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CompUSA on Computer America!

Computer AmericaComputer America is the longest running syndicated radio show exclusively all about computers – and CompUSA was there this Wednesday to talk about the All-New CompUSA, upcoming store openings and other exciting changes. The CompUSA Director of eCommerce appeared for the ‘Wednesday Madness’ show and was able to pitch his 2ยข in on the debate of Vista.

Show co-host Carey Holzman resoundingly argues against upgrades to Vista on existing XP machines, and I tend to agree. While I don’t think Vista is something you need to ‘avoid’ by any means – I love Vista. But as with anything, a new car, bicycle, etc. – you take a little bit to get settled in, figure out all the controls and get comfortable. Listen to the full two hours of the show right here!

Tiger to appear on Computer America April 10

TigerDirect has just received confirmation that they will be appearing (Sr. Editor Lonny Paul, that is) on the Computer America nationwide radio show on April 10 with host Craig Crossman. TigerDirect has been a regular guest of Computer America for several years and is the Official Technology Provider of the show.

Tune in on the Business Talk Radio Network or Lifestyle Talk Radio Network – or listen live online. Check out Computer America’s website for more details.