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Wi-Fi On Wings


Who knew Wi-Fi had wings? As with the travel industry keep up with fast-paced technology, American Airlines has flown well beyond its competitors when it recently launched a campaign that would allow nationwide in-flight broadband Internet service. American Airlines, teaming up with Aircell, the leading wireless data and voice communications provider in business aviation, announced the success of their broadband testing program that they conducted on fifteen aircraft. This revolution in in-flight broadband access is actually made possible by Aircell’s unique air-to-ground network. Aircraft equipped with this WiFi based Internet breakthrough allow air travelers with compatible laptops, PDAs, or cellphones to access the web while they kick back and relax on their trips across the U.S.A.

Airborne Internet: Small Company with Big Plans for WiFi in the Skies

With the invasion of WiFi everywhere, Internet savvy users will soon be able to use laptops and other internet devices in a place you might not expect: the air. While wireless Internet service sends signals through the air, there are numerous technical roadblocks to offering Internet to airline passengers. American Airlines and a small telecommunications […]