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New From Planon: The PrintStik Portable Bluetooth Printer

Planon Printstik Portable PrinterPortable Printers: The words bring to mind the laughable image of someone struggling to fit an inkjet into an overhead storage bin on an airplane. But Planon has been innovating portability into the stuff we never think of as get-up-and-go material for a while, and this year at CES 2008 our TigerTV host Logan got a look at the next thing in ultra-portable Printers: The PrintStik.

Taking Portable Electronics on your next Trip? Don’t Count on Spare Batteries

Airlines make new rules for Lithium batteriesAttention Frequent Fliers: The TSA rules regarding the batteries you can bring with you on an airplane are changing as of January 1st, 2008.

It has to do with the content of Lithium in your rechargeable batteries. Here are some of the dos and don’ts being rolled out for this New Year in Air Travel.

Don’t be Nervous: Google Flies Refurb

Google uses a refurb planeRefurbished items often get a bad rap – why? Well, people consider them ‘second class’ and only want to buy new and pay twice the price. Tonight the news caught my eye – and provided a perfect example of how frugal companies keep the budget balanced even when splurging a bit.

Google is operating a refurbished wide-body Boeing 767-200 out of Moffett Field a stones throw from their headquarters in California. Better yet, the field is owned and operated by NASA who is utilizing the extra space on the planes for instrumentation to collect data during flights for various studies.