fine quality of the images produced.

Watch streaming videos in high-definition, or enjoy your action-filled computer games with spectacular levels of attention to details and life-like environments. With the help of Atlona AT-HD500 PC / Laptop to HDMI Converter with built-in Scaler, you can also show your office or school presentations directly from your laptop into a HDTV, for a more dramatic effect that targets the eyes of your audience.

Modu: Modular Wireless Phones are Just over the Horizon

modu-logo.jpgImagine plugging your cellular phone into a digital camera to store and send high-resolution photos. Then imagine connecting that same wireless phone to a stereo component to play your favorite tracks from your music collection. And finally, imagine attaching that same cellular phone into your car’s navigational system for up-to-the-minute traffic reports and navigation instructions.

Sounds like a pipe dream? Not if Dov Moran, CEO and founder of Modu, has anything to say about it.